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Takahiro reunites with Miranda Kerr for Samantha Thavasa/Kingz CM

22 Aug

EXILE’s Takahiro(29) appeared at a press event on 21st Aug to promote his new CM with Miranda Kerr. Takahiro first worked with Miranda Kerr in this series of CMs, so this makes it their 2nd collaboration.

The 2nd collaboration was filmed in New York, and Takahiro described his scenes as one where he wanted to hug a beautiful lady crazily(?).

As the theme for this CM was ‘reunited’, Takahiro was asked about past loves. “When i was in elementary school, i dated my first love for quite a long time. When she moved away i wrote her a letter asking her to take care, on KeroKeroKeropi paper.”

After that, they were reunited through mutual friends. However, they had lost mutual affections for each other.

When asked about his ideal date plan, he said “It doesn’t have to be special as long as we spend fruitful time together. Compared to crowded restaurants, i prefer izakayas where the atmosphere is relaxed. It’s fine as long as the 2 of us have similar interests.”


I wonder how many people are interested in him/tomochin’s story?

Takahiro gives Miranda Kerr a backhug for Samantha Kingz CM

25 Mar

EXILE’s vocalist Takahiro is now the face for what seems to be a new line of bags from Samantha Thavasa, “Samantha Kingz”. The CMs started airing 17 February 2014, whilst the background song by Takahiro “Love Story” was released on 5th March 2014.

For the CM filmed in Los Angeles, Takahiro drops his bag carelessly and as corny as it may sound, finds a love interest in Miranda who happens to pick up his bag. In another scene, Takahiro comes up from behind Miranda and gives her a backhug whilst she was waits for him to appear.

During a press event to promote the brand, Takahiro gushed about Miranda, describing her as “charismatic, charming and pure”.

On the backhug scene, Takahiro said he couldn’t believe he was given such a chance since he was a fan of Miranda, but she smelled really nice. He also revealed their private conversation, which was centered on Japanese culture and places of interest.

Towards the end of the event, a video message from Miranda was unveiled, where she invited Takahiro to a dinner-karaoke date.