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First Celebrity Couples of 2016?

2 Jan

綾野剛、13歳下佐久間由衣と熱愛 先輩・小栗旬にも紹介綾野剛、13歳下佐久間由衣と熱愛 先輩・小栗旬にも紹介
Actor Ayano Go(33) is currently dating Sakuma Yui(20) of Fuji TV drama “Transit Girls”.

Ayano met her through his actor friends and they started a relationship in spring last year. He has also introduced her to BFF Oguri Shun. It is said that they clicked due to similar interests in movies. Ayano fell for her hardworking personality and she respects him for his sincerity towards productions.

As they can’t go out in public, Sakuma often visits Ayano’s apartment. A mutual acquaintance said that Ayano is happy when she cooks for him so he’s returning home more often after work instead of going somewhere else to hang out with friends.

Ayano also brings her along to meals with people in the filming industry and introduced her as his girlfriend.


Update: Denied by Ayano Go himself.



Ex AKB48 member Kawaei Rina(20) is revealed to be in a relationship with Asaka Kodai(23). The 2 played lovers in stage play “Azumi”. This was Kawaei’s first acting production after graduating from AKB48. As she was unused to stage plays, Asaka often lent his support and they developed into real lovers after “Azumi” ended.


At 182cm, Asaka is described as an ikemen with natural acting skills. He acted as the eldest son of Shinichi Tsutsumi in NHK “Massan” in 2014. The 2 are said to be a fitting,fresh couple.

Agencies of both said they are “good friends”.


Update: Both did not deny their relationship during recent press event.

Perfume’s Nocchi(27) is said to be in a relationship with comedian Manbouyashiro(39).

Comedian Manbouyashiro is in the “Ugly Comedian Rankings” so this makes them a “beauty and the beast” couple. They have been spotted on dates in curry restaurants, rooftop bars and izakayas, as well as Jinbōchō, where his house is located.

Yashiro had visited Perfume’s concert and their relationship started in 2015, according to an acquaintance. Last spring they attended a gathering with close friends and revealed their relationship.

They share common interests in rock, comedy and especially curry, so Nocchi practically moved herself to “Jinbocho”, which is described as the haven for curry.

However, both their agencies denied the relationship and said they’re just friends.

Source, Source

Kawaei Rina’s first stage play “AZUMI” exceeds expectations

16 Sep

Kawaei Rina who graduated from AKB48 last month has formally started her actress activities. Her first job is stage play “AZUMI” which started it’s run on 11th September. It is said that reporters who watched the show were amazed by Kawaei’s acting.

“AZUMI” has been adapted on the silver screen and stage, starring Ueto Aya and Kuroki Meisa previously. The casting of famous actresses has always become a topic of discussion but with casting of AKB48’s Kawaei this time, attention is on how well she can do.

“The atmosphere on the first day was cold.Reporters were heard wondering how far Kawaei can go and what will happen to her after the stage play ends.However, once it ended, many were expressing their shock at how well it went. Actually, Kawaei’s killing scenes involved 350 people(comparable to Kuroki Meisa’s version) and it was already very hard. She still managed to remember her lines in such circumstances so it didn’t feel awkward.” – Sports reporter. The director Okamura Shunichi also praised Kawaei.

Flowers from various companies also arrived to express their support.

“Of course, there were flowers from AKB48 members, TBS (cos she acted in Gomen ne,Seishun), DENTSU(casting and entertainment company). Kawei’s agency Avex Vanguard also sent flowers in the name of CEO Max Matsuura.” -Same sports reporter.

Kawaei commented in a interview later “I was taught various things related to killing scenes, so i’d like to take on roles like that in future.”


AKB48 Kawaei Rina graduates,leads stage play “Azumi”

5 Aug

AKB48 Kawaei Rina performed her last stage on 4th August at the Akihabara theater. She met the press afterwards and revealed her thoughts and plans for the future.

Q: Please talk about your 5 years with AKB48
Meeting the members was a huge thing, i wasn’t able to go to school often, they were my youth. What’s tough was not being able to dance and sing well. I worked hard thinking i should compensate for not being good at it.

Q: What is AKB48 to you?
Like a school, full of girls so it was fun. It was also a place where i grew. People may think it’s a scary place being full of girls, but everyone was kind.

Q: Your future?
I like acting, so it’d be good to do that. I’m not that experienced, so i hope to improve in acting. Remembering scripts is fun when i’m given the chance to do skits.

Q: What kind of actress?
I think it’d be hard to become a actress starting from an idol. 10 or 20 years later, i’d want people to be surprised that i was once an idol.

Q: What would you like to do after graduating?
I’d like to work. My stage play has been decided, so i want to work hard. I’m watching lots of DVDs. I haven’t been practising but i’d like to do that from now.

Q: You can start dating too.
Eh?(laughs) The priority is my work. I’d date if it doesn’t become a obstacle. (Do you have someone in mind?) If there’s someone isn’t it weird? (laughs)

Q:Please voice a complain about the group.
There’s so many people we have to queue long for the food. When i realise it the food could be gone, cos everyone eats so much. (laughs)

Q: About your role in AZUMI
I heard that from my agency. The killing scenes will be difficult, i’m worried but i’ll learn from everyone.

Q: About variety shows and your “dumb” persona
If there’s a chance i’d still do it. I’d like people to be surprised that i can do things even if i’m dumb.

Q:Will you study during your free time?
I tried but i can’t so i’m giving up. I didn’t expect it to become my character. I’m being teased by kids in the streets. But thanks to it i’m being recognised by many.

Q: There will be kanjis to read in the script..
I will seek help from people. The scriptwriter(?) says furigana will be inserted as well.



Kawaei Rina to star in “Azumi” stage play

Rina Kawaei, a 20 years old member of Japanese girls idol group AKB48, will play the protagonist Azumi in the upcoming stage play adaptation of Yu Koyama’s historical action manga series of the same name. The original series featuring the young female assassin in the early Edo period was adapted into stage play twice, “Azumi on Stage” in 2005 and “Azumi Returns” in 2006, both were starring Meisa Kuroki (Space Battleship Yamato, Lupin The Third) and directed by Shunichi Okamura. Okamura returns as director again with new cast members.

The third stage play is based on the manga’s sequel series set in the Bakumatsu period, the final years of the Edo period when the Tokugawa shogunate ended (1853-1869). It is scheduled to be performed at New National Theatre Tokyo’s Playhouse from September 11 to 24. Advance tickets will go on sale on August 8.

Some cool posters below:


AKB48 Grand Shuffle 2015: Kawaei Rina graduates,Kitahara Rie transfers to NGT48

26 Mar

AKB48 went through yet another grand shuffle on the 26th March 2015, during their Saitama Super Arena concert. Kawaei Rina announced her graduation from the group, citing last year’s slashing incident as the reason. Another member Kitahara Rie has also been transferred to NGT48, the group’s new chain based in Niigata. Many members’ concurrencies have been retracted, including that of Kashiwagi Yuki with NMB48. However, she will be starting a new concurrency with NGT48 alongside Kitahara.

At the end of the concert, Kayano Shinobu(AKB48 Group General Manager) appeared to announce the shuffle plans for this year, which she said has been approved by producer Akimoto Yasushi. Members have 2 days to consult the management and reject their new positions.

Yokoyama Yui(current Team K captain) will be moved to captain Team A. Her position will be replaced by Minegishi Minami(current Team 4 captain). Kizaki Yuria will takeover Kuramochi Asuka as Team B captain. Team 4 will be headed by Takahashi Juri(current Team B member).

Kitahara Rie spoke of her new assignment “It’s a rare thing to be handed such a huge project. At 23 and my 8th year into AKB, i will show you that it’s possible to achieve new things.”

Most girls who were holding concurrencies had it cancelled, including Matsui Rena and Ikoma Rina, who were exchange students of Nogizaka46 and AKB48 respectively. In another surprising move, Lifetime Research Student Matsumura Kaori was also offered the opportunity to become a regular member of SKE48’s Team KII.

At the end of these announcements, Shinobu read out the news of Kawaei’s graduation, shocking fans in the concert hall. Kawei explained tearfully, “I stopped attending handshake events after the incident last year. People around told me i didn’t need to mind, but I did.” She added that her passion is in acting, and without the association to AKB48, she would not be casted at all. Therefore she has decided to study acting from zero.

Kawaei’s graduation date has not been decided.
Key member changes:
Team A
Captain:Yokoyana Yui
Co captain: Nakamura Mariko

Team K
Captain:Minegishi Minami
Co captain: Shimada Haruka

Team B
Captain:Kizaki Yuria
Co captain: Oshima Ryoka

Team 4
Captain:Takahashi Juri
Co captain: Owada Nana
Captain:Kitahara Rie
Concurrency: Kashiwagi Yuki

Promotion: Matsumura Kaori

Concurrencies with AKB48: Watanabe Miyuki(Team B) and Shiroma Miru(Team A)

Concurrency with AKB48: Yabuki Nako(Team B)


Details of Kawaei Rina and Iriyama Anna’s police statements from slashing incident

5 Dec

In May this year, AKB48 Kawaei Rina and Iriyama Anna were attacked by a member of the public whilst participating in one of AKB48’s many handshake events. The attacker, Umeda Satoru(24) was subsequently arrested and currently going through court hearings. In the 2nd court hearing on 1st December, statements from Kawaei and Iriyama were revealed.

According to Kawaei, she had felt uncomfortable at first when she saw Umeda, as “his eyes were weird”. In her statements, she recalled the guy carrying something like a baseball bat, and was hit on the foreheard. At that moment, she did not feel any pain, but was wondering if the object was a cane. She did not realise that he was carrying a saw.

The saw came down on them several times. Kawaei tried protecting herself with her right hand and ended up with a broken finger. She thought she was going to be killed as she squatted down, and tried to escape by crawling away.

Iriyama also revealed her wishes for the attacker to be severely punished, as she “would never forgive the attacker”.

Even though Umeda had expressed guilt and is reflecting on his actions, when asked why he chose Kawaei and Iriyama as his victims, he gave ambiguous responses.

The next hearing will take place on 8th Jan 2015.


Watanabe Mayu surpasses Sashihara, wins AKB48 6th General Elections

8 Jun

On the 7th June, the results of AKB48 6th General Elections(6th Senbatsu Sousenkyo) were unveiled in Ajinomoto Stadium. 80 members out of the 200+ member mega franchise were selected to represent the group in their next single. Of the 80, the top 16 will be able to sing the title track and take part in various media promotions. Check out the list of winners here.

Whilst 2013 winner Sashihara Rino had her sights on defending her title, it was 3rd generation member Watanabe Mayu(20) who did the impossible. Amassing the highest amount of votes in history(~160k votes), her victory was a happy ending fans have been waiting to see for years. Read on for the Top16’s winning speeches below.

1. Watanabe Mayu – the ace who got crowned late

“I said in my speech 2 years ago, that i wanted to win. I wasn’t able to realise that dream last year, despite all the hard work i put in. For a moment, i decided to give up. But fans gave me warm words, told me to grab my next chance. That strengthened my resolve to become no.1.

I joined AKB when i was 12, today i’m already 20. To get where i am today, i experienced alot. I am happy to have walked my path, believed in my fans, worked hard and not give up. When i joined AKB, there were alot of seniors. New juniors came in, sister groups were formed. Over time, the seniors whom i respect have graduated. I often wonder..what happened to the AKB48 that i knew in the past? As one of the leftover members from the 3rd generation, i have to stay strong and look forth. In the past, i followed the seniors around. Now that I have gotten this position, i have to stop leaning on the seniors. I want to become a member whom the juniors can look up to and follow, someone who doesn’t forget her initial passion, and is full of gratitude towards the fans.

To everyone, thank you!”

When asked what she had to say to Sashihara, Mayuyu teared up at one point and said, “Sasshi has gone through alot. Seeing her lead the HKT48 members, she has worked really hard. I want to say congratulations to everyone, and thanks too.”

Exiting member Oshima Yuko also made an appearance, congratulating Mayuyu on her win. When asked to give some advice, Yuko said “This is not advice, but in many ways, please take care of AKB48 from now on.”

Mayuyu confessed, “Yuko chan had wanted to entrust the AKB48 group to me 2 years ago,but i was unable to live up to expectations. Today, i’m happy i can finally answer to her request.”


2. Sashihara Rino – hopes for a winning streak crushed

“Honestly, i’m very frustrated. Awhile back, i overheard a conversation at this bookshop. An office lady was asking her friend who might win this elections. The friend answered ‘Sashihara’, but the lady said ‘If she won, wouldn’t it be weird?’. That lady also said ‘If Sashihara can win, then i should enter AKB and live a easy life.’. If that lady is watching this now, i want to tell you that AKB is not a easy place. Alot of members worry before coming here. Even though i still don’t know who’s going to become No.1, i will support that member with all my strength. No matter how tough it may be, i will not lose. I will participate in next year’s Sousenkyo, and i will certainly become No.1!”


3. Kashiwagi Yuki – the girl who doesn’t need to aim high

Kashiwagi Yuki is one of the rare members in AKB48 who has gained high recognition amongst fans despite never voicing her desire to rank high. In 2011, she surpassed same generation teammate Watanabe Mayu to take No.3 in the 2011 Senbatsu Sousenkyo, and has since kept a consistent ranking. This year is no different.

“I am very happy to be in Top 3. This Sousenkyo is not just a place to decide the center, it’s also a place where we can fight alongside our fans. I am not good with vying for things. But I can work hard because the fans are here. At first i only wanted to be an idol, but i have now become someone who wants to support the fans through songs and live shows. Last year, i said that AKB has become an important place for me.The handshake sessions are also an important place for me.  Today, i also want to show you my gratitude up close. There may be problems, but i don’t want to lose this place where i can interact with you directly. If you guys are here, i’m sure a warm place will be created for us. This year i am in NMB48 and have gotten alot of juniors, i will work hard as AKB48’s 3rd generation and repay you. Please support me!”


4. Matsui Jurina – 17 years old and aiming for No.1

c2b3809a.jpg (1440×810)

Matsui Jurina has been really ambitious since placing 6th in Sousenkyo last year. Considering her tenure in the group and her ranking, she is ready to battle for the throne. But looking at her disappointed frame, it’d be better if she develops some mental strength before coming back as the competition will get tougher next year.

“Even though i am very thankful, I feel frustrated not having ranked No.1. But i think it’s all my fault, i haven’t worked hard enough. Please let me make a promise with you. I will work harder than ever. Next year, when i turn 18, i will be No.1!”


5. Matsui Rena – a flourishing solo career and still flying high

As a fellow teammate of Matsui Jurina in SKE48, Matsui Rena has always been neck-to-neck with Jurina during Sousenkyo. This year she confessed to being worried about her placement, since her solo career has been impeding group activities. No wonder she was so happy when her ranking was called.

“I’m very happy to see so many of you here today, despite the heavy rain. Thanks for the support. Not only me, but alot of the other members have bet their lives by standing here, choosing a lifestyle different from that of a schoolgirl. I have the confidence to bet my life here, and work actively in the 48group, as well as in Nogizaka46. Just like how u guys have given me this present today, i will work hard to gift you the same present in future. This year, SKE will be doing a nationwide tour. Please wait for us!”


6. Yamamoto Sayaka – Osaka representative with overflowing ambitions

“This year, people have had expectations of me ever since the prelim results, some even guessed that i would win. On the other side, others have said it’s too early for me to win. I am really honored to have gotten this rank, but i’m really frustrated about not being able to refute those who said it’s impossible for me to win. When i entered senbatsu last year, i was able to work more and enjoyed every day. This time i am the only one from NMB48 to be called into senbatsu. I really love NMB48 and want to bring it to greater heights not only in Japan but also overseas.Last year, i said i wanted to be more active in my media work but i am sorry not have delivered the promise. My hopes to lead the group and become number 1 has never changed since i entered the group. I want to become someone worthy of the absolute center by next year. Please support me”


7. Shimazaki Haruka – ‘I am blunt but you will forgive me’

The member nicknamed “Ponkotsu Paruru”(Clumsy Paruru) is infamous for her blunt and less-than-friendly personality. Her army of fans continue to remain devoted by pushing her into Top 7. However, don’t expect her to contend for No.1 anytime soon. She works at her own pace.

“I don’t know what to say honestly. I am bad at this. People say i’m salty but having attained a great rank like this, i feel somehow satisfied instead. I tried to work hard at handshake sessions, but as expected i can’t do it. My fans always try to make me laugh instead. I think my fans are kinder and more forgiving than others. That’s the end! Thank you!”


8. Kojima Haruna – ‘I will graduate..’

The last beauty from the 1st generation apparently knows how to twist her fans around her finger. Talk about her graduation has been going on for months, so is it time?

“As usual, my prelim rankings isn’t good, but as usual the fans will always work hard for me towards the end. I am really happy. I don’t have any more regrets in AKB…I, Kojima Haruna, will announce my graduation here…..but i won’t! Sorry for the joke haha! I actually wanted to graduate here, but looking at the stabbing incidents recently, i think i will do what i can and stay on awhile more. I will graduate when everyone can smile from the bottom of their hearts. There is one more reason. When i looked on the internet, i was No.1 on the rankings for member most likely to graduate in the elections. I didn’t want to let that report come true, so i pulled back. I too, want the fans to be surprised when I announce my graduation. So please don’t spread rumors of graduation during big events like this. I don’t know how long i have with AKB, but i will work hard to the end.”

MC continued to asked when she started to consider graduation.

“I started to think about it when Acchan graduated. This time round, when the costume for Labrador Retriever was handed over…i am 26 but when i saw the dog prints, i thought ‘omg it’s about time’…LOL.”

MC asked her to declare her lifelong career as an AKB idol.

“That’s not going to happen! I’m just going to work abit more..”


9. Takahashi Minami – Hard work will definitely be rewarded

“This year i asked to be ranked within Top7. Even though i wasn’t able to reach that goal,i thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. As you know, recently a bad thing happened. At that moment,i thought AKB48 was over. I wasn’t unable to cheer up for days.Because of the fans my heart grew stronger. Even on such a rainy day, you guys are willing to wait for us. Because of you we are able to move on. There are people who asked me why i’m still here. I’m here because i love AKB48. AKB48 is the best! There’s a big challenge infront of us. If everyone is here, i think we can overcome this. Please let me support AKB48 a little while more.  Finally, let me say the words which i wasn’t able to say last year. Hard work will definitely be rewarded!”


10. Suda Akari – I’ll shine from any position

Suda Akari has the brightest smile amongst all the members and is so professional she smiles even when the camera is not on her. She is known for being a “fisher”, kind of derogatory for a girl but over the years I can really see the sincerity in her. Still, i’m not used to her over enthusiastic personality.

“I am not good at talking. When i googled my name, people say i’m not cute at all. I can’t imagine saying that to a person who got so many votes. Last year, i got into into Top16 due to the help of everyone. After getting  Top16, i was even able to move up front within SKE. I wonder if that was a good thing, and cried everyday. Some have questioned why i am up front. But still, i left an impression on them isn’t it? In future, in order to become the center in your eyes, i’ll work hard to shine from any position.”

She cried at the last part because she thought she’d never rank in senbatsu again.


11. Sakura Miyawaki – My rival is Sashihara

Sakura is probably the only member in HKT48 who has a fanbase so strong that she doesn’t need to rely Sashihara’s help. She hailed Sasshi as her rival, but as the original ace of HKT48, she should probably challenge the beasts of sister groups Jurina and Sayanee instead.

“I’m really shocked to receive this rank. I’m always nervous, but the fans are always here for me. If you guys aren’t here, there won’t be me. Someone asked me who my rival is. I can only think of one. My rival is Sasshi. She is all-rounded. I think that if there’s no one who can surpass Sasshi in HKT, then there won’t be growth. I am still not there, but i will work hard so Sasshi can call me as her rival. I’ll show you that i can surpass Sasshi!”


12. Miyazawa Sae – A formidable presence despite zero TV appearances

“Thank you! This year has been an unforgettable year! I met alot of people…experienced alot of feelings. I’m really thankful for it. Again, i want to be a source of strength for many in AKB48. To be able to stand on this stage, i feel very happy. I want to repay everyone, and I hope to show the juniors my cool back!I am also happy to be featured on the LINE stamps!”


13. Yokoyama Yui

-Skip translation because it’s kinda boring-


14. Ikoma Rina – Shocker of the night

As the former center of rival group Nogizaka46, Ikoma was offered a concurrency with AKB48 in February. She accepted it thinking of creating more opportunities for Nogizaka46. No one thought that she’d go far in these elections, but the Nogizaka fans are obviously hungrier that we thought. Catch the priceless expression on her face when her ranking was announced. Even exiting member Oshima Yuko was amazed by it.

“Do you know me? Oh, that’s great, thank you very much! Um… I-I-I never thought, e-even a tiny bit, that I would enter senbatsu, so when I heard just there “Nogizaka’s…” I didn’t know what to think and I still don’t know what to do. But… ah… um…. um, the reason that I’m here is that my fans supported me in all sorts of places, making and handing out flyers, cycling all the way to their home towns, even to places I don’t know, they did all that hard work for me. Members… well, I’m here on a concurrency from a rival group so this surprised a lot of people and no one really knows how this is going to go. But now I feel glad I went through with it… thank you very much. There’s a lot of people I feel grateful to. But I think there’s also a lot of people in Japan who don’t know who I am. I want to take this opportunity for, well for myself as well but I’m from a group called Nogizaka46 and I want to work hard in order to get more people to know who we are! Thank you very much!”


15. Shibata Aya – Another cinderella story

Shibata Aya is one of the cinderella girls in this year’s senbatsu. She is not favored by management but moved into the limelight last year due to fan support. She placed 17th in last year’s general elections and has since been included in the senbatsu lineup for SKE48’s singles.
“Last year, i experienced alot after placing 17th in the elections.I felt very blissful becoming an idol. But seeing the difference between 16th and 17th positions, i felt frustrated realizing what entering senbatsu is all about. This year, i promised to enter senbatsu and is finally able to have that dream come true together with the help of my fans. I won’t waste the chance from the fans. I will work hard to aim higher.  I like the saying ‘If you don’t aim for No.1, you won’t become 2nd or 3rd.’,so i will become everyone’s No.1 idol.”


16. Kawaei Rina – A bounce back from adversity

The baka center had a poor placement in the preliminary results of this year’s sousenkyo despite receiving much push the past year. The recent stabbing incident threw her back into the spotlight as she was one of the 2 injured, together with Iriyama Anna. I don’t know if it helped to get her sympathy votes but the girl definitely hopes it was not the case.

“I’ve worried everyone! I am very healthy now. Honestly, when i was ranked 52 in the prelim results, i had been worrying and crying every day. When i was thinking of what to do, this incident happened. I think God was telling me to stop waiting around and to wake up. I think everyone converted my adversity into a chance for me. In this year, i will not lose no matter what happens. Thank you.”

MC asked if she was afraid during the stabbing incident. Kawaei said, ‘It’s ok! I wasn’t afraid!”

“Actually i was thinking i shouldn’t care about the results anymore. But the fans created this great position for me. Thank you!”

“This year i had done alot and had no regrets, so i was really afraid of the sousenkyo results this year. But now i am no longer afraid!”

“This time, i entered senbatsu because fans had expectations of me and were worried for me. Next year, i hope to enter senbatsu without the help of any adversities!”
And this concludes my translations for their speeches.

Kawaei Rina hinted at graduating before stabbing incident happened?

27 May

Kawaei Rina, one of the members injured from a stabbing incident during a AKB48 handshake event on 25th May, had apparently sent out a mobile mail the day before, causing fans to speculate about her graduation plans.

Contents of the mail: “I have alot of things to say. But if i reveal it now, those who hate me will think that i’m going to extremes because of the upcoming elections. So i’m not saying it yet. When the elections are over, i will decide.”


Update: Kawaei denied the rumors via a telephone interview on TV today. She explained that the mobile mail was actually referring to her poor placement in the sousenkyo preliminaries. She was hesitant about talking about it before the sousenkyo final results, so she had wanted to wait until the elections are over. She is shocked that people have taken it out of context.





[Breaking]Man goes on a stabbing rampage during AKB48 Event, Kawaei Rina and Iriyama Anna injured

25 May


News outlets have just reported on this, but not much info was given. I shall just post whatever is on Twitter and come back to update ater.

According to fan accounts, a man holding a sharp object went on a rampage during a AKB48 handshake session today. He seemed to to be queueing in Takamina’s lane Kawaei’s lane before starting to attack. Kawaei Rina (Update 3: Iriyama Anna too) and a staff are reported to be injured. Blood was seen flowing from Kawaei’s head. Screams were heard all around. Police and ambulance arrived at the scene and Kawaei has been sent to the hospital. The extent of her injuries is unknown. Someone said Takamina was shivering in fright. The handshake session has been cancelled for today. Man has been arrested and is currently being investigated for attempted murder.

One picture spreading on Twitter.

Update 1: NHK is saying that there are 3 people injured in total. They did not clarify on the identity of these 3.

Update 2: First person account from a fan who attended the handshake event. Link

Update 3: Yahoo reported that Iriyama Anna was injured as well. Both girls are conscious and not in critical condition. The guy is a 24 year old unemployed from Aomori province.He was holding something that looks like a 50cm saw and was queueing for a handshake when he suddenly lunged at the members.Kawaei was injured in the head while Iriyama was cut in the wrist. Both girls were attending to fans in the same lane, together with members Takajo Aki, Oshima Ryoka and Kuramochi Asuka.  Attending the event on the same day were Watanabe Mayu, Kashiwagi Yuki, Kojima Haruna, Takahashi Minami and Shimazaki Haruka. Source

Update 4: No security check on personal belongings was conducted for fans attending this event. Source

Update 5: Seems like the Yahoo report on Kawaei’s head injury was untrue. AKB48 Theater Manager Yuasa Hiroshi revealed that Kawaei and Iriyama have fractured fingers and cuts on their right hand. Iriyama has cuts on her head as well. They have undergone a 3hr surgery at 9pm yesterday to stitch the cuts. Despite the shock, both girls were worried about the handshake event. Source Video Video

Update 6: The attacker’s mother isn’t sure if her son is an AKB fan as their CDs/handshake tickets have never been seen around the house. He had become unreachable after leaving the house on 24 May. Source

Update 7: The girls were discharged from hospital as of 6.30pm on 26th May. They reassured reporters that they are alright. Their hands were covered with a towel. Statements from the attacker has also been revealed. He was looking to kill anyone in a crowded place and has not shown any signs of remorse. Video

Update 8: The attacker did not even know Kawaei and Iriyama’s names. He brought the saw from home and hid it in his personal belongings(some mentioned he hid it in his jumper) while queuing at the event. Source


BKA48 reveals music video for “Haste to Waste”

6 Jun

Kawaei Rina


A PV full of fun and laughter from the members of BKA48! Even though this song is silly, the music video delivered a cute and sweet image of Kawaei Rina, who also happens to be the center. Touted as the next generation ace in AKB48, Kawaei Rina has been enjoying increased media attention in Japan ever since she was crowned the dumbest member in  Mecha Mecha Iketeru(a variety show). This prompted Akimoto Yasushi(producer of AKB groups) to form the unit BKA48 and have them release a song. Watch the video for yourself to see the rest of the members!

Translation of the lyrics:

You must be joking
You must be joking
How could i be the dumb one?
The dumbest amongst us, is definitely not me!

You must be joking
You must be joking
How could my feet smell?
I worked hard so there’s just too much sweat.

“America is made up of 99% electricity.”
Isn’t it weird grammatically?
Edison didn’t say so!

Kawaei, someone is calling you
Like he’s given up on you.
The bad marks on your test
Are being pointed out with his finger.

Kawaei, you saved everyone.
There’s no one with marks lower than yours.
Guarding the lowest borderline of intelligence
Oh you dumb center!

Isn’t it abit off?
If you had a cellphone, you’d have gotten it right.

8×9 should be 73?
Even if i memorize the 8x multiplication table, i wouldn’t be able to remember.

If i were to to translate “Haste makes Waste”,
That would mean “Haste and Waste became good friends”! (What is this?!”)

Kawaei, if i call you like this,
It means some level of respect.
Choosing you for this position,
Suits you more than anything.

Kawaei, you legendary girl,
Even if you can’t study, you still live happily.
Aaa, you dumb center!

The most important thing in life,
Is not how smart you are.
If you can give courage to people around you,
A dumb person can also help others.

Kawaei, someone is calling you
Like he’s given up on you.
The bad marks on your test
Are being pointed out with his finger.

Kawaei, you saved everyone.
There’s no one with marks lower than yours.
Guarding the lowest borderline of intelligence
Oh you dumb center!

BKA48 makes their debut with “Haste to Waste”, Minegishi Minami performs with a bald head!

30 May


In today’s Ichiban Song show, BKA48, the unit made up of the dumbest members in AKB,  gave their first TV performance of their song “Haste to Waste”. “Haste to Waste” is a song about the silly answers given by Kawaei Rina during atest taken in Mecha Mecha Iketeru(a variety show). In the test, Kawaei Rina was asked to translate the english phrase “Haste makes Waste”. She thought that Haste and Waste were actually names and translated it as “Haste and Waste became good friends”, drawing laughter for her silly answer. The production team then made 2 dolls (nicknamed Haste and Waste) to accompany her as she serves the center position in BKA48.

Pls watch on for the other baka members:  Minegishi Minami, Kojima Haruna, Takahashi Minami, Kashiwagi Yuki, Sashihara Rino, Shimazaki Haruka.

You must be joking
You must be joking
How could i be the dumb one?
The dumbest amongst us, is definitely not me!

You must be joking
You must be joking
How could my feet smell?
I worked hard so there’s just too much sweat.

“America is made up of 99% electricity.”
Isn’t it weird grammatically?
Edison didn’t say so!

Kawaei, someone is calling you
Like he’s given up on you.
The bad marks on your test
Are being pointed out with his finger.

Kawaei, you saved everyone.
There’s no one with marks lower than yours.
Guarding the lowest borderline of intelligence
Oh you dumb center!