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Kyanjani8 debut PV”Candy My Love” in full!

13 Aug

There is nothing i can possibly hate about this song. The tune is so luxurious considering this is a CM song meant for a 30 seconds timeslot. I love the busy violins playing in the background and the girls robotically singing along as center Subako belts out her heart in her heartwrenching voice.

Of course, anything related to Kanjani8 comes with some comedy effect. In the opening, Subako sings about how hard it is to meet her lover, to the point that she doubts if she’s ever met him. Yokoyama responds with “Subako, are you alright in the head?” As we progress, we realise Subako’s love is actually Nishikido Ryo as he appears in her dream-like state and she reaches out to touch him. I don’t know about you, but the thought of Subaru thinking about Nishikido as his lover while acting out this MV made me laugh. As for the other members, the fine elements of their acting is also worth watching. Things like getting pricked by needles, their attempts at forlorn expressions etc are bound to put a smile on your face.

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Kanjani8 will release Candy Crush Soda CM song in “Maemuki Scream” single

14 Jul

Kanjani8 will be releasing their new single on August 5, 2015. The song “Maemuki Scream” is a CM song for Oronamin C(energy drink) and the dance choreographer is Lucky Ikeda(the same guy behind AKB48 Kokoro no Placard). The song talks about looking forward and both the young and old are supposed to feel like dancing along upon hearing the catchphrase “Maemuki”. The song has been performed in The Music Day in previous post.

CM below:

The coupling song is the highly anticipated “Candy My Love”, the debut song from sister group Canjani8. The girl group version of Kanjani8 first appeared in CMs for mobile game Candy Crush Soda and were so successful that fans have requested for their CD debut. With a medium tempo 80s tune, the boys girls sing about the feelings of a maiden in love.

CM below:

Some funny comments the guys are saying in the CM.

Yokoyama: Do you want to see my Candy?
Murakami: I regretted taking on this job…
Maruyama: It’s okay to game, but remember to study!
Ohkura: Those preparing for exams shouldn’t game!
Subaru: What’s this about ‘Subako’? There are better names out there!
Yasuda: If someone writes bad stuff about me on the Internet, pls tell me?
Nishikido: The person doing this dislikes it the most. (*not sure about this)

If you want to get their new single with the MV for “Candy My Love”, please click below:

Limited Edition