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Details for Watanabe Mayu’s new solo single “Deai no Tsuzuki”

20 May

Watanabe Mayu has revealed the jacket covers for her new single “Deai no Tsuzuki” that’s scheduled to hit stores on June 10.

The theme of the jacket covers is “an encounter that happens among passing people”. In the jacket covers, Watanabe encounters just one person among the crowd at an intersection in Shibuya and stares back at him.

The single will be released in 4 different types: Limited Edition A (CD+DVD), Limited Edition B (CD+DVD), Regular Edition (CD-Only), and Complete Production Edition (CD+DVD+Fashion Book). The jacket cover for the Complete Production Edition gives you a sneak peek of the fashion book.


For the music video, it was revealed that it’s going to be filled with Mayu’s running scenes. While it took 12 hours to film the entire music video in Yokohama, 7hours of it was spent entirely on running scenes. The storyline is about her being chased by some evil gang.

Pre-order her solo single here:

Limited Type A

Limited Type B

Limited Type C

Limited Type D

SOLIDEMO members pledge their support for Mayuyu in upcoming Sousenkyo

24 Apr

8-member male group SOLIDEMO promised to support AKB48 Watanabe Mayu in her bid for the 2nd win in AKB48 7th General Elections, during their anniversary live on the 18th April.

On this day, the group sang “Girlfriend“, the song used in Watanabe Mayu’s first leading drama “Tatakau!Shoten Girl”. The members revealed they have all watched the drama, and Sasaki Kazuya(24) shared “To me her image is AKB’s Watanabe san, but as an actress her skills are so good that i was surprised.” Shunei Watanabe(28) added “Watanabe san’s acting energizes me. It seems like she goes to stage plays often. She must be studying acting too.”

When Shunei heard that Watanabe would be bidding for the 2nd win in the upcoming AKB48 General Elections, he said “We will line up and vote for her!”


I don’t know SOLIDEMO at all but hey your song and your pledge has just earned some points from me!

Watanabe Mayu and SOLIDEMO sing for drama “Tatakau!Shoten Girl”

24 Apr

Now if you have watched “Tatakau!Shoten Girl”, you would have heard the clear crisp voice of Watanabe Mayu singing the theme song for this drama. Titled “Deai no Tsuzuki” (Continuation of our Meeting), it is a mature love song that differs from the idol pop Watanabe used to sing.

As the release date for this song is unknown, fans will just have to listen to the rip for now.

Also, checkout the insert song by SOLIDEMO, titled “Girlfriend”. The song was first aired in Episode 1 of “Tatakau!Shoten Girl” and has been receiving good responses since.

The song will be released as the group’s 4th single on 17th June.

Order SOLIDEMO’s 4th single here:




Daito Shunsuke on Watanabe Mayu: “It doesn’t take acting to fall for her”

24 Apr


Fuji TV’s Tuesday drama “Tatakau! Shoten Girl” held its press conference on 6th April and main casts Watanabe Mayu, Daito Shunsuke, Izumi Iamori, Seiichi Tanabe etc turned up to promote the drama.

Daito Shunsuke talked about his first scene with Watanabe Mayu, which was a “fall in love at first sight” setting. “It didn’t take acting, i fell for her straightaway” he said with a smile while Watanabe got embarrassed beside. Daito continued “I entered the studio at 2am on the first day, by the time i left it was already morning. If not for the ‘love at first sight’ scene i might have complained!”

Daito, who professes to be the type of guy who draws sunshine, revealed another episode with Watanabe who is known as the type who draws rain. “I was outside filming with Watanabe san.  In the midst of a battle between sun and rain, suddenly the wind came and blew everything away. At first the equipment was knocked down, then my pocket handkerchief flew off…the filming was stopped that day and somehow without doing anything I went home drenched in the wind,” he laughed. He looks forward to future episodes with ‘rain girl’ Watanabe.


Daito seems like such a perfect guy for Mayuyu….
In another related news, it was revealed that Daito was the one who invented that dokidoki “deko-don” move between Chiba Yudai and Inamori Izumi in Episode 2. This is the move where Chiba Yudai touches his forehead against Inamori Izumi in a bid to check her temperature. A spin-off from the hugely popular “kabe-don” move from last year which saw actors in almost every drama pinning their love interests against walls.

First peek at Watanabe Mayu’s drama debut “Tatakau Shoten Girl”

28 Mar

AKB48 Watanabe Mayu turned 21 a couple days back and apparently the cast of her drama “Tatakau Shoten Girl” were kind enough to celebrate her birthday! Footage of the celebration and sneak peaks of her drama are in the news video above.

In the teaser, you can also hear a snippet of the theme song Watanabe will be singing for this drama, titled “Deai no tsuzuki”. Penned by Akimoto Yasushi, it differs from idol songs that Watanabe used to sing. With love as the theme, it will be a mature song complemented by an upbeat tune, composed by a music student who just graduated in March. His tune was apparently picked from amongst 1000 over entries.

Her song will be released as a single, date to be decided.


Glad Mayuyu moved on from jelly beans and trumpets! As for the drama, i am looking forward to seeing Chiba Yudai, who should be on every girl’s radar since his role in “Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu”.

Watanabe Mayu brings everyone to tears with confession to a fan

26 Sep

In the last episode of AKB48’s variety show “Renai Sousenkyo”, a show where members learn about relationships and take turns to make confessions to fans, Watanabe Mayu took on the challenge of confessing to a fan for the first time in her life.

The lucky fan was a 14-year-old middle school guy(named Kanta) picked from a pool of 3,298 fans who requested to be confessed to by Watanabe. Despite their age gap of 6 years (Watanabe being 20), the confession turned out to be a most touching episode as Watanabe approached the fan with smiles and sincerity. Fellow members Takahashi Minami, Kashiwagi Yukirin and Minegishi Minami were drawn to tears in this finale.

Watch the episode and here’s a summary:

Mayuyu tells everyone not to look forward to her confession as she is totally new to this.


Mayu visits Kanta’s home to find his vast collection of Mayuyu fan goods.


Mayu finds Kanta’s height marking on the wall. The fan’s mother measures her height and marks it on the same wall.


Mayu weaves a good luck charm for Kanta, wishing him luck in his soccer tournaments.


Mayu also signs on Kanta’s desk. “Kanta kun, work hard for your studies and soccer! I’ll be going to meet you now. Mayuyu”


Takamina says she can’t handle the scenes and starts crying, moved by Mayu’s actions for the fan. Soon enough, Minegishi also joins in.


Mayu meets the fan on his way home from school. She throws a soccer ball to him, catching him by surprise.
“I came to meet you because i have something to say. I was watching you while you were practicing sports. I also visited your house, and entered your room. I saw photos of yourself when you were young, and I was able to know you a little bit. I was happy. So the thing i want to say today is… The Kanta who always works hard in soccer, this Kanta…..I like very much!”

Members are moved to tears, especially Takamina.


Mayu puts on the good luck charm for Kanta.
“Also, i brought a present today..misanga! This has your team colors in it. It’s my first time weaving it, so i’m not good. But i was thinking about Kanta while making this, so if you’d wear this..”

“Also, i wrote a letter for you. Pls read it.”
“I’ll be cheering you on for your studies and soccer.”
Mayu leaves with a smile on her face.

Kanta – “Even if the misanga breaks, i will keep it and treasure it as much as my life. I’d give this confession 300 points.”

Watanabe Mayu talks about winning Sousenkyo and “Kokoro no Placard”

19 Aug
In Renai Sousenkyo(weekly AKB variety),you showed off a dark persona which you created?
I thought it would make me more approachable or humane.
In future, are you going to show off different sides of yourself?
Yes, i will create more personas and show it.So you are going to crush your perfect student image?
In a good way, i am defying everyone’s expectations. I am betting on this move hoping that people will enjoy it.

In a previous “Labrador Retriever” interview, you mentioned that only by getting No.1 in Sousenkyo will you then become the true Ace. So you’ve now become the true Ace. Congratulations!
Thanks( weird expression).
How do you feel now?
It was a present from fans, so i felt some confidence.  Somehow, its like i can keep my head high. Feels like i have become a new person.
It feels different from pre-elections?
Yes, there’s a difference.It feels like Mayu san is tougher than before.
No..i’m not there yet. (laughs)

Your hard work has paid off right?
Yes, it feels like finally i am being rewarded. I have wished for this while working hard these 8 years, so it feels good.

When we talk about the AKB Ace, Maeda Atsuko comes to mind. What do you think?
When i think about it now, indeed Maeda san was great. I came to think of that recently when i stood in the same position. It’s something that others won’t understand if not in the same position. It’s difficult to express, but centers need to have a firm resolve.

Once you are at the top, what you are seeking may be different from what others expect. Do you think the road ahead will be tough?
Hmm..Maeda san was a center for so long, i wonder what she was thinking.

Do you want to ask Maeda?
Yes, but…actually talking face-to-face with a senior makes me nervous. I want to ask someday though..

What is your homework for being an ace?
I will work harder without forgetting about the past. I am still inexperienced, so i would like to learn more and grow.

Do you want to win Sousenkyo again next year?
I haven’t thought about next year. I have come this far by aiming higher than where i was standing, so since i have become No.1 the next step will be a straight win. I feel like i have to work hard with this goal in mind.

About AKB48 37th single Kokoro no Placard
“When i first heard the song, i thought it was a slow song. Though Koisuru Fortune Cookie(KFC) was slow as well, Kokoro no Placard was even slower. The lyrics talk about love and describe the feelings of a shy guy. There are parts I can relate to so i think the lyrics are great. I hope those who relate to this guy will support the song.”
About the choreography, she described it as “simpler than KFC”. “You can learn just by modelling after me on TV, so please try it.”