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Bunshun talks about celebrities and the apartments they live in, Kojiharu lives most luxuriously

14 Sep

In the 10th September issue of Bunshun, an article was published talking about the type of houses various 48Group members lived in. This topic was brought up because of the recent articles about AKS being investigated by tax authorities for undeclared expenses.

According to various media reports, members who live with their families receive a subsidy on their housing rents, in amounts from 1~2 million yen per month. Kojima Haruna in particular, seems to live most luxuriously as her monthly rent is 1.5~3million yen. Her apartment is a 3LDK spanning at least 200sq metres. It comes with 2 baths, a veranda fitted with a jacuzzi and a view of the forest. The place is close to supermarkets and taxis.

Graduated member Kasai Tomomi lives in a 1million yen high rise apartment in Roppongi. She has been spotted going to a Sushi place with a middle aged guy in the neighbourhood and no doubt continues to live a “bubbly” life. (*they’re trying to hint at her relationship with someone we all know about)

Graduated ace Maeda Atsuko used to live in a luxury apartment in Shibuya worth 500,000yen a month, but because of the famous incident where she was papp-ed drunk and crying all over Sato Takeru, male fans started hanging outside her house.She now lives in a low-level mansion in Meguro, about 1million yen a month.

A reporter comments “Celebrities love low-level luxury apartments which allows them to enter/exit easily without revealing their faces. There are lots of cases where idols,or actors in their teens or 20s will rent tower apartments which are properly managed so their agencies can fetch them easily to/from work. However, those with a lower level of income like comedians stay in normal houses.”

There are also “celebrity towers” where you can see various stars living under one roof.

“In Shibuya, there’s a luxury apartment with concierge service, rent starts from 1 million yen. KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi Kazuya, Yamashita Tomohisa, Ayaka and husband Mizushima Hiro, Koda Kumi etc all live there. In Meguro area there is a tower apartment where the average rent is 500,000 yen and EXILE members amongst others live there.”




Kojiharu has so many CMs she definitely has what it takes to live luxuriously. I am more excited about the fact that Kame and Yamapi live in the same building!

PV and audio for Koda Kumi new single “HOTEL”

26 Jul

Koda Kumi will release her new single “HOTEL” on August 06, 2014.

The single includes the title track “Hotel,” designed to be a “summer” song (re: last year’s “LaLaLaLaLa” from Summer Trip), plus a hip hop/R&B track “Money In My Bag,” and a slow ballad “Turn Around.” The limited edition comes with a bonus DVD featuring a music video for the title song. CDJapan is offering a B2-sized poster with pre-orders (click the link below).






Live Performances from The Music Day (Ongaku no Chikara)

7 Jul

NTV aired their special music program, ‘THE MUSIC DAY Ongaku no Chikara‘, on July 6 from 10:30 am to 10:54 pm.

Notable artistes who appeared to perform their iconic songs were aikoArashiAngela AkiAnriIkimonogakariAKB48EXILESKE48,NMB48,  KAT-TUN,  Kanjani8Kyary Pamyu PamyuKiroroKoda KumiGospellersKobukuroTHE ALFEEJeroTOKIONishino Kana, NEWS,PerfumeV6Hey! Say! JUMP, E-Girls, Nogizaka46 etc.

I’m having trouble keeping up with the music shows these days! There are so many summer specials! But as usual, i’ll only post selected performances here.

Koda Kumi – Guilty Honey / Lalalalala

Arashi-Endless Game

Arashi-A.RA.SHI/Love so Sweet

Arashi -One Love/Kansha Kangeki Ame  Arashi

KAT-TUN-Real Face/Face to Face

Kanjani8 – へそ曲がり /Musekinin Hero

NEWS – Weeeek / Nagisa no Onee Summer

Hey! Say! JUMP – Ultra Music Power/Come on a my House

Arashi/K8/TOKIO/KATTUN/NEWS/HSJ- Johnny’s Medleys

AKB48 – Flying Get/Sayonara Crawl

NMB48 – Bokura no Eureka

AKB48 – Koisuru Fortune Cookies
SKE48 – Pareo Emerald/Uzukushii Inazuma
AKB48 – Heavy Rotation

Kiroro – Mirai E (*Classic Jpop song!)