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Gackt x Golden Bomber talk on Bokura no Ongaku

30 Apr

– Gackt asked them how long they could last as a band. Golden Bomber don’t think they can last that long, and Gackt tried to encourage them, saying they have maybe 10 years more. But he thought about it and backtracked, since he doesn’t even know if he’s still around 3 months later himself.

– Kiryuin Sho said they shot to fame and so they have to work hard…basically more talk about their lack of confidence in staying popular.

– Kiryuin Sho said they can disappear from TV, but if they don’t even get to hold live performances, it’d be bad. Gackt explained that is why TV appearances is like a two-bladed sword. It can make you or kill you, so he advised them to make good use of their TV appearances.

– Kiryuin Sho doesn’t contact Gackt normally, but when he did, he asked Gackt to introduce a property agent since Nishikawa(from TM Revolution) had disclosed his address on TV, so he couldn’t go home. Gackt was frustrated because he should be looking for Nishikawa instead.

– 9:00 mins : Live performance of Dance My Generation(look out for Kyan’s solo guitar skills!)

– Gackt continues to talk about the mission of all bands, which is to change the mood of the audience through their performance. He praised them for being able to do that.

– They talk about snowboarding, which Gackt also likes. He said he did’t use to think much of snowboarding but decided to challenge it because someone said he wouldn’t be able to ride it. He even went on the most difficult track, but not before doing some image training by watching others. But he found it difficult and was even belittled by some people.

-19.00 mins: Kiryuin Sho sings solo “Kimi ga inai mani”