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Drama version of Heart Eleki + MVs for coupling songs

4 Nov

I didn’t want to post this drama MV because the “band” concept has been used in AKB48 songs previously, don’t think there’s anything “new” to see.But in this drama, we get to see Matsui Rena play the villain character, an ambitious member of G Fingers, jealous of Kojima Haruna who was chosen as the new vocal. As boring as the concept may be, i’ll always make time to watch Rena’s acting. I believe she’s a even better actress than Yuko/Acchan.

Of course, for the Haruna fans, you also get to see lots of her solo shots as she takes center stage for the band. Like what Yuasa Junji said, she’s a natural center and you can kinda see that she’s truly enjoying herself!

Finally, below are the coupling MVs from each team…

Team A: Kiss Made Countdown

Team K: Sasame Yuki Regret

Team B: Tiny T-shirt

Team Research Students: Kimi Dake ni Chu!Chu!Chu!

Team Undergirls: 快速と動体視力

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