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Domoto Koichi x Kanda Sayaka sing duet of “Love is an Open Door”

18 Aug

The Japanese version of the duet between “Hans” and “Anna” in movie “Frozen” is now immensely popular nationwide.

Kanda Sayaka, the voice actress for “Anna”, previously appeared on Domoto Kyoudai and performed the song together with Domoto Koichi of Kinki Kids. Nicknamed “Prince Koichi”, fans were ecstatic to see him take on the role of “Hans” and sing lines like “Will you marry me?”. Ultimately, he did do a great job with the vocals but knowing that Koichi is a stoic guy, this performance was just too cheesy and embarrassing to watch. Couldn’t help bursting into laughter when the camera panned to Takamina/Nishikawa/Tsuyoshi at the end.

Takamina and Nishikawa’s epic faces: “We lost our souls.”

Tsuyoshi: “We’re never doing this duet again.”