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Maeda Atsuko breaks up with Matsuya Onoe

24 Dec


Maeda Atsuko(24) has ended her relationship with Matsuya Onoe(30).

On the 20th December episode of “Bokura no Jidai”, Maeda Atsuko talked about her marriage goals. “Perhaps i was too desperate to get married at one point in my life. But now i won’t(get married)” she said.

Maeda was first reported to be in a relationship with Kabuki prince Matsuya Onoe in 2013, with talks of marriage along the way.

“Matsuya san introduced Acchan to his fanclub, people around them also gave their blessings. In the spring of 2014, the 2 of them visited a Yakiniku shop managed by one of the fanclub members, and gave their autographs.” – Kabuki insider.

She has also greeted Matsuya’s mother, and their relationship was going smoothly. Around summer of 2015, the gap between them started to widen.

“Acchan is a really systematic(?) girl. She had thoughts of marriage, and got along well with Matsuya san’s mother. She watched his butai 2 or 3 times over and showed up backstage to make her greetings. Matsuya san was also working towards marriage. But at that time, Matsuya san’s career was taking off and he became busier performing Kabuki in other prefectures….

Acchan became more involved with her butai and more serious about improving her acting to stand on stage. So they broke up at the end of June.” – showbiz insider

Matsuya did not show up for Maeda’s butai “Elisabeth”, which ended in June.

“They did not breakup because of disliking each other, so it’s possible to reconcile. It seems like they go out for meals after that too…Matsuya is only 30, so this is a time where he has to study hard if he wants to become a successful Kabuki actor. For Acchan, it’s been 3 years since she graduated from AKB48 so it’s crucial for her to progress as an actress.” says above insider.


The problems brewing behind Maeda Atsuko’s relationship

22 Jun

With the recent expose on Onoe Matsuya’s fling with a woman 11 years older than him, attention has now turned onto how Maeda Atsuko will deal with her boyfriend’s infidelity.

Maeda Atsuko had started this relationship with marriage in mind. In return, she had expected Onoe Matsuya to be serious about it too.

A person who knows both of them said: “She’s really not the type to play around. She introduced Onoe to her mother and even met up with Onoe’s mother. In this day and age, few people expect acknowledgement from their partner’s parents. So Onoe told his friends that she’s ‘重い’.” (I don’t know how to translate this, but it means the girl is too serious and stressful.)

The 2 often date indoors, and this eventually led to cohabiting. However, this also means that they can see each other’s faults and arguments. A showbiz staff claims that Maeda had declared to her male actor friends that she wouldn’t cheat, and even reports her dinner plans with male friends to Onoe. In return, she also expects Onoe to do the same, and when he’s being evasive, she would question him further.

This staff also claims that Maeda had shown a violent side before. “Rumours of them breaking up started in March. She was in the resting room backstage sending mails to Onoe. After seeing something she disliked, she blew up, picked up a sushi from the table and threw it at the wall. The people around froze..and that’s how they believed her relationship wasn’t going smoothly.”

Now people are worried about Maeda’s mental state after finding out that she’s been cheated on. However, her rival is a successful woman with brains and beauty. What will Acchan do?


Maeda Atsuko talks about getting married,but boyfriend cheats behind her back

20 Jun

Kabuki actor Onoe Matsuya and ex-AKB48 ace Maeda Atsuko’s relationship is full of twists and turns. The two started their relationship in March 2013. In early June 2014, news sources reported about their breakup but soon enough, the two reconciled. However, Onoe Matsuya’s womanizing ways may perhaps be the wake-up call for Maeda to end this relationship.

On 6th June, Maeda Atsuko met up with fellow actors/actresses from drama “Q10” at a Izakaya in Tokyo. These friends were Emoto Tokio,Takahata Mitsuki and Sosuke Ikematsu and they collectively call themselves the “Uglies”. A reporter from Bunshun apparently sat nearby and was able to capture their conversation.

It was Maeda who first revealed that she and Onoe have reconciled, as he told her he still likes her. She had gotten into an argument with Onoe but decided to forgive him after he showed up at her doorstep looking “cute” after catching a cold. She revealed that her relationship with Onoe is pretty smooth now and is even ready for marriage as she likes him alot.

Fast forward to 5 days later.

As if playing with Maeda’s feelings, Onoe Matsuya was captured kissing a woman in her 40s inside a taxi. The woman is later said to be a radio producer and a divorcee with children. Onoe had guested on her radio show in March this year. Before they separated ways, he even asked her when they would meet next. Onoe then headed back to Maeda’s mansion.


Onoe Matsuya issues an apology: “I’m reflecting on my inappropriate actions”

“Regarding the report this time, I’m sorry for causing confusion and worries for fans and related personnel.To have such news reported about me, and for causing such chaos, I’m reflecting on my inappropriate actions. I will not cause such trouble and will concentrate on my work. Please continue to give me your guidance and support.”


Maeda Atsuko and Matsuya Onoe have broken up?

4 Jun

There seems to be some updates on the relationship status of Maeda Atsuko(22) and Matsuya Onoe(29), since news of them dating came out in September 2013.

According to the latest issue of Josei Shukan, the 2 seemed to have parted ways since the end of last year.

“Recently, the 2 of them have not been meeting up. Isn’t it because their relationship is over?” (Kabuki insider)

The management agencies for the 2 had no comments on this matter.

So news crew went to interview Matsuya’s mother, who gave full approval for her son’s relationship with Maeda last year and even said that she wouldn’t mind if her son got married the next day. However, this time round, Matsuya’s mother claims that she did not know if her son broke up with Maeda, and even said that she’d prefer her son to marry past the age of 30.

In another article, it is said that whilst the 2 of them have never commented on their relationship publicly, they seemed to be dating secretly in a mansion. However, over time the relationship dissipated.

“Matsuya is a player. After news broke about his relationship, he was troubled as he had no more excuses for the girls. He had no intentions to get married. But his name was out there already.” (Kabuki insider)

“I heard from people around him that he broke up at the end of last year.  The news of his relationship got too big and Maeda was troubled by it. I don’t know how they communicated after that, but they did not meet subsequently. As they did not admit to the relationship, there is no reason to answer they asked by the media,” said another insider.


Fans express frustration at Maeda Atsuko’s silence on relationship

16 Nov

Maeda Atsuko appeared at a talkshow for the premiere of  “Tamako in Moratorium” on the 12th November and continued to keep mum on her alleged relationship with kabuki prince Matsuya Onoe.

As the talkshow ended, the press started asking “Is your relationship with Matsuya Onoe doing well?”, but Maeda simply walked off with a smile.

A fan of hers who attended the event said “I want to hear the truth. The Acchan from AKB days used to treasure us. I want to believe that it’s all a lie, so i’m hoping she’d at least deny.”


I feel so sorry for this fan…if there’s really nothing, she would have denied it from the beginning. 

The reason why Maeda Atsuko is keeping quiet about her relationship

5 Oct

Maeda Atsuko headed off to the Busan International Film Festival on 3rd October to promote her new movie “Tamako in Moratorium”. However, she did not comment on rumors of her relationship with kabuki actor Matsuya Onoe, which was exposed by the Japanese media 10 days ago.

Someone who claims to know Acchan’s reactions said that she was “happy the secret is now out in the open”. She had told people around her that it would be good if she got married. This made people think that she can’t wait for news of her relationship to be out. Instead of sneaking around, she actually wanted to create an environment where she could date openly.

Up till now, she had avoided the public eye by going on driving dates with Matsuya Onoe,  late night shows in cinemas, or simply going to each other’s house to watch DVDs. This was due to her fear of causing a commotion when seen by the public.

A publisher said that Acchan had met up with Itano Tomomi back in July to play in Tokyo Disneyland. There she confessed to being in a relationship, and talked about hopes of coming to Disneyland with Matsuya Onoe.

On the other hand, Matsuya Onoe has been teased by his playboy friends in the entertainment industry, who thought that Acchan was simply another of his girlfriends. However, he seems determined to prove otherwise now.

If both of them are keen on developing this relationship, it would have been wise to talk about it in her first public appearance since the reports surfaced, but Acchan kept mum all the way.

In fact, before she headed off for Busan from Narita International Airport, she was supposed to meet the press for interviews. However, plans were halted 1hr before the scheduled time, and the press learnt that she had taken off, suggesting her side was keen to avoid/hide something.

A publisher said that Acchan herself was keen to talk about it, but considering she had lots of diehard fans from her AKB era who might not take the news well, her agency is waiting for the right timing to let her comment on it.

Besides, it is understood that there is someone behind the scene who is helping Acchan to deal with all these. The no-show with Japanese media at Narita International Airport was actually devised by this person. At first, Acchan was supposed to arrive at the airport wearing a mask, but as this seemed like she was trying to run away and therefore bad for her image, she was told to wear a cap and smile instead. This person had known about their relationship way earlier, but had kept quiet. He or she probably also knows what Acchan is feeling now.

“Even though Acchan has succeeded as an idol, she does not have much ambitions. She wants to get married and have children by 30. She doesn’t have to be a lead female actress. She wants to act in supporting roles. In other words, she wants to have a long career (even if it means acting in plain roles) and still juggle a love life. ”


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Will Maeda Atsuko successfully marry into the world of Kabuki?

28 Sep

The new-born couple are popular artistes in their own fields. Maeda Atsuko is a former national idol who had her heart broken by ikemen actor Sato Takeru the night she graduated from AKB48. Her partner Onoe Matsuya, dubbed the Prince of Kabuki,is a young man expected to lead the Kabuki world in future.

Ichikawa Ebizo XI, a famous Kabuki actor and heir to the prestigious Ichikawa clan of kabuki actors in Japan, suggested that this relationship is perhaps not a chance for Onoe Matsuya to shine. “Is this ok? His partner is afterall the national idol,” he wrote on his blog.

However, staff for TV stations seem to think that dating a Kabuki actor is actually good for Maeda. “By appearing in NHK’s period drama “Asaki Yumemishi ~Yaoya Oshichi Ibun“, she has actually stepped up her game as an actress, but the ratings for the first episode is only 5.8%. She is still not used to acting in period dramas, but she’ll have more chances to hone her skills by dating Onoe.”

Both Maeda and Onoe will have plenty of merits by dating each other. For Maeda, she will have a chance to marry into the Kabuki world, which is fairly common amongst actresses. Kobayashi Mao was a television announcer and actress before she married Ichikawa Ebizo XI. “Japanese actresses find Kabuki actors appealing. By marrying them, they are assured of a stable life since Kabuki actors earn a stable income, unlike working in the entertainment industry. Also, the status of a traditional arts performer makes them more appealing marriage partners,” a representative from the Kabuki industry said.

So what are the hardships to becoming a Kabuki actor’s wife?

“Firstly, can she withstand being a “temporary” wife? To continue the family lineage, can she work hard until she bears her husband a son? Will she be able to get along well with fellow members of the kabuki world? Is her kimono fashion sense good enough? Is she a person who knows how to say the right words? If she’s of a higher level than the husband in the acting world, can she step back? Can she overlook if her husband cheats on her?” said the representative.

How will the leader of Japan’s pop culture Maeda Atsuko and traditional arts performer Onoe Matsuya overcome their differences and how far can this relationship go?


I thought it was interesting that they are commenting on her marriage prospects when Acchan is only 22 years old and 7 months into her relationship. Anyways, marrying a Kabuki actor sounds like getting locked up in a cage.

If you’re interested in the beginnings of this relationship, pls click here.



Maeda Atsuko is officially dating kabuki actor Matsuya Onoe

27 Sep


On the 24th, it was revealed that former AKB member Maeda Atsuko (22) has been dating Kabuki actor Onoe Matsuya (28) since March this year. The two met through mutual friends, and immediately hit it off due to similar interests in movie and theaters. Even though Acchan had already graduated from AKB48 and was technically free to date, she kept a distance from relationships so as not to disappoint the fans who continue to support her. Knowing this, Onoe Matsuya approached her by calling/mailing her everyday,eventually breaking the ice. It is said that Matsuya’s father died in 2005 but his mother has met Maeda. Maeda has also notified her mother about the relationship to ensure that both families are accepting of the couple.

Other details on Onoe Matsuya – at almost 180cm tall, he comes from the famous kabuki clan “Otowaya” in Japan, and is considered an up-and-coming actor with lots of female fans. It is also said that he was an AKB fan and had even watched their theater performances.