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[Updated]Janken Queen Fujita Nana releases debut single “Migiashi Evidence”

26 Dec

Full PV

The title of her debut single is “Migiashi Evidence” – “Right Leg’s Evidence”.

The song, as Fujita Nana described herself, has the themes of sporty and sexy. It is a dance tune which showcases her performance abilities. Takahashi Minami and Miyazawa Sae apparently sent her messages of support, saying it was “great”.

As part of her costume, she wears a garter belt on her right thigh. “This is a song which promotes the right leg. The dance also highlights the right light, do lookout for it,” she appealed.

Fujita hopes her debut single will sell 20,000 copies.

MV looks cool, i’m glad she was given a generous budget for her debut. Also, beautiful jacket cover!

Purchase her debut single below: