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The trend of Nogizaka members making their debuts as exclusive models for fashion magazines

5 Mar

It was recently announced that Nogizaka46’s Nishino Nanase has been appointed exclusive model for female fashion magazine “non-no” (starting June 2015). News of fellow members Hashimoto Nanami and Matsumura Sayuri becoming exclusive models for “Cancam”(starting May 2015) and member Saito Asuka for “CUTie”(starting April 2015) also followed.

Within Nogizaka46, Shirashi Mai has already been appointed exclusive model for Ray magazine since March 2013. Ray will be recruiting ℃-ute’s Suzuki Airi as their next exclusive model next.

Besides these girls, other idol group members like ex-Morning Musume’s Koharu Kusumi and ex-AKB48’s Shinoda Mariko have also worked/are working for the likes of “CanCam” and “MORE”, as with idol members from E-girls.

Responses were mixed towards this trend of idols stepping in the modelling industry.

Amongst the Nogizaka fans, most were supportive of this trend, as it helps to distinguish Nogizaka46 amongst other idol groups, at the same time drawing the members’ high visual qualities to light.

However, there were also voices of dissent from female netizens, who believe that models should have a model’s physique, and that idols should just remain as idols.

In times when magazines are no longer selling, some believe that fashion editors have turned towards the wotas as their next target consumers in order to revive their sales. Contracting idol members with a stable fanbase could be a strategy in this case.


If idols are the ones who will save the printing industry, then why not really? I have always found it weird that Japanese magazines like ViVi like to use half-western models to appeal to the Japanese girls. 

A look at Saito Asuka’s sold out magazine cover for CUTie

Bunshun reveals more about Matsumura Sayuri’s scandal, claims her explanations are lies

18 Oct

Matsumura Sayuri’s expression on Music Station yesterday makes headline news

Nogizaka46 frontline member Matsumura Sayuri just can’t seem to get away from the claws of Bunshun.

In last week’s issue, Matsumura Sayuri’s photos of her and ex-Young Jump editor “S” kissing were published. The guy was revealed to be married with kids. Speculations of her offering “pillow services” were arife and Matsumura Sayuri apologised on radio, explaining that the photos were merely captured while she was drunk. She had denied being in a relationship with “S” and explained that she had met him in the streets and decided to have a meal with him since she was feeling troubled. She also confessed to using a fake name in her interactions with “S” and claims that she did not know he was married. In fact, she did not know much about “S” at all, vice versa.

In her confessions, she also mentioned that most of the report was wrong, which seemed to have triggered the wrath of Bunshun. As a result, Bunshun came back with more evidence of their “affair” in this week’s issue.

A transcript of their conversion in a cafe was published. “S” had told Matsumura that “he had made many female colleagues cry when he resigned from Young Jump”, which means that Matsumura should have known that he was the editor of Young Jump. In another part of the conversation, “S” also told Matsumura to treat him when she becomes a top star. Matsumura also told him that she had an audition to attend, which means they should know the truth about each other’s jobs. In addition, Nogizaka46 appears in Young Jump’s gravure shoots countless times, so it is impossible for “S” not to know Matsumura.

Later, “S” asked Matsumura “Where do you keep your comics in your house? You’ve bought so many but they aren’t in your room.”

This suggests that “S” had on past occasions visited her house. Their intimate conversations suggests that they were more than friends. However, “S” called Matsumura Sayuri “Chii chan”, which means that her explanation of using a fake name is not a lie.

If these information is the truth, then what Matsumura explained on radio would be lies.

In addition, Bunshun also revealed that 2 other members of Nogizaka46 have been “misbehaving”. One underage member was photographed going into a celebrity bar in Roppongi in late May, which lead to suspicions of underage drinking. Another member was mentioned to have sleptover at a male model’s house.

A video of Matsumura’s late night date with “S” was also made available to paid subscribers, which has been leaked below.

Drunk? Not?



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Bunshun exposes Nogizaka46 Matsumura Sayuri’s affair with a married man, Matsumura comments

10 Oct

One of Nogizaka46’s frontline members Matsumura Sayuri has been papp-ed while on her date with a man in his 30s. In the photos, the couple were seen hugging and kissing each other infront of Matsumura’s mansion.

Her partner is understood to someone who works for a major publishing company (other reports he works for gravure magazine Young Jump). Also, he is actually married.

Matsumura dated him 3 times over 3 weeks. They were seen entering high class Karaoke rooms in Shinjuku and Ginza, where they stayed for more than 4hours late into the night.

As Nogizaka46 follows AKB48 Group’s stance in having the “love ban rule” for its members, it would be interesting how the management reacts to this.

Source, Source

Matsumura explains her scandal

Nogizaka46’s Matsumura Sayuri(22) apologised for her affair with a married man on radio show “Recomen!” on the 8th October.

On this day, pictures of her on date with a man was published in Bunshun Shukan. Regarding the scandal, Matsumura gave an explanation which translates to below.

“You may have heard about this already, my matter was published in this week’s magazine.Mmm….what was written, really, was largely false, i was really shocked too. (Deep breath) About this matter, to the fans, members, and related persons, i am sorry to have caused you trouble due to my unthoughtful actions.”

“The guy mentioned in this report, i didn’t meet him because of my work. Whilst i was feeling troubled about stuff, he approached me in the streets. Usually, this would be unbelievable, but at that point in time we went for a meal. Most of our conversation centered around anime and manga, it wasn’t the type of relationship between a man and woman.

Matsumura also explained the kiss shots.

“On that day when this photo was taken, i was troubled and got drunk. I can’t believe i did such a stupid thing. Really sorry. Actually, when i met that guy, i hid many things and used a fake name. I don’t know much about him, so i didn’t know that he had a family. But with  this report, his family will certainly be hurt, i am very sorry. Both him and I don’t know much about each other. We are like friends who talk about our interests. I really regret my unthoughtful actions.”

She ended with more apologies.

Fellow member Ikoma Rina, who was beside her at the radio show, expressed her support for Matsumura. Later, Shiraishi Mai(22) and Sakurai Reika(18) also made a surprise appearance to support her.

Matsumura joined Nogizaka46 in Aug 2011 and belongs to the first generation. She is one of the few members who appears in the senbatsu for all their singles. She’s known for her love in anime and fans call her “Sayurin” or “Sayuringo”.


Netizens react

Whilst many fans made their way to Matsumura’s blog to leave encouraging messages, surprisingly, a portion of fans also expressed their disappointment in Matsumura’s explanation.

“Due to Matsumura’s innocent/dumb character, it was no surprise that photos of her relationship would leak. To a 22 year old girl facing a love ban rule, a relationship would be one she longs for the most. The pressures everyday might have made her give in to temptation. Therefore, i’d like to give her my support. However in the radio program, she denied her relationship despite the kiss shots. And the explanations like it being due to her getting drunk/report was largely false etc. made me think that she was making excuses.Idols will also give in to temptations, we are not going to blame her for going into a relationship, but at least give us an honest reply.”

Suspicions about her meeting with the guy were also raised.

“In the radio program, it was said that she met the guy in the streets and went to a meal with him. But according to the report, the guy was in charge of the gravure in Young Jump magazine up till Spring this year. Nogizaka46 also appears in that publication. It’s hard to imagine that the 2 met each other in the middle of the streets.Also, it’s hard to believe that a popular idol like Matsumura will just follow a guy who approached her in the streets. It’s like she’s hiding something. If what she said is the truth then she’s such an ‘easy girl’ that her image is destroyed. If she’s lying then above all that’s the saddest thing. Nogizaka fans are all kind. If she’s honest about it she should be forgiven.”


Matsumura absent for expo event, member Hashimoto Nanami takesover

According to this report, Matsumura Sayuri was absent for an expo event held on the 15th October. This was supposed to be her first public appearance after news of the scandal broke. Member Hashimoto Nanami replaced her instead.

The organisers said they had received notice from Nogizaka’s agency that there would be member changes to the event, but no reason was given.

The event went on without much impact.



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Grand Reformation Aftermath: 2 members announce graduations, 5 declined transfers and more

1 Mar

[Graduate]Nonaka Misato
“I have been thinking about my future before the grand reformation and discussed with Akimoto sensei and the managers. My decision to graduate isn’t because of the shuffle.  I’m sorry to the fans for shocking you with this announcement.”

Nonaka Misato had been transferred to AKB48 Team K after the shuffle but declined the move to stay in Team B. One day later, she suddenly announced her graduation from the group.

“Frankly, i’m very scared now.Since it is a decision i made, i will believe in myself and work hard!” she said.


[Graduate] Shimada Rena
“I, Shimada Rena, will graduate from NMB48.
Last year I had my 20th birthday, and I started to think about my future more than before. I was allowed to make a lot of experiences in this really blessed place that is NMB48 and, including painful and frustrating things, I was able to learn a lot here.
I started thinking about graduation, but the staff and the presence of the members I spent every day with and the words of all my fans who cheered me on during handshake events etc, kept me back. There were times my heart trembled and wavered too, but consulting with my family and thinking a lot, I decided to graduate NMB48.
Taking over the responsibility of being captain was the condition at the time of my comeback, incomprehensibly for me at that time, I became the Team M and 2nd Generation captain. I kept running against walls so much that there was not a day as captain I did not worry, but with the strong wish “I want to make Team M a good team” I came to where I am now as well as I could.
With this tour, I could once again confirm that this team is a really great one.
I really was not the captain-type, but everyone followed me, and I am really grateful that I could make it this far. I am grateful that Akimoto-sensei layed the responsibility of being captain on me at the time of my comeback.
To tell the truth, I wanted us to grow even further through this tour. There was the shuffle, but this Team M overcame so many walls and it only consists of really great members. No matter where they are going, I think they will be able to continue to shine.
I am sad that I won’t be able to meet all the fans who supported me until now at handshake events or theater shows anymore. But I haven’t given up my dream and there are also a lot of things I want to do from now on, so I would be happy if you continued to watch over me.
Thank you so much for everything until now.”

[Declined Transfer] Kikuchi Ayaka
“It’s not that i hate NMB. I still have things left undone in AKB48.”

[Declined Transfer] Iwata Karen
“I’ve always liked SKE48’s dynamic performances and even told the theater manager once that i would love to have a concurrent position with them. However, being fully transferred is a problem as:
(1) I don’t want to increase the burden on my family, especially my mom who has been shuttling back and forth between Tokyo and Miyagi to take care of my grandparents and me.
(2) I’ll be entering high school in Spring and just completed the paperwork for enrollment. It’s difficult for me to adjust to transferring schools now.
(3)I want to continue the work i have in Tokyo, which includes visiting the victims of the Tsunami.
When the announcement was made, Jurina and Nakanishi san were the first ones to welcome me, but i was at a loss as there were problems i can’t solve on my own. I thought about this for what seems like 10 years within these 5 days. Although i’ll stay in Team A, pls take care of me too from now.”

[Declined Transfer] Takashima Yurina
“I decided to refuse my transfer to SKE48’s Team KII.
SKE48…the group I’ve been loving since forever and to which I’ve always looked up…
There couldn’t be a chance as big as this, for the current me.

When my name was called for Team KII and I went to sit on the stage’s platform, before anyone else Furukawa-san called out to me, saying: “Yuurin!”
Mizuho-chan kept being next to me the whole time.
Even though the Team was different, Tsuzuki-san and Umemoto-san kindly approached me as well.
I also talked with Churi-san.

I was very confused, but thanks to that I calmed down so much and I was very happy about it.

However, there were huge walls in front of me.
I’m taking about my age and my family.

I’m 16 years old and I’m in my first year of High School.
I’m attenting a full-day school.
Being able to join this school wasn’t easy at all.
Which is why I had no idea what I should’ve done about school…

I talked with my parents, with my manager, with Miss Shinobu.

I kept thinking and thinking, but without reaching any answer, to the point I tried to ask my self how’s that I managed to find resolution to my worries and troubles until then…

A decision so big that I wondered whether it would be okay for it to be taken by a 16 years old girl like me.

Now that I let go myself of the huge chance this transfer was, I want to work hard in AKB48 in order not to leave any regret, such as thinking “I should’ve gone…”.

And about the SKE48 fans
that welcomed me through their comments on Google+,
saying things like:

“Do your best”
and, even more:

“We’ll be waiting for you!”

I was very, very happy. It felt so warm.
Thank you!

Yet, I’m sure there will be people not thinking well of me.
In order for those people to recognize me like “Hey, she’s good!”, I’m going to become 2, 3 times better than I am now!

From now on I’ll be working as part of Team 4, in my beloved AKB48, while keeping to receive motivation by my beloved SKE48.”

[Declined Promotion] Jo Eriko
“I want to work hard as a research student. I will work hard to earn the promotion again. I believe that the chances of promotion is not limited to one. Will continue to mould myself as a research student.”


“The thing about AKB48’s shuffle, i can’t accept it easily,” Matsumura Sayuri (NGK46)
It seems one of the front girls for NGK46 isn’t keen on the idea of SKE48’s ace Matsui Rena joining their group, as she said ” We already have alot of members. Is this because we’re lacking? What does this make of the results we’ve created the past 3 years?Ahh…i must be a nobody in the group then. Matsui san seems to be very troubled by this too, i hope she fits in well though. The members of Nogizaka are all very shy so i’m abit worried.”

Matsumura Sayuri’s comments have since drawn flak from both sides of the fandom, with some calling her stupid/criticising her personality.

On the other hand, despite being worried about her new status, Matsui Rena addressed her new members and fans in a professional manner.

“Nogizaka is a group with their own history and memories. I can’t simply join quickly and expect everyone to take care of me. I will work hard and become a plus factor to the group in order to get everyone’s acknowledgement. I’d be happy if you can tell me things that i can’t do or things strange about me.”


Poor Rena, i think she’s going to be ostracized at this rate. She’s got a mountain to climb but i’m glad Akimoto sensei chose her to do it because there’s so much in store for her if she wins over the Nogizaka fans!