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Kasai Tomomi performs 2nd solo single “Mine”!

20 May

Despite graduating AKB48 with a scandal on her tails, Kasai Tomomi continues promoting her 2nd solo single like nothing happened. Scandal aside, i must say that this song is better than her debut single “Masaka”. Written by Akimoto Yasushi, it is a light hearted love song that suits Kasai’s sweet image. It’s hard to explain why this song is better than “Masaka”. Maybe it’s the tune?  I find myself replaying the song without getting tired of it. Or it could be the way she sings? She clearly enjoys singing and seems to be radiating happiness. Graduating to go solo is probably the best decision she made.


If you’re interested in getting her single, click on the pics below!

Mine / Tomomi Kasai Type A (CD+DVD)

Mine / Tomomi Kasai Type B (CD+DVD)

Mine / Tomomi Kasai Type C (CD)