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66th NHK Kouhaku Utagassen 2015~2016: X Japan comeback,Arashi,Golden Bomber and more

2 Jan

NHK’s Kouhaku is one of the most prestigious music shows in a year. Artistes who are invited are chosen according to several factors – the results of this year’s activities, public opinion and performance concept. Take a look at the highlights from last night, have they lived up to expectations?


X Japan – Forever Love/Born to be Free
X Japan disbanded in 1997 after appearing on Kouhaku, but regrouped in 2007. 2015 marks their return to Kouhaku after an absence of 18 years. Remembering their bandmates Hide and Taiji who passed away in 1998 and 2011 respectively, 2 guitars which belonged to them were placed onstage, as if to show that the band was performing as 7 instead of 5.

Leader Yoshiki says “We didn’t think that we’d get a chance at this stage. We’d like to thank the fans who supported us all these time, because of you, we got a 2nd life.

Arashi – Star Wars Collaboration / Sakura/ Ai wo Sakebe
Tying in with the popular movie, the members of Arashi transformed into Star Wars warriors complete with lightsabers and sang their hit songs for the year together with the Droids of the Galactic universe.

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NMB48 – 365nichi no Kamihikouki
I have no idea whether they’re trying to promote “Asa ga Kita”, Yamamoto Sayaka, the song or NMB48, but seeing how the cast of “Asa ga Kita” joined in the performance in the end, i guess the point was to promote the drama! Yamamoto Sayaka still got a huge deal out of this though, the guitar (which is actually unnecessarily in the context of her performance) and her solo opening made her stand out so much that the rest of NMB48 simply faded into the background. Most importantly, she got to stand beside Tamaki Hiroshi who is one of my absolute favourites!

AKB48 10th Year Anniversary – Aitakkata/Flying Get/Heavy Rotation
The concept of this performance was “Magic”. The moment when i read reports about it, alarm bells sounded because god knows how many lame magic tricks AKB48 has attempted in the past year. The real magic came when Maeda Atsuko and Oshima Yuko appeared out of nowhere to join the group. Takamina is shocked, but it is afterall the group’s 10th anniversary so i’m sure we’ll be seeing more Acchan-Yuko in 2016.

Ayase Haruka, Perfume, V6 x Disney Medley
Disney is quite a regular fixture on Kouhaku and Perfume often collaborates with Disney, but we’d never discover how cute Ayase Haruka is if not for this performance.She sings so well and dances like she’s part of Perfume!


Golden Bomber – Memeshikute
Golden Bomber cannot escape the vicious cycle of promoting”Memeshikute” and even Ayase Haruka is innocently asking “How much longer can they continue with this song?” but Golden Bomber always makes it fresh for the audience. In this performance, Darvish Kenji is dressed in a kimono but Kyan and Utahiroba Jun strips him to reveal that he’s actually dressed for a sumo match. The screen shows a computer system randomly picking his opponent from the Kouhaku judges, and it settles on Naoki Matayoshi, an award winning novelist and comedian. Naoki Matayoshi is carried into the ring and he loses to Darvish, but instead of getting a prize, sumo wrestlers pickup Darvish and knocks him against a temple bell,which is sounded traditionally to mark the start of a new year. Darvish ends up in a daze and Naoki describes his state using a scroll with the words “Hibana”(“fire sparks”). “Hibana” is actually the title of his award winning novel.

If you’re interested in the full show, you can view it here.




Arashi to collaborate with Star Wars on Kouhaku

24 Dec

Arashi will put on a collaboration stage with movie “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” during “66th NHK Kouhaku Utagassen” on 31st December.

New characters in BB-8,R2-D2、C-3P as well as Darth Vader and Stormtrooper will also be making their appearances.

Ohno Satoshi says “We’ve been allowed to tag along Star Wars to perform onstage. We’re nervous since it’s a huge name we’re collaborating with but we’ll work hard and show you our courageous sides!”

NHK has also announced a disney stage with Ayase Haruka, Inohara Yoshihiko, Perfume and V6 collaborating with popular characters Mickey Mouse etc.


I never watched Star Wars in my life but this is too cool. Maybe Nino will finally get to use his glow-in-the-dark suits from Arashi ni Shiyagare.

Golden Bomber to perform “Memeshikute” on Kouhaku for 4th time

22 Dec

NHK has just announced their setlist for the “66th NHK Kouhaku Utagassen” and Golden Bomber will be performing their hit song “Memeshikute” for the rarest of 4th time.

Golden Bomber commented “When will these guys stop appearing?! You must be thinking of this…but you’re right! We’re shocked ourselves, but also full of stress. But we’ve been chosen so we’ll make sure everyone gets excited.”

Member Utahiroba Jun tweeted “Golden Bomber will be performing Memeshikute for the 4th time, but this is also the most performed song alongside Namida SouSou in Kouhaku’s record. Personally, i think it’s great that we can set this record being an air band.”


Meanwhile, AKB48 will be performing a 10th year anniversary medley, whilst NMB48 will be sing 365nichi no Kamihikouki. Hmm…so without that 365nichi, NMB would not even be in Kouhaku.

Chief Producer of NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen explains reasons for dropping artistes

1 Dec

Last year, AKB48 Group had all 4 of their domestic groups appearing in the annual year end show. However, SKE48 and HKT48 were dropped from the lineup for this year. According to an interview with chief producer of the show, he explained “We came to this decision based on 3 factors – the results of this year’s activities, public opinion and performance concept.”

Momoiro Clover Z,also one of the idol groups dropped from this year’s lineup, has since announced their graduation from Kouhaku. “We will in our own way, walk our path with everyone.” They also promised a huge countdown live for this year.


Reactions from dropped artistes

HKT48 Sashihara Rino on Twitter: “We cried. Just a bit, but it seems like next year will be fun!”
In a followup tweet, she said “It’s frustrating! It seems like fans will just tell us to work hard for next year, but pls don’t (laugh)”

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu: “I didn’t make it into the lineup this year, but it’s not the time to be sad! I will work hard.

Nishiuchi Mariya, who had hopes of making her first appearance said: “I’m sorry, it’s frustrating! I had my expectations too high. I will write more songs and open a concert first.”


SKE48 Oya Masana: “It’s regretful to be dropped, but SKE48 will restart from now.”
SKE48 Matsui Jurina: “I don’t want to SKE48 to shy away from this. Whatever difficulties we face, I want to overcome it with everyone.”


I thought that NMB48 didn’t deserve to be in the lineup as well, but some reports are saying that they were given the spot thanks to Sayanee singing NHK’s asadora theme song.


Ayase Haruka appointed red team MC for Kouhaku Uta Gassen

31 Oct

This year’s NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen will see actress Ayase Haruka(30) hosting for the red team. This is an internal decision as of now.

When it becomes official, it will be her 2nd time hosting after 2 years. Ayase is said to have receive notice 1 week ago and has accepted.

Ayase is the female lead for NHK Taiga “Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit” and it’s set to air in March next year, for a period of 3 years. She was also the Taiga lead for “Yae no Sakura” in 2013, and was appointed Kouhaku MC for the first time that year. Her natural MC skills back then received good reviews.

The Main MC and and white team MC have not been decided.


Kouhaku hosts are usually announced in the middle of October, but there are several uncertainties this year.Earlier this month, Tamori was touted to be the main MC, with announcer Yumiko Udo filling for the red team and V6 Yoshihiko Inohara filling for the white team. However, Tamori announced his withdrawal in the middle of the month, and organizers are back to square one.