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Compilation of AKB48 37th single “Kokoro no Placard” performances

31 Aug

AKB48’s 37th single “Kokoro no Placard” is released this week, and here comes the onslaught of performances.

Mayuyu: Everyone, have you finished your summer homework?
Paruru: I had fun today.
Sayanee: Lawns are the best! (Referring to the grass they’re dancing on.)

AKB48 Show!
Mayuyu: I’ll receive your hearts! (“Minna no heart wo ittadaki Mayuyu!” ~Adapted from her catchphrase)
Yukirin: I’ll put you in a daze (~Adapted from her catchphrase)
Jurina: Still 17 and blooming
Milky: Powering up
Kawaei: I’m always smiling
KitaRie: I eat alot
Sakura: Sakura bloom
Yuihan: I’m from Kyoto
Shibata: They say i have a powerful gaze
Kojiharu: Kojima Haruna
Takamina: Lets dye our hair red
Sayanee: Who says i have a protruding jaw?
Paruru: Handshake

Music Station

Music Dragon



AnDare Summer Festival Special(performed by non-senbatsu members)

AKB48 x Orchestra (From 2:33)

FNS Music Festival (Live singing)

Music Station

Ongaku no Hi

The Music Day Ongaku no Chikara

[Updated]AKB48 37th single “Kokoro no Placard” coupling songs collection

26 Aug

*Updated with full PVs

The official YouTube channel for AKB48 has released previews for the coupling tracks in 37th single “Kokoro no Placard”. Each coupling track will be available on 1 of the 4 CD versions. If you are unsure of which type to get, then check out the information below!

Available in Type A, B and C

Undergirls – Dare Ka Ga Nageta Ball / The ball that someone threw to me


Available in Type A only

Next Girls – Hito Natsu no Hankouki / One Summer’s Rebellion


Available in Type B only

Future Girls – Sekaku ga Warui Onnanoko / Girls with bad personalities


Available in Type C only

Upcoming girls – Chewing Gum no Aji ga Naku Naru Made / Until the taste of chewing gum disappears


Available in Type D only

Papico CM senbatsu – Oshiete Mommy / Teach me Mommy!

Available in Type D only

Sailor Zombie drama theme song – Sailor Zombie

Now, if you ask me which version i’d buy, then quite obviously it’s type D!!! Oshiete Mommy is filled with Mayu-Paru sweetness and Sailor Zombie is such a cool song. Especially Sailor Zombie…the catchy tune, the zombie dance, a dark Mayuyu….this song is totally kami level. Now i only hope to see it performed live someday.


Watanabe Mayu talks about winning Sousenkyo and “Kokoro no Placard”

19 Aug
In Renai Sousenkyo(weekly AKB variety),you showed off a dark persona which you created?
I thought it would make me more approachable or humane.
In future, are you going to show off different sides of yourself?
Yes, i will create more personas and show it.So you are going to crush your perfect student image?
In a good way, i am defying everyone’s expectations. I am betting on this move hoping that people will enjoy it.

In a previous “Labrador Retriever” interview, you mentioned that only by getting No.1 in Sousenkyo will you then become the true Ace. So you’ve now become the true Ace. Congratulations!
Thanks( weird expression).
How do you feel now?
It was a present from fans, so i felt some confidence.  Somehow, its like i can keep my head high. Feels like i have become a new person.
It feels different from pre-elections?
Yes, there’s a difference.It feels like Mayu san is tougher than before.
No..i’m not there yet. (laughs)

Your hard work has paid off right?
Yes, it feels like finally i am being rewarded. I have wished for this while working hard these 8 years, so it feels good.

When we talk about the AKB Ace, Maeda Atsuko comes to mind. What do you think?
When i think about it now, indeed Maeda san was great. I came to think of that recently when i stood in the same position. It’s something that others won’t understand if not in the same position. It’s difficult to express, but centers need to have a firm resolve.

Once you are at the top, what you are seeking may be different from what others expect. Do you think the road ahead will be tough?
Hmm..Maeda san was a center for so long, i wonder what she was thinking.

Do you want to ask Maeda?
Yes, but…actually talking face-to-face with a senior makes me nervous. I want to ask someday though..

What is your homework for being an ace?
I will work harder without forgetting about the past. I am still inexperienced, so i would like to learn more and grow.

Do you want to win Sousenkyo again next year?
I haven’t thought about next year. I have come this far by aiming higher than where i was standing, so since i have become No.1 the next step will be a straight win. I feel like i have to work hard with this goal in mind.

About AKB48 37th single Kokoro no Placard
“When i first heard the song, i thought it was a slow song. Though Koisuru Fortune Cookie(KFC) was slow as well, Kokoro no Placard was even slower. The lyrics talk about love and describe the feelings of a shy guy. There are parts I can relate to so i think the lyrics are great. I hope those who relate to this guy will support the song.”
About the choreography, she described it as “simpler than KFC”. “You can learn just by modelling after me on TV, so please try it.”


Watanabe Mayu fulfills her dream of performing with the Takarazuka troupe

17 Aug

TV Asahi aired a special program yesterday “Summer Premium Music Festival ~ a Dream Collaboration”, which featured AKB48 Watanabe Mayu gracing the stage together with former top stars from the Takarazuka Troupe(an all-female theater group).

Watanabe has been known to be an ardent fan of them and is often seen mimic-ing their signature moves on TV. “I’m so happy to have worked hard so far. Once again i realise that happy things await as long as i work hard. It’s like a dream and i can’t express myself further!”

Together, Watanabe Mayu and Takarazuka Troupe performed songs like “Sumire no Hana Saku Goro”(a song iconic of the Takarazuka group), “All that Jazz”(a song from their upcoming musical Chicago), and AKB48’s “Flying Get”.

Below is Watanabe’s reaction when she was informed about the chance to collaborate with her idols.

“Me? No way!”

“Their existence is like gods to me!”

The actual performance

Alternate Link


“Labrador Retriever” and “Kokoro no Placard” by AKB48

Alternate Link


Congrats Mayuyu! Couldn’t be happier to see her getting all these bonuses after becoming No.1..And my fav scene from the collaboration?

AKB48 37th single “Kokoro no Placard” PV and staff version

5 Aug

It’s finally here!!!

AKB48 version

Staff version


Covers and MV for AKB48 37th single “Kokoro no Placard”

31 Jul

The music video and jacket covers for AKB48’s 37th single “Kokoro no Placard” has been revealed. This is the song which features the winner of this year’s 48-group general elections, Watanabe Mayu, as center. The senbatsu lineup also includes first-timers like Nogizaka’s Ikoma Rina, SKE48 Shibata Aya and HKT48 Miyawaki Sakura.

The concept of “Kokoro no Placard” is the same as “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”, where everyone is encouraged to dance along. Members said that all it took was 5-10mins for them to memorize the dance moves.

The choreographer for this dance is Lucky Ikeda, who is famous for choreographies such as King Cream Soda’s “Gero Gero Po no Uta”, which became a hit amongst kids all over Japan. Lucky Ikeda said that he received a call from producer Akimoto Yasushi, asking him to create a disco dance reminiscent of the showa era. He hopes that this will help Japan to become an energetic society.

Information for the covers

The single comes in 4 types for limited and regular editions. Due to Mayuyu’s interest in anime, the covers were designed in similar fashion to reflect “Mayuyu’s world”. In an attempt to show that the dance is simple enough for everyone in the world to follow, each cover has a different setting – Desert, Sea, Jungle and “Mayuyu’s World”, and random animals/icons in these settings are seen dancing along to the choreography.

Type A Regular  **PURCHASE HERE**


Type A Limited  **PURCHASE HERE**


Type B Regular **PURCHASE HERE**


Type B Limited **PURCHASE HERE**


Type C Regular **PURCHASE HERE**


Type C Limited **PURCHASE HERE**


Type D Regular **PURCHASE HERE**


Type D Limited **PURCHASE HERE**



I love these covers so much i can’t decide my favourite! I’m torn between Type D regular and Type D limited cos Mayuyu is equally pretty in both….but the cats in Type D regular are cuter. There’s so much imagination going on behind the artwork that i wish someone can sit down and explain it for me.

AKB48 37th single is named “Kokoro no Placard”

28 Jun

On June 23, AKB48‘s Watanabe MayuHKT48‘s Sashihara RinoSKE48‘sMatsui Jurina, and NMB48‘s Yamamoto Sayaka appeared on the presentation to announce the contract between AKB group and “Baitoru”, a part-time job offering website.

Those four girls along with Matsui RenaShimazaki Haruka, and Kashiwagi Yuki, who were the top 7 of the recent Senbatsu election, will appear on the new CM, and it will use AKB48’s upcoming 37th single as the CM song.

Watanabe who grabbed the No.1 spot on the election will serve as the center for the single, and it was announced the single would be titled “Kokoro no Placard” (to be released on August 27). Watanabe explained regarding the song, “It is such an easy song to remember, and I could remember it after listening to it 1.5 times. Since it’s an enjoyable song for men and women of all ages, I hope many people listen to it, and sing and dance to it.”

She also mentioned “Koisuru Fortune Cookie“, which centered Sashihara, the queen of the previous election. As it became a hit and many people all around the world made videos dancing to the song, Watanabe cheerfully commented, “Hopefully, my song could also be livened up as much as that song!”

During the presentation, it was also announced that there will also be four different versions of CMs featuring AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, and HKT48 which will be aired only locally. Moreover, four TV stations will produce new TV programs around the theme of part-time jobs starting July 1.

Those four programs include Fuji TV’s “AKB de Arubaito” (every Tuesday at 1:40 am~ *Kanto region only), CBC TV’s “SKE no Kayou Arubaito Gekijou” (every Tuesday at 1:18 am ~), Kansai TV’s “NMB no Meccha Baito” (every Tuesday at 1:00 am~), and Kyushu Asahi Housou’s “HKT Shakariki 48!” (every Friday at 12:55 am~).


A preview of the song is in the CM above. Sightings of the filming of their PV in Shizuoka has also been uploaded around the Internet.


Preorder your CD below!

**Limited Edition Type 1**

**Limited Edition Type 2**

**Limited Edition Type 3**

**Limited Edition Type 4**

**Regular Edition Type 1**

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**Regular Edition Type 3**

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