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Golden Bomber’s Kiryuin Sho gets punked on his birthday

6 Sep





Found this video of Kiryuin Sho’s 29th birthday celebrations and thought i should mention it for the handful of Golden Bomber fans here.

So basically members of Golden Bomber and staff organised a secret beef party for Kiryuin Sho. Yutaka Kyan played a very active role in the entire party, doing the MCs, getting everybody to eat up, and even announcing the bill at end of it all. The total bill was revealed to be 160,000Yen (US$1600), which Kyan expressed shock at, before he handed it to Kiryuin Sho for payment.

Kiryuin Sho became wordless….and Kyan said “I heard from many of the staff that you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to treat them.”

Utahiroba Jun and Darvish Kenji chipped in and said “Yeah, we’ve heard that alot.”

Kiryuin Sho finally overcame his shock and agreed to pay the bill, saying “Please don’t leave any food behind!”

He then launched into a short speech to thank staff for helping out Golden Bomber in their concerts thus far, ending off awkwardly with silence, triggering laughter from everyone.

After the party, Kiryuin Sho confessed “I always wanted to go for a meal with all the staff after our live performances. Darvish Kenji was always able to invite the staff out in a cheerful manner, but i’d always found it hard to get the timing right so it’s good to have a chance to treat this time. But 160,000Yen?!!!”

(Kyan interrupted with “Let’s do it again next time!”)

Kiryuin Sho burst out with “Are we doing it again?! I’ve had enough!”

The final scene showed him digging out his pockets for cash to pay the bill, but since he only had 33,000Yen (US$330) , the manager had to lend him money to pay off the meal.

Kiryuin Sho revealed his stingy side too when he whispered to the chef “Next time please use average grade beef!”

Kiryuin Sho parodies Kintaro with his version of “Flying Get”

15 Mar

If you don’t know who Kintaro is, she’s a comedian talent who made her mark in Japanese showbiz recently by imitating Maeda Atsuko. One of her trademark performances is a cover of “Flying Get”, which is so funny cos of her size and overly enthusiastic energy.

Now Golden Bomber’s Kiryuin Sho has created his own video of “Flying Get”, complete with costume, explosive energy and even a voiceover for the lyrics. Now we know why he has no time to attend award giving ceremonies heh.

In response to his parody, Kintaro shared a link to the video and tweeted “Everyone, i’ve gotten a sister called Kiri-taro! Her dance is really awesome! Please support! I especially love the NANANA part!”

Fans all over the world are squealing at how cute he is.

Golden Bomber wins at “Hair Coloring Award 2013”

13 Mar

Golden Bomber’s leader Kiryuin Sho recently attended a prize giving ceremony for “Hair Coloring Award 2013”, where his band was chosen as “famous people most suited to hair coloring”. Accepting the award on behalf of his members, he smiled bitterly and said “Why am i forced into attending this even though i’m the busiest? The rest of the members are free!”. However, he mentioned that the rest will be so happy and touched (to the point of crying). He looked forward to sharing the news with his members and happily bounced on the stage to express his joy.

Members of the press also asked him about his income after Golden Bomber’s popularity exploded last year. To his he said “Royalties from my karaoke songs is unbelievable! Thank you very much!”. He also mentioned that people now recognize him easily on the streets after Golden Bomber appeared in Kouhaku 2012, and he’ll continue to work hard without forgetting this experience.


Golden Bomber’s hilarious interview on Shabekuri 007

1 Mar

OMG Golden Bomber has finally appeared on TV again! If you aren’t familiar with these guys, they are a 4-man air band which has become really popular last year with  hit song “Memeshikute”. These guys aren’t a real band as they pretend to play instruments in their live performances. Instead, they infuse silly acts into their performances to entertain audiences, something other jpop groups have never done before.

In real life, these guys are as entertaining as their performances. Watch the video below to know more!

I’ll list down some funny parts from their interview:

-At the start, Kiryuin Sho says they feel they they are already at their peak with one-hit wonder “Memeshikute”. MC commented it’s obnoxious of them to say that, but Kiryuin explains that they feel they’d be going downhill from now and humbly thanked the audience for cheering wildly.

-Kiryuin Sho says they’ll continue as an indies band since they earn more this way LOL.  MC comments that they also don’ t have to change their costumes and can save more.

– Kiryuin Sho feels very apprehensive about their sudden popularity so is saving $$ before their popularity runs out. (*Note that they used to be poor.)

– Kyan Yutaka explains that his stage name was chosen as it was unheard of. But they went to Okinawa and most locals there have the same surname so he felt somewhat apologetic since he wasn’t even related to them.

– Utahiroba Jun’s stage name translated means “Singing Box” or “Karaoke Box”. He thought it’d be easily remembered by their fans who love to sing.

– Darvish Kenji named himself after the baseball player Darvish Yuu. Kenji thought he’d be popular by taking on his surname.

– Kyan Yutaka actually played the guitar when they first formed the band,but Kiryuin Sho had to reduce his solo parts to zero after seeing how bad his guitar skills were.

– Utahiroba Jun joined as he wanted to be a bassist but he couldn’t play the bass.

– Darvish Kenji joined at age 28, when his senior (who was the 2nd generation drummer in Golden Bomber) asked him to take over.

– The members vote Kenji as the best looking out of them without makeup.

– Darvish Kenji claims to be a fisherman when he goes to group dates. No one knows his true profession.

– Utahiroba Jun has a harder time trying to hide his face from fans, so he goes to places where he can fit in better, like Akihabara where lotsa cosplay takes place.

– Kyan Yutaka claims that he doesn’t get recognised by fans without his makeup, as his aura disappears once the makeup is taken off. The MCs claim that he looks very lifeless actually, so they asked what his passion is in. He thinks for a long time, and came up with nothing. “What about music?”, they asked. He hurries to state that he has ABSOLUTELY no interest.

– Kyan Yutaka gets uncomfortable around veteran guitarists as he doesn’t know what to say when they talk about amplifiers etc.

– The band members don’t know when the recording for their songs take place. They only learn about the new song when the CD comes out.

– The members unabashedly points out that Kiryuin Sho does all the work from composing to brainstorming about their performances. MCs get exasperated with the good-for-nothing members.

– Kiryuin Sho explains that he actually feels apologetic to his members for asking them to join his band since he didn’t think they would succeed, so he’s comfortable with them not doing anything.

– The members have not fought before. MCs explain that’s because most of them have no music sense, so there won’t be differences in music opinion anyway.

– MC asks again if they have any performance which they want to do. Darvish Kenji happily answers NO and MC gets pissed again at their uselessness.

– Darvish Kenji, Utahiroba Jun & Kyan unanimously says they go snowboarding during their free time, setting off another round of laughter. They didn’t invite Kiryuin Sho as he seemed busy.

– Kiryuin Sho says the rest kept discussing their snowboarding plans backstage, but he isn’t angry since the members let him do what he wants (with regards to music). MCs awe at Kiryuin Sho’s maturity.

– The members split the profits for their live performances equally. But all the copyrights from sales of CDs goes to Kiryuin Sho.

– The members bring around a rice cooker years ago when they were poor and unpopular. They’d return to the hotel, put rice in the cooker and eat from the same pot.

– Kiryuin Sho realised that he’s become successful when he found himself shopping at the Sashimi corner of a supermarket. He used to shop at the discounted veges corner. For Kyan, he realised it when he was able to afford a vacuum cleaner. For Utahiroba Jun, it was when he started to patronise restaurants which charge seat fees. For Darvish Kenji, it was when he started patronising hostess clubs LOL. MCs chide him for having too much fun in his private life.

– Utahiroba Jun says that his passion for Maid Cafes will never change even though he’s become successful. Kiryuin Sho says he likes going to Maid Cafes so much he turns into a different person  when he enters one. He intends to open a f&b shop in Akihabara becos he likes the area so much.

– Darvish Kenji mentioned his weakness is his inability to switch to the right songs on the iPod during Golden Bomber concerts. He doubleclicks on the iPod at times and has to apologise to the audience. MCs suggest that someone else does this job but Kenji hurriedly begs to retain his job, as otherwise his place in the band is over.

– Kyan, as usual, thinks for a long time when asked about his weakness. MC says that his weakness is definitely his slow reaction. He later says that his weakness is something very common, and discloses it to be cockroaches. MCs laugh at his answer.

– Kyan’s hopes to simply live a quietly in the countryside in the future. He thinks that Golden Bomber will already be disbanded by then.

– Kiryuin Sho hurriedly says that Kyan can still commute to the city for their activities if Golden Bomber is still active. MC suggest that it’d be better for Kiryuin Sho to recruit a new member, but Kiryuin insists that Kyan is easier to work with and doubts the sincerity of those interested in joining them now since they are already popular.

– Darvish Kenji wants to obtain different licenses in the future. He had gotten a metal welding license in the past, but he wants a heavy vehicle license so he can drive a truck in future. MCs asks if he thought about appearing on Kouhaku again and he blatantly said “No”. MCs ask if they thought about composing songs, and they said “That’s the job of Kiryuin Sho.”. LOL..