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Arashi, Hey!Say!JUMP, Nogizaka46 perform on Music Station

23 Oct

Hey!Say!JUMP – Kimi Attraction

Arashi – Kokoro no Sora / Nihon Yoitoko Makafushigi (Shonentai cover)
So in the end, Matsujun and Sakurai bowed out of the backflips while the rest proved they’ve still got it. I loved it when Ohno and Nino did the combo flip during opening of the Shonentai song. They look so small and cute! But in the end they look like half the life was drained out of them lol.

Nogizaka46 – Ima, hanashitai dare ka ga iru
I love these costumes they look so pretty!

Arashi to perform first backturns in 14 years

23 Oct

Arashi are set to appear in Music Station later today to promote songs from their latest album “Japonism”. They will be performing “Kokoro no Sora” and a cover of Shounentai’s “Nihon Yoitoko Makafushigi”. The Shounentai song in particular will see all Arashi members challenging backturns for the first time in 14 years.

Amongst the Arashi members, Ohno, Aiba and Nino are known to have succeeded in backturns in other programs, but Sakurai Sho and Matsumoto Jun have openly declared that they are unable to do it.

Fans are now worried about how this will turn out.

“I’m excited about the backturns since its been a long time”
“Definitely going to watch it~”
“I’m more worried rather than happy”
“This sounds dangerous”
“Please don’t force it!”

Nino himself has said in a 2009 interview that he suffers from back pain problems, and fans are hoping he’d not pressure himself into performing it.


Meanwhile the MV for their new song “Kokoro no Sora” from Japonism album.

The last time i saw them doing backturns was …Ohno in a UTABAN episode? Even then he was already complaining he’s too old for it. I hope they use the Juniors for this even though it’d be epic if they can still do it.

[Updated]Performances from Music Station Ultra Fes 2015

24 Sep

Update: Most 48 videos gone but i’ve found alternative sources. Check them out quickly if you haven’t..

This is a special episode to celebrate Music Station’s 30th anniversary. Show was 10hours long and featured many major acts including X Japan, Ayumi Hamasaki, EXILE, 48Group, Johnny’s Family etc.

48/46 Group

Nogizaka46 – Nandome no Aozora ka
Ikuta Erika wows with her piano solo and opera voice. What a talent wasted as an idol!

HKT48 – Melon Juice
SKE48 – Pareo wa Emerald
NMB48 – Nagiichi

AKB48 – Ponytail to Shushu/ Everyday, Kachuusha / Koisuru Fortune Cookie (Kimutaku center)
The biggest winner from this performance is SMAP’s Kimutaku, who was forced into the KFC performance by Sashihara. Despite the annoyance on his face, he performed the full choreography perfectly, impressing netizens with his professionalism.In the end Kimutaku said “Music Station does things like this?”

Other members who attracted most attention tonight…

Many comments from GirlsChannel on Mayuyu’s growing beauty and how she’s shaken off the idol look.

Within 48 fandom, many gushed over cute Paruru’s healthy return to senbatsu. I have to say Paruru’s signature twintails are really cute! Many are calling Payuyu the strongest combi in AKB48.

Johnny’s Family

Johnny’s performances are quite fun this time around as we have live video footage of Arashi from their Miyagi concert, and medleys where the idols are grouped according to their generation. It is quite interesting to see for example, Nishikido Ryo standing next to NEWS, and KAT-TUN performing Real Face with just 4 members. *Heart pinch*

Which Johnny’s generation do you belong to? Mine is Ikemen Generation.

Masahiko Kondo – Gin Gira Gin ni Sarigenaku

Arashi – Hadashi no Mirai/Carnival Night part2/GUTS!

SMAP – Yozora no Mukou /Dear WOMAN / Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana

Boys Generation
Johnny’s WEST – Eejyanaika
A.B.C-Z – Za ABC~5stars~
Sexy Zone – Sexy Zone
Hey!Say!JUMP – Come on a my house

Ikemen Generation
KAT-TUN – Real Face
Kanjank8 –  Zukkoke Otokomichi
NEWS – Chankapana
Tackey & Tsubasa – Venus

Ojisan Generation
Kinki Kids –  Glass no Shounen
V6 – WA ni Natte Odorou
TOKIO – Love you only

LDH Inc.

GENERATIONS – Brave it out
E-girls – Follow me

EXILE – Choo Choo Train/Rising Sun

Sandaime J Soul Brothers – R.Y.U.S.E.I.

Other acts

Fukuyama Masaharu – HELLO / Sakurazaka

Nishino Kana – Darling

Morning Musume ’15 – Love Machine

X Japan – Kurenai / Forever Love
Beautiful performance though i’m not a fan..

L’Arc~en~Ciel – HONEY

Ayumi Hamasaki – A song is born

This week on Music Station: Tackey & Tsubasa forget their lyrics, SMAP, E-girls and more perform

13 Sep

Tackey & Tsubasa – Yamanote sen Uchi mawari ~Ai no meiro~
“Travelling around the Yamanote Line ~Lost in love~” is a story of a guy reminiscing about a past love while travelling along the Yamanote Line(subway). It seems like TakkiTsuba have really lost their way as they struggled to recite the subway station names, a highlight during the chorus. It started with Tsubasa repeating “Osaki” after Takki, and even though Takki ignored it, Tsubasa continued to forget his lyrics. An exasperated Takki went “Ah~~!” and stopped dancing to focus on the lyrics, but Tsubasa totally gave up on the lyrics and continued dancing instead. The irony between these 2….anyways though it was surprising to see them making a mistake, their reactions were kinda cute. During the ending, SMAP’s Shingo teased Tsubasa so much that he shrank into himself.


[Video removed]
E-girls – Dance dance dance
Probably the best song to define E-girls. These girls are really good at dancing and it shows in their powerful moves. In the middle portion where they execute the Michael Jackson moonwalk, the CENTER (whoever she is) just stole all the limelight with her aura. 


SMAP – Ai ga Tomaru Made ha
The guys are winking like crazy in this performance because Music Station did a special corner on the number of winks SMAP members have flashed over the past 24 years. In 1st place is Kimura, followed by Shingo. Nakai has never offered a wink in Music Station’s history.

Performances from Arashi,V6,AKB48 and more on Music Station

29 Aug

I like this song alot because the tune brings back memories from the Love So Sweet days and the lyrics i imagine would hit the heart directly. This is meant to be performed for the bride during a wedding ceremony and apparently that is what Arashi did in their music video.

Translation of lyrics(credit yurikizero):

Now that I think about it, we’ve known each other for a long time
But (today) in the whole world, there isn’t anyone prettier than you

Our long-awaited Madonna is here
(Today) We’ll celebrate with all of our friends from back then

It’s so nostalgic, Baby Suddenly, it’s like we’re still seventeen
Sure enough, you’re a super lady As always, you’re a prize out of our reach

Gotta tell this “I love you” to someone dear to me
You’re an idol even now Everyone loves you
Let’s love each other forever Congratulations
You’ve just gotta become happy, Baby
Shout this love to a wonderful future

You’re so dazzling, it makes me kind of embarrassed
But (today) anyone in the world would fall in love with you

When you sign that certificate,
All the friends here (today) are the witnesses especially for our Madonna

Let’s take some pictures together, Baby All around, there’s love & peace
Let’s talk about our memories The same way we were back then

Gotta say this “I love you” now to our beloved
He’s a perfect match for you We all give up
Receiving so many cheers and love Oh! Everyone applauds
When you say you’re happy, that’s probably when we’ll start crying, Baby
Going to a wonderful future Ring the bells

Gotta tell this “I love you” to someone dear to me
You’re an idol even now Everyone loves you
Let’s love each other forever Congratulations
You’ve just gotta become happy, Baby
Shout this love to a wonderful future

Darling Darling Darling Laugh while crying
Darling Darling Darling Congratulations This is true love
Congratulations It’s our true love

V6 – 2oth Anniversary Special Medley
V6 is making alot of media appearances lately what with promotions for 24hr TV and the release of their new album. Guys are now ojisans(with the exception of Miyake Ken who defies the laws of time) but are continuing to explore new ground in music. The first song “Wait for you” is produced by Lady Gaga herself! For a second, i thought i was listening to One Direction.

Morning Musume ’15 – Oh my wish!
I do not like the electro dance pop that this group likes to release but their dances are always impressive.


AKB48 – Halloween Night
So they decided to up the gimmickry and include magic tricks into their performance. While i fail to understand more and more what is going on with this song,  i did enjoy the magic trick performances. The Sasshi-Takamina trick at the end fails and Takamina had to do a dogeza.


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Crazy Party Night ~Pumpkin no Gyakushu~
Cute dance and crazy visuals which in my opinion is more like Halloween. 




Mitsuki Takahata and Shirota Yu perform duet song from Cinderella movie on Music Station

16 May

This song is the Japanese version of “A Wish Is A Dream Your Heart Makes”, a soundtrack from Disney’s live action movie “Cinderella” released a few months back. Titled “Yume ha Hisoka Ni”, actress Mitsuki Takahata and stage actor Shirota Yu enchanted audiences with a musical style reenactment of scenes from the movie. AKB48 Takahashi Minami in particular was so touched that she declared “After I graduate I want to meet a prince!”

Backup Link without the background comments

Mitsuki:Under this star, the same dream
Shirota: is being shared by someone else. I’ll wait forever.
Mitsuki: Even if I cry, courage should lead the way.
Both: Someday we’ll meet, my Light. Believe in love.

Shirota: Even when I’m alone, i’ll look up at the sky.
Mitsuki: With the same eyes, I’ll look at you like my dream.
Shirota: When I stumble, courage should lead the way.
Both: Someday we’ll meet, My Light. Believe in love.

Shirota: Who are you?
Mitsuki: I’m Cinderella. I have no home, no parents, no inheritance. These beautiful shoes, i don’t know if they will fit me. If they fit, will you accept me for who I am? I love you.
Shirota: Of course, if you accept me for who I am. The me who’s just learning the ropes of my job. Please. (offers glass slippers)


My fangirl kokoro is reacting the same way as Takamina. CLAP CLAP X 100. *Tears*
I’ve never watched a musical in my life but if that’s going to be as magical as this then i need to watch it one day!

Performances from HKT48, Sandaime JSB and more on Music Station

25 Apr

Nakayama Yuma – Yolo Moment
Nice song!!! And for those who don’t know he’s Yamada Nana’s brother..

HKT48 – 12Byou

Momoiro Clover Z – Z no Chikai

Sandaime J Soul Brothers – Storm Riders feat Slash
This group’s single sales is huge…like 460,000 copies for this song. I’d like to get into their music style but it just isn’t my taste.

AKB48,Kumamushi, KAT-TUN and more on Music Station

14 Mar

Opening with Akb48 and Kumamushi performing “Attakain dakara”

Akb48 – Green Flash

Flower – Shiroyuki Hime

Kumamushi – Attakain Dakara

Kat-tun – Kiss Kiss Kiss

Chay – Anata ni koi wo shite mimashita

AKB48, Mr Children, Sexy Zone and more on Music Station

21 Nov

Sexy Zone – Kimi ni Hitomebore


AKB48 – Kibouteki Refrain


Mr Children – Melody/Ashiato Be Strong

NMB48, Johnny’s WEST and Ayame Gouriki on Music Station

2 Nov

This week there is some hilarious interactions between NMB48 and Johnny’s WEST, as they talked about recommended ways of making Takoyaki. Maybe it was because of their Kansai roots, both groups (over)reacted to whatever that was being said. Enjoy their hilarious pre-show talk below.

Song performances:

Johnny’s WEST – Special Medley

NMB48 – Rashikunai

Ayama Gouriki