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AKB48 performs 真夏のSounds Good on 火曜曲!

6 Feb

The MCs commented on their recent scandal after the performance. Read on for a transcription!

MC Nakai san: Seems like AKB48 is very busy last week and this week! (referring to the scandals)

Takamina:”Alot of things have happened…”

MC Makiko: “Because they’re still young!”

At this point, Tomochin gave a small bow.(probably a gesture of  apology)

Takamina: Miichan is performing with the research students at the Akihabara theater today.

MC Nakai san: I watched the news on NHK and it seems like that girl has become bald! It made the news on NHK!

MC Makiko: I saw it too!

MC Nakai san: I’d need to shave my head every week if she turns bald just like that!
Not really sure what he’s saying here…could someone translate the last sentence?

真夏のSounds Good! on Ichiban Song Show

17 Jan

I know this has been performed X number of times but here’s the latest version on Ichiban Song Show! My oshi Watanabe Mayu seems to have become the new face of the group as she has been replacing Acchan’s position in almost all the songs i’ve seen so far. No complains here as she’s been doing perfectly fine so far!

At the end, Shimazaki Haruka gets some airtime as the MC reminisced about the time when he gave Paruru an image makeover  previously. He mentioned he was cheering her on during her performance, and Paruru returned his favor by saying she was also looking at him to see if he would notice her. OMG the father-daughter love here!! ❤

My only complain about this performance – Watanabe Miruki. Will talk more about her next time, but just to let you know, I really DISLIKE this girl!