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Matsuzaka Tori talks about his experience with bad women

5 Oct

Matsuzaka Tori appeared at promotions for upcoming Fuji TV drama “Siren” (airing 20th Oct) and talked about episodes with bad women.

“Infront of men they like, they’d gush over small animals or children, but once the guy is gone they’d turn the other way.”

Co-actress Yamaguchi Sayaka questioned the identity of this person but Matsuzaka said “I can’t reveal it but she’s around…”

He also talked about his sister’s advice on women. “My sister has been warning about certain types of women for the past 27 years. If possible, i’d like to stay away them.I’m naive, there might even be times when i’m cheated without realising it.”

For Matsuzaka, this is his first time leading a drama in the prime time slot. Talking about the pressures of Fuji tv ratings, he said with a bitter smile “My manager has been motivating me. Usually, i’m not the type to initiate conversations but this time i gave the staff nicknames and actively engaged in discussions to get the tone of this drama.I trained hard for action scenes so that i won’t need stand-ins.”


Finally a drama lead for Matsuzaka but unfortunately detective dramas are not my cup of tea. 

Celebrities grace the runway for Girls Award 2015 Spring/Summer

30 Apr

Various celebrities showed up at the Girls Award event in Tokyo’s Yoyogi National Stadium yesterday and showed off the latest fashion for this year’s spring/summer collection.

Amongst the celebrities are “Model 5” from Nogizaka46. Each of them are exclusive models for various fashion magazines and together, they look quite formidable.

From Left: Saito Asuka, Nishino Nanase, Shiraishi Mai, Hashimoto Nanami, Matsumura Sayuri

Actor Matsuzaka Tori confesses to being nervous as he does not have much experience with runways.

Actress Ishihara Satomi flashes a smile despite looking tired in this dull-looking coordinate.

Model/Actress Nanao shows off her killer aura and lean legs. *Need to get this skirt for myself*

Nagao Mariya is the only model rep from AKB48 in this simple one piece dress.

Yamamoto Yusuke and Yamamoto Mizuki appear to promote their movie.

Model/Actress Yamada Yu returns to the runway after childbirth with a fierce(and scarily thin) look.

And then of course, we have some live performances from idol groups AKB48, Nogizaka46, AAA, Da-iCE and artistes Itano Tomomi, Lagoon, Ohara Sakurako. Some low quality videos.