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Compilation of SKE48 12th single “Uzukushii Inazuma” performances

18 Aug

I haven’t done a proper review of SKE48’s new song so here it is.

Major Upgrade
Following the wild and sexy preview from their MV, we finally got to see the song performed live on Japan’s music shows. I would say this song is a major upgrade from their previous singles because of the fierce dance choreography. I always enjoy watching SKE48’s dances – full of energy and precision. Thankfully, their management decided to take advantage of this strength so we can see what SKE48 is all about.

Power combo Jurina-Rena
Aside from the dance, i’m finding the Jurina-Rena(JR) combo particularly eye-catching this time. In one of the performances, Jurina was absent and Yuria paired with Rena to center the song. I was kinda disappointed because Yuria has the “cute” look and was unable to give off a fierce gaze, so my attention was on Rena the whole time. When Jurina came back, the whole perf became more enjoyable to watch, particularly the interplay part in the middle where JR exchanged solo lines. So the question is, can SKE48 do without any of these pillars? I really doubt so. In the past, Takayanagi Akane used to sub for Jurina when she couldn’t perform and she really did a good job. But times have changed and management’s focus seem to be on the younger generation now.

Rise of the next-generation aces
After the mass graduation of 10 members this year, including senbatsu members Hata Sawako, Ogiso Shiori and Yagami Kumi, the management seems to be pushing the younger generation now. Looking at the lineup in these performances, the next generation aces seem to be Kimoto Kanon, Kizaki Yuria, Furuhata Nao and of cos Oba Mina(AKB48). Poor Akane has to give up her 3rd spot to someone else who can’t perform as well as her!

Music Fair (live singing)

Music Dragon (Yuria and Manatsu as centers)


The Music Day Ongaku no Chikara

Hey!Hey!Hey! Comeback Special

Ongaku no Hi


Looking to purchase SKE48’s new single? Check out the different versions below.

Itano Tomomi compilation of “1%” performances

12 Jun


Itano Tomomi is releasing her 4th solo single “1%”  today and she’s starting to promote the song on TV.
For this comeback, she’s returning to her roots as a dancer by choosing a mid-tempo dance number.
Check out the catchy tune and choreography below.

To be updated..


Itano Tomomi’s 4th solo single “1%” will be released for sale today.
If you’re interested in purchasing her single “1%”, click on the pictures below.

1% / Tomomi Itano Type A(CD+DVD)

1% / Tomomi Itano Type B(CD+DVD)

1% / Tomomi Itano Regular (CD)

Collection of Sayonara Crawl performances

26 May


With Abe Maria, Iriyama Anna, Miyazawa Sae, Kawaei Rina

Music Japan

With Kato Rena, Kawaei Rina, Kitahara Rie, Iriyama Anna

Music Dragon

With Miyazawa Sae, Kitahara Rie, Kawaei Rina, Kato Rena, Abe Maria, Nagao Mariya



Ichiban Song Show

With Miyazawa Sae, Kitahara Rie, Kawaei Rina, Kato Rena, Abe Maria, Nagao Mariya, Fujie Reina, Minegishi Minami(sidelines)

Kayou Kyouku

With Kitahara Rie, Iriyama Anna, Watanabe Miyuki, Yamamoto Sayaka


If you are interested in purchasing the elections single “Sayonara Crawl”, click on the pics below to purchase!

Sayonara Crawl / AKB48 (Type A, CD+DVD, Voting Ticket)

Sayonara Crawl / AKB48 (Type K, CD+DVD. Voting Ticket)

Sayonara Crawl / AKB48 (Type B, CD+DVD, Voting Ticket)

Yamapi’s collection of “Que Sera Sera” perfs

24 Mar

Shounen Club


Happy Music

Music Japan

HKT48 collection of “Suki!Suki!Skip!” performances

24 Mar

Happy Music

Music Japan

So many cute and small-faced girls!

NMB48 performs new track “12月31日” on Music Japan

24 Feb

I seldom mention NMB48 because they don’t stand out among the 48 groups so there’s nothing interesting enough to talk about.
There are generally no cute/pretty girls in their group and the songs they sing are so inconsistent. At one point, they could be singing something fierce like “Junjou U-19” but on other occasions, it would be something slow and boring like “Kitagawa Kenji” or the above. I’m often left wondering what this group is trying to be?

This song they’re singing describes their sadness at not being able to perform at Kouhaku last year. (Kouhaku is a prestigious TV show that Japanese watch on New Year’s eve every year.) Artistes who are invited to Kouhaku must have achieved stellar results over the past few years. So i’m quite surprised that NMB48 are already thinking they’re good enough for it because they certainly have a LONG WAY to go! Well, pls treat this song as a PR stunt from their management to get them a spot in this year’s Kouhaku. Instead of using cheap tricks like this, i hope they work harder like the rest of the 48 groups before they dream of rising to the top.

Itano Tomomi’s graduation talk and “So Long” performance on Music Japan

18 Feb

The center of today’s interview is Itano Tomomi as the members talk about their impressions of Tomochin. Honestly, I’m quite curious about this girl too since she doesn’t talk too much on shows. Below is a rough summary of the interview.

What is one thing you have to say when it comes to Itano?
Yuko: She’s the daughter of a teacher(mum). You would think that a teacher wouldn’t allow her children to dye their hair, but Tomochin is unexpectedly well-mannered and has general knowledge, so you can really call her the daughter of a teacher.
Takamina: She’s aggressive and doesn’t like to lose.
Kojima Haruna: She’s always one step behind the others. There was once i praised her in an interview for a overseas drama, but she only came to know about it one year later.
Mariko: Innocent. (She drew an ugly face of Tomochin as well, which Tomochin jokingly said it was drawn with bad intentions.) There was once i mentioned her in a blog, and she actually sent me a msg to thank me for mentioning her. She’s cute like that.
Shimazaki Haruka: Kind. There was once when she dressed up as a Santa to give me a Christmas present. (At this point, the members declared they didn’t receive any.)

What is one episode you know about her?
Yukirin: She’s unexpectedly a gamer.
Tomochin: Yes, i have to continue playing until i win the enemy.
Mayuyu: She’s good friends with Dale – the chipmunk from Disney. I saw her being very friendly with Dale at the backstage when we were rehearsing for Kouhaku.
Takamina: Yes, she even wore a Mickey t-shirt to the rehearsal.
Tomochin: I thought that Mickey and the rest would be very happy if they see my shirt, but in the end we had to wear costumes to rehearse. =P
Yokoyama Yui: When Tomochin came to Team K, she came to talk to me and i was very happy.
Tomochin: What did i say to you?
Yokoyama Yui:….I can’t remember.(Everyone laughs.) Probably something like “let’s work hard”!

Tomochin ended by saying she’s happy but embarrassed hearing all the comments from her members, to the extent she’s sweating on her seat!

Itano Tomomi takes center position for “Yuhi wo Miteiru ka?”

11 Feb

After the announcing her gradation, Itano Tomomi performs as the center for what could possibly for the 1st time since she joined AKB48 7 years ago. This song, titled “Are you watching the sunset?” was released in 2007 when AKB wasn’t this popular and became the lowest selling single in their history. Despite it’s poor sales, many AKB members have claimed it to be their favorite song and different members take turns to do the opening speech before they start to sing.

What Tomochin said was something like “When will i see the most beautiful sunset in this life? I thought that the sunset i saw the other day was pretty, but I will live tomorrow believing that a more beautiful one will appear.”

She looks positively brighter! Somewhat like the cheerful Acchan during her last days in AKB…
But look at what’s left of the 1st generation members in AKB, sighs.

1st gen