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Oguri Shun appears on last episode of “Kounodori” with his real daughter?

27 Dec

(Left Photo: Oguri Shun, Yamada Yu and their baby)
(Right Photos: Oguri Shun and baby stills from drama)

Reports are saying that Oguri Shun brought forth his biologicial daughter for a cameo during the last episode of this season’s medical drama “Kounodori”, which stars his BFF Ayano Go as the male lead.

In the drama, he plays a elite businessman who struggles to father a newborn baby after his wife passed away. In the last episode, he brings his 1 year old baby to the hospital for a checkup, and the baby even calls out “Papa” in a teary scene.

After the finale, netizens on Twitter revealed that the baby is actually his biological daughter with model Yamada Yu, whom he married in 2012. Some commented on the baby’s striking resemblance to Oguri and Yamada, while others gushed over her cuteness. However, some were more cautious about the link as they felt that Oguri would never reveal his child’s face. In the end, everyone’s curious as the credit rolls did not give away the baby’s name!