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Highlights from FNS Kayousai 2015(Part 2)

17 Dec

Continuing from Part 1 

This time we have a dream collaboration between the girl groups in Japan!

AKB48 / Momoiro Clover Z / Nogizaka46 / SKE48 / Morning Musume 15 / ℃-ute / Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku / NMB48 / Team Syachihoko

1. Heavy Rotation
2. Love Machine
3. Chai Maxx
4. Aitakatta
5. Seifuku no Mannequin (Keyakizaka46 debut)
6. Renai Revolution 21
7. Oogoe Diamond
8. Ikuze Kaito Shoujo
9. Koisuru Fortune Cookie


NEWS – Hikari no Shizuku (theme song for upcoming Fuji drama)

I wanted to add in KAT-TUN’s performance but it’s nowhere to be found.



E-girls – Dance dance dance / Follow Me
Happiness –  Holiday
Flower – Hitomi no Oku no Milky Way
Dream – Blanket Snow

48/46 Group


SKE48 – Oki Doki
NMB48 – Nagiichi
T.M. Revolution x Takamina – Hot Limit

Other artistes

Ohara Sakurako – Kimi wo Wasurenai yo

Crystal Kay – Nando demo (Insert song for Otona Joshi drama)

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Mondai Girl



Chief Producer of NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen explains reasons for dropping artistes

1 Dec

Last year, AKB48 Group had all 4 of their domestic groups appearing in the annual year end show. However, SKE48 and HKT48 were dropped from the lineup for this year. According to an interview with chief producer of the show, he explained “We came to this decision based on 3 factors – the results of this year’s activities, public opinion and performance concept.”

Momoiro Clover Z,also one of the idol groups dropped from this year’s lineup, has since announced their graduation from Kouhaku. “We will in our own way, walk our path with everyone.” They also promised a huge countdown live for this year.


Reactions from dropped artistes

HKT48 Sashihara Rino on Twitter: “We cried. Just a bit, but it seems like next year will be fun!”
In a followup tweet, she said “It’s frustrating! It seems like fans will just tell us to work hard for next year, but pls don’t (laugh)”

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu: “I didn’t make it into the lineup this year, but it’s not the time to be sad! I will work hard.

Nishiuchi Mariya, who had hopes of making her first appearance said: “I’m sorry, it’s frustrating! I had my expectations too high. I will write more songs and open a concert first.”


SKE48 Oya Masana: “It’s regretful to be dropped, but SKE48 will restart from now.”
SKE48 Matsui Jurina: “I don’t want to SKE48 to shy away from this. Whatever difficulties we face, I want to overcome it with everyone.”


I thought that NMB48 didn’t deserve to be in the lineup as well, but some reports are saying that they were given the spot thanks to Sayanee singing NHK’s asadora theme song.


Music Station Halloween Special: Idols, Golden Bomber, TOKIO and more

31 Oct

I have no idea why everyday cosplay=Halloween but apparently Japanese celebrate it this way.

AKB48 –  Halloween night
They are cosplaying different professions and the concept for each member was decided by Akimoto Yasushi.

Jurina- Takarazuka
Takamina – Gyaru
Sasshi – Politician
Paruru – Nurse
Yukirin – Hostess
Tomu – Priestess
Sakura – Maiko
Sayanee – Sexy Secretary
Mayuyu – Waitress
KitaRie – Kindergarten Teacher
Yui – Cabin Attendant
Milky – Ballerina
Matsumura – Pro Wrestler
Akane – Music Station AD Intern
Shibata – Retro Idol
Yuria – Police

Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku – Super Hero

Denpagumi.Inc – Eikyu Zombina

Golden Bomber – The v kei ppoi kyoku
I think Golden Bomber are the only ones who got it right. They were the creepiest of the night.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Pumpkin no Gyakushu

Nakashima Mika – Hanabata
I loved the CD version but this live is a major flop! Is this person really Nakashima Mika?!

TOKIO – Tokyo Drive
They are cosplaying as Tamori san.

Performances from Arashi,V6,AKB48 and more on Music Station

29 Aug

I like this song alot because the tune brings back memories from the Love So Sweet days and the lyrics i imagine would hit the heart directly. This is meant to be performed for the bride during a wedding ceremony and apparently that is what Arashi did in their music video.

Translation of lyrics(credit yurikizero):

Now that I think about it, we’ve known each other for a long time
But (today) in the whole world, there isn’t anyone prettier than you

Our long-awaited Madonna is here
(Today) We’ll celebrate with all of our friends from back then

It’s so nostalgic, Baby Suddenly, it’s like we’re still seventeen
Sure enough, you’re a super lady As always, you’re a prize out of our reach

Gotta tell this “I love you” to someone dear to me
You’re an idol even now Everyone loves you
Let’s love each other forever Congratulations
You’ve just gotta become happy, Baby
Shout this love to a wonderful future

You’re so dazzling, it makes me kind of embarrassed
But (today) anyone in the world would fall in love with you

When you sign that certificate,
All the friends here (today) are the witnesses especially for our Madonna

Let’s take some pictures together, Baby All around, there’s love & peace
Let’s talk about our memories The same way we were back then

Gotta say this “I love you” now to our beloved
He’s a perfect match for you We all give up
Receiving so many cheers and love Oh! Everyone applauds
When you say you’re happy, that’s probably when we’ll start crying, Baby
Going to a wonderful future Ring the bells

Gotta tell this “I love you” to someone dear to me
You’re an idol even now Everyone loves you
Let’s love each other forever Congratulations
You’ve just gotta become happy, Baby
Shout this love to a wonderful future

Darling Darling Darling Laugh while crying
Darling Darling Darling Congratulations This is true love
Congratulations It’s our true love

V6 – 2oth Anniversary Special Medley
V6 is making alot of media appearances lately what with promotions for 24hr TV and the release of their new album. Guys are now ojisans(with the exception of Miyake Ken who defies the laws of time) but are continuing to explore new ground in music. The first song “Wait for you” is produced by Lady Gaga herself! For a second, i thought i was listening to One Direction.

Morning Musume ’15 – Oh my wish!
I do not like the electro dance pop that this group likes to release but their dances are always impressive.


AKB48 – Halloween Night
So they decided to up the gimmickry and include magic tricks into their performance. While i fail to understand more and more what is going on with this song,  i did enjoy the magic trick performances. The Sasshi-Takamina trick at the end fails and Takamina had to do a dogeza.


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Crazy Party Night ~Pumpkin no Gyakushu~
Cute dance and crazy visuals which in my opinion is more like Halloween. 




Kyary Pamyu Pamyu shows her version of Halloween Night, disco excluded

20 Aug

I never thought Halloween could be “cute” but after seeing Kyary’s version, Halloween suddenly seems like it CAN be cute. In the performance, she dances around with pixies, she twirls around like a pumpkin, and and her fans are so hyped they’ve all turned into bopping monsters(yes, even the cool-looking guys). This was performed at Summer Sonic 2015, an outdoor event,but i imagine the overall visuals would be better if performed in Music Station.

By the way, the song title is “Crazy Party Night~Pumpkin no Gyakuchu~” or “Crazy Party Night~Counterattack of the Pumpkins~”.

Purchase her single below:

DVD Limited Edition

Regular Edition

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu to release Halloween single “Crazy Party Night ~ Attack of the Pumpkins ~”

5 Aug

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu will be releasing her 11th single “Crazy Party Night ~Pumpkin no Gyakushuu~” on 2nd September 2015.

This is a Halloween song written by Tanaka Yasutaka, based on Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s character(she wears weird costumes all year round). Also, as her national tour starting Autumn will carry the theme “90s club culture”, the song will be pop and carry the typical dance tune unique to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. The song promises to be enjoyable like a Halloween party.


I hope this version has something to do with Halloween…

Purchase her single below:

DVD Limited Edition

Regular Edition

AKB48 performs Kokoro no Placard on Music Station and more!

26 Jul

Today’s episode of Music Station was a 3 hour long summer special. Guests on this episode include: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Eight Ranger, Nishino Kana, AKB48, Sayaka Kanda, May J., SMAP, EXILE TRIBE, and BUMP OF CHICKEN.

AKB48 cut:

In this performance, the top3 members hold up signboards with handwritten messages for the fans. To be honest, i had no idea what “Placard” means before this, but now I do.

Watanabe Mayu: “Thanks to everyone’s support I am singing from the center position!! Thank you!”

Mayuyu certainly has some nice drawing skills. That rabbit is so cute!

Sashihara Rino: “Please look out for HKT48 too! I will work hard for the Takigyo!”

(She had previously promised to take a penalty if she was unable to retain her No.1 position in the senbatsu sousenkyo. The penalty she has chosen is to go for Takigyo, which is a form of meditation where one stands under a waterfall and clears his mind of all thoughts.)


Kashiwagi Yuki: “I want to become your No.1 !”

Call it fanservice, but I think Yukirin is sending a message for next year’s elections.

Overall, i think the performance was much more enjoyable thanks to these signboard messages for the fans. It is a new gimmick and certainly a bonus for the top members who can use the chance to promote themselves. I only wish they can ditch those white outfits for something more colorful.

Finally, a bonus shot from Kojiharu’s instagram! The new twin combi NyanParu!

Credit: Kojiharu’s Instagram


Rest of the performances below:

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Fashion Monster / Kira Kira Killer / Family Party

Eight Ranger – ER2 / Zukkoke Otokomichi / T.W.L

Nishino Kana – Darling / Kimi tte


AKB48 – Kokoro no Placard / Koisuru Fortune Cookie

Sayaka Kanda – Yukidaruma Tsukurou / Umarete Hajimete

May J. – Let It Go


SMAP – Top Of The World / Shareotsu / BANG! BANG! Vacance!


BUMP OF CHICKEN – Niji wo Matsu Hito / ray

AKB48, Kashiwagi Yuki, FlumpoolxMayday and more on Music Station

28 Sep

AKB48 – Koisuru Fortune Cookie/Heart Electric
Kashiwagi Yuki solo – Birthday Wedding

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

FlumpoolxMayday – “Belief ~Haru wo Matsu Kimi e~”

Perfume – Special Medley

Sexy Zone – Bye Bye Du Bye~See you again~