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Minegishi Minami appears on TV for the first time since shaving her head

2 Mar

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In the latest episode of AKB48’s midnight show Kousagi Dojo, Minegishi Minami showed up with a new wig on her head, looking somewhat sheepish as she opened the show with her co-host. The new wig, i must say, is 99% similar to her old hairstyle, much better than the one she wore during her first stage as a research student.

Miichan then revealed that she has been allowed to return to the show, and even though she feels apologetic to fellow research students, she hopes to be as useful to the show as possible.

[Updated]Comments from netizens:

“Pls forgive her already. She’s also one reason why AKB48 has gotten popular so far. It’s true that she has done wrong and deserves some blame. But she has supported us in the past and it’s our turn to support her now.”

“She looks cheerful so that’s good.”

“I’m no longer her fan but i hope she works hard for the existing fans.”

“Pls quit the group if you can’t stick to the rules! You’re only sticking to AKB because you’ll be jobless without them right?”

“If you appear on TV with a wig, then there’s no meaning in shaving your head.”

“People make mistakes. It’s just a matter of whether she’s reflecting on it. Ganbare Gachapin!”

Some fans who read my post have said that i’m biased against Miichan. Sorry guys, i’m not a fan of Miichan but not an anti either. If you’ve read my earlier post, you’d realise that i actually find her a talent and staying in AKB is a waste of her time. Anyways, the netizen comments i’ve translated may have made this post very dreary, but these were from the YouTube video, and i’ve not missed out any which attempted to put Miichan in a better light. Of cos, these comments do not reflect the general sentiments of everyone, so u gotta voice it out if you want to support your idol!