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KAT-TUN’s last performance as 4 on Music Station

9 Apr

This is for a invisible number of KAT-TUN fans who are reading my blog…

This performance is worth keeping since it is the last for 4-member KAT-TUN. The medley starts off with them singing debut song “Real Face”. Taguchi Junnosuke then leaves the stage and the remaining 3 sing “Kimi no Yume, Boku no Yume”, a song which they personally titled with the fans in mind.

At the end of the show, Taguchi received a bouquet of flowers from MC Tamori and said “I hope the 3 of them will work hard. I will too.” Kame replied with “Don’t worry we will.” Taguchi also teased Ueda saying “Don’t cry!” Ueda was seen shedding tears and was shielding his face from the camera throughout the last song.

KAT-TUN will enter a “recharge” period with Taguchi’s departure. Kame has mentioned in another interview that there is a possibility KAT-TUN having new members in future.

The song “Kimi no Yume, Boku no Yume” is included in the group’s 10th anniversary album.



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