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AKB48 members react to Takamina’s fake scandal on Mecha Iketeru Dokkiri Special!

7 Dec

Takamina enters a meeting room only to be informed that she will be participating in a Dokkiri(prank) special for Mecha x2 Iketeru. The idea is to trick her members into believing she has broken the love ban rule enforced for AKB48 members and will graduate from the group.

A panel of judges will be watching the members from another studio as the scandal is revealed. The member with best reactions and be elected to be the Dokkiri Center. To make things convincing, the production team even created a paparazzi shot of Takamina with comedian Okamura(who is the anchor for this show) to show the members.

The members will be shown this “paparazzi shot”, with a partially visible Takamina face. Okamura’s identity will not be revealed until one week later.

First up is Ikoma Rina and Watanabe Mayu. According to Takamina, as Mayu is the center of AKB48 and shoulders much responsibilities, she might show an irritated face immediately. Both were led into a room with hidden cameras where Shinobu(AKB48 Group General Manager) is waiting to break the news to them.
Shinobu: A certain person’s photo will be published in the weekly tabloid..Takamina.
Mayu’s face turns stiff while Ikoma looks like she wants to cry.

Mayu: The picture was taken with both in the same place?
Shinobu shows them the paparazzi shot.

Mayu analyzes the photo and doesn’t seem like she wants to accept this piece of news.

Mayu: What should we do?

Shinobu: Lets work hard from now..
Ikoma looks silently at Mayu. Mayu nods her head, smiles and leaves the room with Ikoma.
The judges notes that her face basically turned stiff.

Next up are Suda Akari, Matsui Rena, Matsui Jurina and Miyazawa Sae. Takamina comments that Miyazawa is very close to her and they are like comrades so she’d definitely feel shocked/betrayed.

Miyazawa: Is the photo taken recently or something from the past? Does Takamina know?

She bombards Shinobu with a flurry of questions, prompting the judges to guess that she likes scandals and is actually a gossip girl.

Young Jurina asks Shinobu how she should face Takamina. Instead, Shinobu asks them how she should tell the members. Akarin believes everyone wouldn’t think too much about it, as Takamina has done much for the group. Takamina is so touched she starts crying. Miyazawa also launched into a passionate talk, saying it’s a waste for Takamina to be destroyed by a scandal, as the 48 group exists because of Takamina. The judges were so impressed that they started repeating her lines.

As the girls leave the room, one of the judges says he wants to go for a drink with Miyazawa, as she’d probably give him advice on various matters. The caption in above pics describes her as a career woman in her 40s.

Next up is Shimazaki Haruka, Yokoyama Yui and Kawaei Rina. As usual they were shown the paparazzi shot.

Yokoyama questioned if the hooded person is really a guy. She even suspected the hoodie guy to be Miyazawa Sae.

Shimazaki wasn’t very interested in looking at the photo initially, until Shinobu shoved the phone in her direction. After taking a close look, she said “Just say it’s her brother.”

Yokoyama notes that in the photo Takamina and the hoodie guy isn’t even holding hands. Both her and Kawaei started impersonating Takamina’s posture in the photo, prompting Shinobu to say “Are you guys making fun of me?!”

Judges think that this group is enjoying themselves.

Paruru tells Shinobu to ignore it.

Kawaei grows restless and starts unbuttoning her jacket. Her comment “Just live the life you want.”
The judges are impressed with the glamorous phrases this group is coming up with.

Paruru adds the last touch with “I’m totally OK!”

Next up is the next generation aces Kizaki Yuria, Kojima Mako and Kato Rena. Takamina says Yuria is quite a rebel but has her passionate side, so she can’t foresee the reactions from her.

Yuria immediate reacts with a look of irritation. “It’s like…why this timing?”she says.
The judges notes with interest the way she drapes her jacket over her shoulders, like a diva.

Kizaki Yuria: It’s not like she was caught taking drugs.
The judges are amused by her level of analysis.

Kojima Mako: Well i’m fine with it.She’s been leading us so far. I always hoped that she can find a special someone.

Kizaki Yuria: Well everyone is different. So is Takamina. To have such a thing happen, she has to be prepared for it no matter what.
Judges note that she’s angry and scary, especially with the way she drapes that coat. (LOL)

Next up is these girls. I will just pick a few from them to translate.

Oowada Nana cries upon thinking that AKB48 will disband. She clears her nose heartily without caring about her idol image.

Takahashi Juri gets angry at the tabloid releasing this scandal.

Muto Tomu doesn’t want Takamina to shave her head like what happened in the infamous Miichan scandal.

Kodama Haruka thinks the person who was papp-ed is herself!

It’s now the variety veteran’s turn. They guessed that something’s up as soon as they sat down. When Shinobu broke the news to them, Sashihara didn’t want to see the pic but Kojima Haruna was all up for it.

The conversation quickly switched to girls’ talk as they commented happily on the mysterious guy.
Sashihara: He looks cool! She looks so happy!
Minegishi: She’s showing a woman’s face!

Shinobu says there might be more photos being leaked.
Sashihara the scandal veteran says with confidence, “There will be.”
Minegishi: Since she’s the general manager, she’ll feel alot of responsibility.
Sashihara looks at Minegishi: We are also very responsible people but we are quite pitiful right?
The judges started chiding them and questioned if they are really reflecting.

The conversation turns serious all of a sudden, making the judges laugh at their indecisiveness.
Minegishi: You become afraid of standing infront of people after a scandal.
Sashihara: The fans are pitiful, but Takamina is a girl so asking her to refrain from love is not right.
Minegishi: We didn’t know anything..but Takamina’s fans are kind right?
Sashihara: I think if he’s not a strange guy…like Johnny’s or SMAP, then *claps furiously*

Kojima Haruna didn’t have much airtime here but she ended the session asking Shinobu to send her the photo. (No doubt so she can spread to everyone!)

Next up is Moriyasu Madoka, Miyawaki Sakura, Shiroma Miru, Yamamoto Sayaka.

Sakura is in great shock and is quite a sight to watch.

Yamamoto Sayaka: She’s the central figure of the group so this is bad.

Madoka reveals that Kojima has been dropping hints in the changing room, saying “Takamina is also a girl.” I also saw some netizens concluding that Kojima is quite a blabbermouth.

Sakura starts crying. What in the world is she thinking?
The judges think they should have aimed the dokkiri only on Sakura alone.

Part 1 of dokkiri ends here. The members will have 1 week to digest this news before Part 2 is executed. How will the members interact with Takamina in the meantime?

One week later…

Takamina confesses the atmosphere has been quite bad the whole week. She had expected Kojima Haruna to talk to her but the members seemed to be used to scandals so they were quite indifferent. Only Miyazawa Sae approached her saying she wanted to talk over a meal.

Part 2 of dokkiri focuses on Okamura revealing himself as the boyfriend. He will pretend to be working next door in the same studio as AKB48, but will drop in on the members to offer his apology.

Takamina makes her entrance after the staff told members that Takamina wanted to apologize to them.

Takamina starts shedding tears as the members watched on with serious faces. Takamina informs them that her scandal partner is also working in the same studio and will be coming in to apologise.

A wave of badly concealed giggles all around as Okamura walked into the studio. Judges shouted at them to stop laughing.

I wonder how Takamina/Okamura can continue acting like this, but Okamura keeps his cool and continues with his speech seriously. The members also turn serious. After a while, staff appears to remind Okamura that he has to continue filming next door.

Takamina/Okamura repeat this with the younger senbatsu members but most of them simply kept a serious face throughout.

The final apology session is aimed at the veteran trio Kojima Haruna, Sashihara Rino and Minegishi Minami.

The trio didn’t want a formal apology and moved their chairs closer to Takamina. Then Takamina starts her tears attack and the trio started listening closely. When Takamina informed them that her boyfriend is someone whom they’re also indebted to, Sashihara started making guesses from T.M Revolution’s Nishikawa to Kinki Kids’ Domoto Tsuyoshi.

Okamura then makes his entrance and of course, the trio started squealing and laughed louder than anyone.
Sashihara: Don’t talk with a sigh!
Minegishi: Why are you here?Why?
Okamura could not continue as the trio shouted “NO!!!”

Kojiharu: Didn’t you always talk badly about us?
Sashihara: You’re kidding. Are you serious?
Okamura: Yes. We have the filming for Mecha Ike and Domoto Kyoudai on the same day. And Takeda kun introduced us….

As the talk goes on, the trio are convinced that this couple is real.

Takamina starts talking at some point. Seeing that she’s crying, Okamura puts a hand on her shoulder.

The trio gets worked up and ask him to stop touching Takamina infront of them. Minegishi ends the talk telling Takamina to at least be cheerful infront of the juniors. She also asked Takamina why her taste in men changed, as she used to look for tall, pretty guys.

Part 3 of the Dokkiri will see the members recording for a fake variety show where members will be asked about their ideal types.

When asked who can accept a man in his 40s, Takamina raised her hands. “I’d feel more settled this way,” she said. Her members were no doubt thinking about Okamura at this point, generating much laughter amongst the judges.

Second question was “What’s your preferred height for men – tall or short?” Of course, Takamina chose short and the members’ faces turned blank once again.

The last question was “Amongst these comedians, who would you choose to spend Christmas Eve with?” You can actually see Okamura getting votes from Kojiharu and Sashihara at this point. But when asked why, there was a moment of awkward silence.

Sashihara even gave a very weird explanation “Rather than a positive person, someone who’s slightly negative is good.”

Takamina expressed her love of Okamura with “I think i’ll be able to laugh daily because of him. I like being supported like that.”

The corner ended with AKB staff stopping the recording suddenly.

Part 4 of the Dokkiri(also the final part) takes place on the 8th day where the members have to attend a fake press conference announcing their movie release.

150 odd press members(fake) were invited to the press conference to make things convincing.

As Watanabe Mayu stepped up to introduce the movie, Takamina barged into the press conference hall and took over the microphone from the MC.

“Sorry for the intrusion. I am AKB48 Group General Manager Takahashi Minami.I was not supposed to be here, but i came to tell everyone something. I, Takahashi Minami, will graduate from AKB48.

I’m supposed to lead everyone, but i’ve caused everyone trouble through my actions.Even if i am not here, there is future for the group.

I hope everyone can protect AKB48. I hope the members can grab the chance to shine. I think Sakura is grabbing that chance now. Because of your nervousness, there are times when your weaknesses show on stage. But if you continue to keep being professional, you’ll be fine.

Mayuyu is a 100/100 idol. However, I hope you can depend more on your members.

Sayanee is too great. You can do anything. I really respect you even if you’re my junior.

Sashihara, i have nothing to say. I’m kidding. I think i talk to you the most about work. Even though we’re not in the same generation, i think of you as my comrade.Please work hard.

Miichan and NyanNyan, i have nothing to say to you. My only regret is not being able to see you graduate.

I didn’t think i’d be saying goodbye in this manner.”

The reporters then flocked in to question Takamina. “Do you think you’re taking responsiblity by graduating?”

“No, I’m really sorry!”

Takamina grabs the wig off her head only to reveal her shaved(fake) head!

All the members could not hide the shock from their faces.

At this point, Okamura also barged into the press conference to stand alongside Takamina.
“I, Okamura, will marry Takahashi….NOT!”

The last of this dokkiri ends with the members being thrown backwards into a pool of styrofoam.

The judges make their appearance to reveal the truth about this dokkiri. They also cast the last votes to choose the Dokkiri Center.

Here is the chosen Dokkiri 7:

7. Kizaki Yuria(3 votes)
The only one who got angry because of the scandal.
Staff comments: Isn’t she prepared to face up to her own scandal too? (Referring to Yuria’s talk about everyone needing to face up to their actions.)
Yuria: I really hate scandarals. (Unfortunately, she’s quite an airhead and pronounced it wrongly.)

6. Minegishi Minami(6 votes)
Her comments brought on quite abit of variety impact.
“In the past you liked tall and pretty guys, but in the end you settle with this type..”
Okamura: I was pretty hurt by it.

5. Owada Nana (8 votes)
Her tears made the judges want to tell her the truth immediately.

4. Nakano Ikumi (9 votes)
Her innocent reaction towards the end made a deep impression on the judges so her votes skyrocketed.

3. Miyazawa Sae(10 votes)
Her gossipy character amidst being worried about Takamina made a deep impression.
Judges: Your nickname amongst us is gossip girl. You really like scandals right?
Miyazawa: No!!
Judges: You have a NG word (name of a certain tabloid) which was repeatedly brought up for 24 times. But we will delete all of it during editing. You were also the only one who expressed concern for Takamina during this week. That’s really kind.
Another Judge: But is that kindness or you wanting some gossip?!

2. Miyawaki Sakura(12 votes)
Her open mouth throughout the dokkiri made an impression. But there was something which put her in a negative light.
Judge: Your tears made us think that you were a good girl. We thought you were crying because of Takamina. But we heard that you were crying as you asked the staff “Will the single i center be cancelled?”
Others: That’s scary! Shock!
Sakura: I heard that the news will be out on the release date of the single. I was thinking..if the sales drop, will it become my fault?

1. Takahashi Minami (no votes announced)
Okamura: Your acting was superb. How many times did you cover for me? If not for you, how much of a failure will this be? When i revealed myself, think of how the members laughed! I thought i couldn’t do this project anymore! Indeed, it’s because of your tears that i was able to get around it.Shouldn’t we give her the lead actress award?

Takamina: Are you pranking me? This is my first No.1! But really, i thought it was really tough at one point!
Okabe: She was rehearsing initially and she cried….saying her members are pitiful.
Takamina: I’m sorry!

And this wraps up the episode! I didn’t find this as funny as the previous collaborations but definitely interesting since we get to discover new sides to the members. For example, Miyazawa is surprisingly dependable. From her talk, i can tell that she’s the kind who will offer a good listening ear. If not for her age, i think she’d be perfect as the next General Manager. Kojimako is such a sweet girl, saying she’s always wished for Takamina’s happiness. Sakura strikes me as selfish what with her concerns about people blaming her in case the CD sales drop. Yuria..i have mixed thoughts about her. She seems like a girl with the right values and all but rather unapproachable.

[Updated]AKB48 Takamina and Comedian Okamura in a relationship! Will this spell the end for AKB48?

5 Dec

A photo of Comedian Okamura(44) and captain of AKB48 Takahashi Minami(23) on an intimate date has been published exclusively by Sankei Sports.

Takahashi Minami(23) is the member who holds the most important position of “General Manager” in AKB48. The idol group members observe a love ban rule which will only be lifted once they graduate or resign from the group. This photo, if proven to be true, will no doubt have a big impact. On the other side, for Okamura who has been free of scandals the past year, this is definitely something new.

In the photo, Takahashi was captured hanging on to Okamura’s arms as they walked through a carpark. Even though Okamura was wearing a hoodie and Takahashi had a mask on, it was possible to identify their faces. Okamura stands at 1.56m tall whereas Takahashi is 1.48m tall. Is this the birth of the small couple?

When contacted, both their agencies refused to comment. According to insiders, the truth will be revealed on the Dec 6 episode of “Mecha x2 Iketeru!Special Version”.



I didn’t want to spoil things for everyone but i guess alot of people already know about this dokkiri special. Mecha x2 Iketeru is a variety show with no fixed format. In the past, they have collaborated with AKB48 on several occasions. One episode tested the members’ wits and Kawaei Rina shot to stardom for being the dumbest member. Another episode showed the comedians(anchors of the show) trying to transform Shimazaki Haruka into a friendly idol. The most recent one was a Oshima Yuko graduation special, where she took on different genres of variety for the last time.

This time, Takahashi Minami was chosen as the protagonist. She has to lead her members into thinking that she has broken the love ban rule and so AKB48 has to disband. To make things more convincing, a fake paparazzi shot was shown to the members by Shinobu, the AKB48 Group General Manager. In the preview clip, Takahashi was also seen barging into a press conference, possibly to address her scandal to the 100 odd press. How will the members react? Who will be become the Reaction Center?

Takamina opens the door and sees the gagmen of Mecha Ike in the room. The gagmen try to invite her in. Knowing something is up, Takamina tries to reject.
Takamina: Is this spot really for me?
Gagmen: Yes, pls sit down. You’re the General Manager right? Last week, we spoke with Akimoto sensei. In summary, General Manager will graduate from AKB48.
Takamina: Heh?!No no no..that’s something i decide for myself.
Gagmen: We are sorry, but General Manager will graduate. AKB48 will disband.
-Fast forward to the end-
Takamina: So AKB48 ends in this way?
Gagmen: That’s right, AKB48 will end this way.

Episode goes live on these streaming sites at 7pm Japan time later today.


There is also a pre-show special at 10.45am Japan time, happening in a few hours.

(Credits to AKB48 Taiwan Fan Club)

What a great Saturday!


Oshima Yuko Graduation Special on Mecha Mecha Iketeru

23 Apr

“Mecha Mecha Iketeru” is a variety show which played a big role in propelling AKB48 members Kawaei Rina and Shimazaki Haruka to stardom. The concept of this show changes according to the characteristics their guests, and this time round, they’ve invited Oshima Yuko to do a graduation special.

I’ve always found Mecha Mecha Iketeru to be unpredictable, so no doubt this is going to be one great episode.

So the show starts off with Oshima Yuko meeting up with comedian combi Yabe and Okamura. They decide to take her on a 2D1N trip to “celebrate” her graduation. In the bus, Okamura asks her if she’d be all high and mighty after becoming an actress, which she obviously denied. Yabe asks if she’d do anything and everything if she was invited to “Mecha Mecha Iketeru”, which Yuko agreed to without hesitation. Unfortunately she did not sense the evil intentions behind the giggles of the comedians.The bus takes them to their first drop-off point named “Water Tank”. A few minutes later, the scene changes to Yuko walking in unwillingly in swimwear. The MCs announced that she’d be challenging herself to a diving game which requires her to navigate a maze underwater to retrieve various items. Yuko asked why she had to do it, and Okamura said “Don’t you know Amachan?”(a hit drama series in 2013 based on a female diver.) “Don’t you want to appear in Season 2? You might have a chance you know?” Yuko had no choice but to agree…


Unfortunately it was pretty hard for her to continue holding her breath while maneuvering the maze, so it took a few tries before she was able to succeed. The difficulty of her challenge was increased later as they switched the fish to a bowling ball. By this time Yuko was already too tired to succeed so the comedians brought in Minegishi Minami to cheer her up.  Without a word, she burst into a dance version of Ayame Gouriki’s “Tomodachi Yori Daiji na Hito”, which she has been getting popular for over the past year. Yuko was considerably energized and even joined in the dance. After that, Yuko returned to her challenge. She was unable to lift the dumb-bells from the water so Miichan climbed up the water tank to dance for her again. Unfortunately, she did not realise she was stepping on styrofoam floorboards, so she broke through the floorboards and fell into the water. Since the tank was destroyed, they decided to abandon this game.


In the bus, they asked Yuko about her acting experience in “Ando Lloyd ” with Kimura Takuya. Yuko said she admires Kimura for taking on such a difficult character so the comedians asked if she would like to become an “Ando Lloyd”(a robot). By know Yuko knew what she was getting into but had no choice but to say yes. She was brought into a room to watch 2 comedians acting out the role of a elderly man and his robot girlfriend. The elderly man tries to persuade his robot girlfriend to go to the hotsprings with him, but the only words which the robot girlfriend can say is “Dame yo! Dame Dame!”(which means no). Eventually the robot girlfriend goes haywire. Yuko was informed that she’d need to act out the same role as the robot girlfriend. Unglamorous yes but Yuko did it all the way. In the end she got so into the role that she competed with the comedian to see who is better at going haywire.

In the 3rd segment, Yuko was tasked to buy crepes in public dressed in her robot costume. She found it very embarrassing but had no choice. Suddenly, this comedian(i suppose) who won the title of “dumbest member” in an academic test on a previous episode of Mecha Mecha Iketeru, appeared and started laughing at her, taking photos of her and sending it to Okamura. Kawaei Rina, who was also crowned the “dumbest center” in another episode, appeared too and both took great delight in ridiculing Yuko’s looks. Kawaei even tried to send a picture of Yuko to Akimoto Yasushi. Yuko then returned to the bus, only to find it driving away without her. She was forced to run after the bus with a handful of crepes in her arms, terrorizing strangers along the way with her zombie makeup.

The night is about to come to an end. Yuko and the comedians were asked to alight from the bus and take a taxi to a nearby hotel instead. In the taxi, Yuko talked about a time when she wondered if it was right to pursue a singing and acting career at the same time. Akimoto Yasushi gave her a piece of advice – between the tough and easy road (to success), she should choose the tough one. At this point, the taxi driver suddenly asked “Excuse me, there is a tough road and a easy road ahead, which one will you choose?” I think you guys know which she was forced to choose now. Yuko was taken on the most terrifying ride of her life, which caused her to break into tears. Okamura commented “That was definitely a tough road!”.


Next morning, the comedians decided to enter Yuko’s hotel room secretly and film her while she was still sleeping. They invited Kentaro, Yuko’s fan to join in. Kentaro is quite funny because he admitted that he had actually switched oshimen to Yuko after Shinoda Mariko graduated. Yuko was then woken by the smell of Kawaei Rina’s shoes…ewww. She was quite shocked to find a stranger (Kentaro) in her room, but after finding out then he was a fan who had never been to handshake sessions, decided to fulfill his wish.

On the way to breakfast, Yuko looked out the window to find Watanabe Mayu and Kato Koji(another comedian) involved in a brawl. (This segment is another followup to the long-running “feud” between Kato and Mayuyu, which started when Kato kicked Mayuyu in the head while filming for another variety show.) Turns out they were arguing over whether to serve Yuko a western or Japanese breakfast. Whilst arguing, Kato also made digs at Mayuyu’s idol image, accusing her of having a ugly face in the morning, and spending too much time in the toilet. Mayuyu went ballistic upon hearing these and started sending invisible attacks to Kato. Yuko approached the 2 to stop them, but Mayuyu caught her by the head and pushed her face into a cake. They finally managed to stop violent Mayuyu after showing her a pic of cute babies.

Back in the bus, Yuko decided to give up on breakfast and requested to remove the cream from her face. Her wish was granted as her bus seat suddenly tipped backwards, into a pool of water. The expression on her face was priceless! I truly believe she didn’t expect that coming. Whats worse, she was made to promote herself as an actress later, looking all wet and messed up.


The bus reaches National Olympic Stadium, where Yuko was to hold her graduation concert. Here Yuko is welcomed by the rest of AKB48 members. Team K also showed up to express thanks to their leader. I will just translate the most touching part here.

Kobayashi Kana: I came into AKB48 in the same generation as you. I was also once the center before you took the position away from me. The fans and staff talked about us and thought we were on bad terms. Last year’s October, i called you for the first time. I thought you looked depressed. “How did you know?” you asked. Of cos i knew. My eyes have followed you more than others ever since my position was taken by you. That was the first time you talked about graduating. At the end of the call, you said you were worried about Team K. You said sorry and told me to work hard.I thought it was very like you to worry about others. But the one suffering is actually Yuko. People may think i have lost to you. But while you were working on your movies and dramas, i stood on stage and danced and sang more than others. I will not lose to you. So leave the rest to me. Look forward and realise your dreams.

Yuko: I think you guys will really work hard without me. Thank you for creating this opporunity for me!

AKB48 compete to determine the dumbest member,Kawaei Rina becomes “Baka Center”!

25 Apr

This is the best episode i’ve seen so far, full of fun and laughter!

In this episode of “Mecha-Mecha Iketeru!”, the members of AKB48 take academic tests in Japanese language, Maths, Social Studies, Science and English to determine the dumbest member. A total of 15 members including Kintaro(there to act as Acchan), Yamamoto Sayaka(NMB48), Sashihara Rino(HKT48),and even  Minegishi Minami took part.

The scores for the individual tests were summed up and members were ranked to determine the baka center. Results as follows:

1. Iriyama Anna (422)
2. Oshima Yuko(412)  <<She’s such an all-rounder!
3. Kintaro (390)
4. Kitahara Rie (368)
5. Yamamoto Sayaka (365)
6. Watanabe Mayu (360)
7. Itano Tomomi (341)
8. Shinoda Mariko (325)
9. Kashiwagi Yuki (323)
10. Sashihara Rino (293)
11. Minegishi Minami (288)
12. Shimazaki Haruka (278)
13. Kojima Haruna (261)
14. Takahashi Minami (259)
15. Kawaei Rina (239)

Summary of fun facts:

– Sasshi complained through her answers that commuting from Hakata to Tokyo is very troublesome. MC pointed out to her that it was her fault for getting exiled(referring to her scandal), and she apologised for it.

– Oshima Yuko wrote a very difficult Kanji for one of her answers when she could have written in Hiragana, and was singled out for trying to show off. MC deducted points from her because he wasn’t happy with it.

– Miichan tried to point out that Iriyama Anna was trying to show off as well, but was shot down by the MC, telling her to think about her position before accusing others.

– Kintaro won Yuko in the Maths segment and did a victorious “Flying Get” around her. She later learnt that Iriyama Anna was actually the overall winner with 98/100.

– Kojima Haruna showed her surprising maths solving skills with question “99+98+97+96+95+4+3+2+1=?”. She paired up the “99,1”, “98,2”  etc to form the hundreds. But in a twist, she forgot about “95” which had no corresponding “5” to pair with and ended up with the answer of 400. I don’t know if she’s a true airhead or what, but she continued to ask where “5” disappeared to.

– Miichan was asked to draw an outline of a flattened-down pyramid, but MC was shocked to discover she had actually drawn the outline of a milk carton. She was thought to be a genius and gifted some airtime to do a victorious “Flying Get” dance, which she did with overflowing fervor. MCs asked if she’s repenting for her scandal.

– Iriyama Anna kept getting singled out for her correct answers. MC said her future will be better off without AKB.

– Paruru gave a dreary answer to a maths question which asked how many people will appear at a handshake session after 48mins. She wrote 48 people, which is like 1 pax/min. Her answer was characterized as salty, which she is well-known for. Yabe san, one of the MCs who worked with her on a previous episode and took a liking to her, kept praising her for being cute.

– Tomochin and Kintaro san had an ongoing battle throughout the episode. Whenever Kintaro impersonates Acchan, Tomochin put on a poker face to show her disinterest. Tomochin simply ignored Kintaro despite Kintaro’s pleas to be acknowledged. After the show, Tomochin was criticized for having an attitude problem, but most people do realize that she was just acting out a script for variety’s sake. She clarified on Twitter that she actually likes Kintaro.

– Sasshi gave an incredibly dumb name to a church in Spain – Howl’s Moving Castle(famous anime). MC thought she intentionally wrote it as joke, which she got angry at and denied. The other members tried to calm her down as stared defiantly at the MC. MC fired back with “Do you think you can still look down at people when you’ve already been transferred to HKT? Do you think the world has forgiven you?” Sasshi eventually backed down and said sorry.

– Yuko showed her incredible analytic skills when asked what “Al-hara” means. In recent years, there have been words like “sexual harassment  and “power harassment” which she deduced is where “al-hara” came from. She guessed it to be “alcohol harassment”, which means forcing alcohol on people. Mayuyu, Paruru and Kawaei however, innocently linked it to Alpaca, which is similar in terms of pronunciation. Realizing that Alpacas are popular amongst AKB, the MC brought in a real Alpaca for the members to touch.

– Kintaro, who topped the members in English, did her victorious version of “Flying Get” around Yuko. Yuko had the chance to return the dance when she topped Kintaro in Japanese language and later in the overall scoring.

– When asked to translate “George’s bag is heavier than mine”, Kawaei wrote it is “this bag is mine”. Mayuyu wrote “George’s bag belong to everyone so it is mine”. Kojiharu wrote “there is a small *name of drug* in George’s bag”, which prompted MC to say that it is illegal to own drugs.

– When asked to translate “haste makes waste”, Takamina wrote “Facing the west, putting on makeup and eating pasta”. Kawaei wrote “Hastel and Wastel became good friends”, which was inspired from fable story Hansel and Gretel. The MCs were seen shaking their heads and asking what kinda place Kawaei grew up in.

– When asked to translate “Once upon a time, there was an old man and woman”, Paruru wrote “this old man is one step slower”. Yabe san who had been on her side all these while said he had reached his limit covering for her.

– When asked to translate “I wanted to see you”, Kojiharu wrote “You, tank you”. Kawaei simply converted japanese into romanji and wrote “Aitakaata she and he”. Her results were so bad she eventually won the baka center position. She had the honour of being put on a puppet stick with her new friends Hastel and Wastel to perform “Flying Get”.


Update: The 7 members with the lowest score have formed a unit and will be singing a song specially written for them by Akimoto Yasushi. The song titled “Haste to Waste”, will be featured as a coupling song in AKB48’s 31st single “Sayonara Crawl”. You can watch a live performance of this song here.