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AKB48, Arashi, Sexy Zone and more on Music Station(26th Sep 2014)

28 Sep

AKB48 – River/Flying Get/ Kokoro no Placard
This week, 5 members cosplay as princes while the rest dress up as princesses! Watanabe Mayu says she likes Takarazuka troupe so she referenced them in this cosplay. Sashihara was asked which “prince” was her type. She said anyone was fine except for Sakura because she remains very feminine. The girls then performed “River”, “Flying Get” and “Kokoro no Placard”.


Arashi – My Girl (Hawaiian version)

Arashi – One Love/A.RA.SHI

This week is Arashi’s 15th debut anniversary and since the guys are in Hawaii for their concert, a special live was streamed from Hawaii. For their first song, the guys pre-recorded an acoustic version of “My Girl” with the sunset beach as their backdrop. For the 2nd song, the guys delivered a live performance of “One Love/A.RA.SHI” from a church setting. Personally, i really liked “My Girl”.


Sexy Zone – Bad Boys/Otoko never give up/
I saw that guy in black and was like “Didn’t i see him in GTO 2?” So i watched their whole performance…felt some shudders with that fan service segment in the middle but this is overall a group with solid singing and entertainment abilities.


Sekai no Owari – Dragon Night

HKT48, Hey!Say!JUMP and GENERATIONS on Music Station

6 Sep

HKT48 – Hikamae I Love You!
First of all, i LIKE this song. The tune reminds me of idol songs from many years ago, like 80s or 90s?  The lyrics describe a shy girl’s heart very well and you can hear alot of rhyming words. Below is a translation of the lyrics:

The scene of you running makes my Heart Beat (Heart Beat)
My eyes follow you and Lock On
The school grounds always gives me a Shutter Chance (*meaning photo taking chance)
The wind is blowing Lonely(Lonely)
There’s still half a year worth of School Days 
There’s nothing written in my rolled up Diary
When it comes to cool guys, there should be others around
But if it’s not you(x2), definitely(x2) it’s impossible

Chorus( x2 times):

I am sorry, liking you one-sidedly, Love you! Love you! (ever so cautiously)
I’ll just watch you from here
I’m satisfied just meeting you
I don’t want to cause any trouble, Love you! Love you! (saying to myself)
Please work hard in your club activities, and don’t notice me!

Performance wise, the choreography is really cute. I guess the biggest gripe most would have is the significance of Kodama Haruka as center, since she didn’t get to stand in the center during important parts of the song and is forced to share the spotlight with Sakura, Sasshi and the new twin combination Nako-Miku. I can go to lengths about this but since i’m not a fan I shall just enjoy their music.


GENERATIONS – Always with you
I looked at this group and recognized a couple of faces from GTO. Gosh after the scandal between GENERATIONS Alan Shirahama and AKB48 Minegishi Minami, you’d think they’d avoid putting AKB48 Kizaki Yuria in a drama with these guys. Anyway the dancer in white shirt and black hair is Alan Shirahama. Sorry for gossiping, but music wise this group is like a weaker version of EXILE.


Hey! Say! JUMP – Weekender / Asu e no Yell
I only watched “Asu e no Yell”. It’s a really nice song, sorta feels like a song for World Cup. The audience were really fired up as well – don’t know if it’s the effect of drama Suikyuu Yankees?

SKE48, Kis-my-ft2 and more on Music Station

8 Aug

SKE48 – Bukiyou Taiyou

Kis-my-ft2 – Another Future

Nishino Kana – Darling

Hata Motohiro – Himawari no Yakusoku

Leo Ieiri – Junjou


AKB48 performs Kokoro no Placard on Music Station and more!

26 Jul

Today’s episode of Music Station was a 3 hour long summer special. Guests on this episode include: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Eight Ranger, Nishino Kana, AKB48, Sayaka Kanda, May J., SMAP, EXILE TRIBE, and BUMP OF CHICKEN.

AKB48 cut:

In this performance, the top3 members hold up signboards with handwritten messages for the fans. To be honest, i had no idea what “Placard” means before this, but now I do.

Watanabe Mayu: “Thanks to everyone’s support I am singing from the center position!! Thank you!”

Mayuyu certainly has some nice drawing skills. That rabbit is so cute!

Sashihara Rino: “Please look out for HKT48 too! I will work hard for the Takigyo!”

(She had previously promised to take a penalty if she was unable to retain her No.1 position in the senbatsu sousenkyo. The penalty she has chosen is to go for Takigyo, which is a form of meditation where one stands under a waterfall and clears his mind of all thoughts.)


Kashiwagi Yuki: “I want to become your No.1 !”

Call it fanservice, but I think Yukirin is sending a message for next year’s elections.

Overall, i think the performance was much more enjoyable thanks to these signboard messages for the fans. It is a new gimmick and certainly a bonus for the top members who can use the chance to promote themselves. I only wish they can ditch those white outfits for something more colorful.

Finally, a bonus shot from Kojiharu’s instagram! The new twin combi NyanParu!

Credit: Kojiharu’s Instagram


Rest of the performances below:

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Fashion Monster / Kira Kira Killer / Family Party

Eight Ranger – ER2 / Zukkoke Otokomichi / T.W.L

Nishino Kana – Darling / Kimi tte


AKB48 – Kokoro no Placard / Koisuru Fortune Cookie

Sayaka Kanda – Yukidaruma Tsukurou / Umarete Hajimete

May J. – Let It Go


SMAP – Top Of The World / Shareotsu / BANG! BANG! Vacance!


BUMP OF CHICKEN – Niji wo Matsu Hito / ray

NMB48’s new song “Ibiza Girl” on Music Station and more!

22 Jun

This week, NMB48 showed up with a new lineup consisting AKB48’s Kashiwagi Yuki, Umeda Ayaka, Fujie Reina and SKE48’s Takayanagi Akane to perform the title track from their new album.

Titled “Ibiza Girl”, it is a typical beach/summer song that we would expect from the 48 group. However, the tune is still very catchy and the choreography has some sexy elements which everyone should look out for!


Oshima Yuko’s last stage on Music Station

22 Mar

In today’s 3-hour special on Music Station, Oshima Yuko performed on stage for the last time. As per previous graduation stages, she sang a medley of songs which she had centered for (“Mae Shika Mukanee” and “Heavy Rotation”), as well as a solo song “Ima Made no Melody” which was specially written for her by Akimoto sensei.

In the solo song, Yuko basically reflects on the journey with her members and concludes that she has done everything under AKB48, with no further regrets. Her last performance stays true to her personality, full of energy and positivity.

Now if you’re asking whether Yuko will continue singing (either as a solo artiste or as part of Not Yet), i can tell you the answer’s a NO, cause she addressed the question in the interview segment.

“I won’t be singing or doing a solo debut. Compared to expressing myself through singing, i want to express myself through acting. I have already done alot of singing through AKB.”

She also talked about when she first thought about graduating.

“When i was 19. I filmed alot of music videos in AKB and found it interesting. So i thought about furthering myself in acting then.”

The MC then commented that she’d have alot of time after she graduates, so Yuko asked the MC what she should learn/experience. The MC said he’d be very free too(as one of the regular programme he hosts is getting cancelled) so Yuko invited him to do something together.

For starters, Yuko revealed that she’d be interested in picking up Japanese traditional dancing/sparring, which would help her in action scenes later. She wants to do something which makes use of the body.

At the end of the show, Fukuyama Masaharu congratulated her and said “Can i call you the phoenix of AKB?”, making everyone laugh. Yuko is well-loved by everyone!

Yuko’s official last day as a member of AKB48 will be on 2nd June, which is the day when a special performance will be held in Akiharaba’s AKB Theater. Till then, she’ll continue to attend handshake events. Her graduation ceremony will be held end of March during the group’s concert in the National Olympic Stadium.

SKE48 performs new single “Mirai to wa?” on Music Station

16 Mar

On the 14th March episode of Music Station, SKE48 appeared to promote their latest single.

Jurina takes center position for the song’s choreography. After seeing the performance, i can’t help but think that Jurina is getting prettier as she turns older! Is it her eyes or her gaze? I have no idea why the management is pushing for Yuria to be the group’s next ace when Jurina is shining so brightly next to her.

Rena has been relegated to the second line, but she still stands out with a new hair color and cute pin-up!

Suda Akari and Takayanagi Akane are getting some well-deserved limelight this time. They were being pushed to the back in previous lineups for some reason, but i’m glad they are returning to the frontlines again. I love the enthusiasm and bright smiles they bring to every performance. Akane is really cute with her Chun Li hairstyle!

And this is a screenshot of Kizaki Yuria in twintails whom i don’t know much about. Someone pls tell me why she’s the group’s next ace?!! But i know she’s transferred to AKB48 so realistically i don’t really care now.

This girl is …..Kimoto Kanon! Such a cutiepie with those dimples.

Alright i shall stop with the screenshots and let you see the video for yourself. Actually i don’t like the song that much. A song that talks about the future is just plain bleh……….i don’t see how a choreography can resonate with something along this theme. Nevertheless, hope their CD sales can keep up this time.


Aces of AKB48 reunite on Music Station, Oshima Yuko complains about Acchan

1 Mar


On the 28th Feb episode of Music Station, Maeda Atsuko made an appearance to promote her new single “Seventh Chord”, together with guests including AKB48. Oshima Yuko was asked about her interaction with Maeda Atsuko.

Yuko mentioned that both mail each other at times and even made a promise to meetup for a meal, but Acchan never contacted her after that. Acchan explained that she was actually expecting Yuko to set up the date, which prompted Takamina to ask “Is everything okay?”

Afterwards, Yuko added that Acchan had gotten her driving license and had promised let Yuko be her first passenger. But 1.5 years later, the promise was still not fulfilled. Turns out that Acchan hasn’t been driving at all since she can’t even park. The others exclaimed, “That’s scary!!”.

The conversation then turned to Kojima Haruna, who tried to lie about going to a Rolling Stones concert with Acchan, but it turns out that they only bumped into each other and had a good time. When asked whether they left the concert together, Kojiharu laughed and said they went separate ways for dinner since both had different preferences.

Matsui Jurina is also on friendly terms with Acchan, it seems, as she revealed Acchan had invited Jurina to her house and even made her breakfast.

After the program ended, Yuko uploaded the 2-shot on her blog with the caption “Getting prettier by the day~!”.

Talk Part

Maeda Atsuko – Seventh Chord

AKB48 – Mae Shika Mukanee


Arashi, HKT48 perform new songs on Music Station

18 Feb

HKT48 – Sakura Minna de Tabeta

This song features 3rd generation HKT48 members Tanaka Miku and Yabuki Nako, both only 12 years old and probably still in elementary school. The centers are again Tashima Mero and Tomonaga Mio. You can really see the age gap between Sashihara Rino and the rest once they add in the 12 year old girls….

Anyway, there are rumors of management bringing Sashihara Rino back to AKB48 in the upcoming 48-group grand shuffle. I hope that’s not true!!!!

Arashi – Bittersweet

The choreography for this theme song of Matsujun’s new drama “Shitsuren Chocolatier” was done entirely by Ohno Satoshi. He also said that he’s been crafting it since the start of the year. I really like his choreography as it’s not just standing around and dancing…there are parts where they sit outside a cafe and dance. Overall its fun and i can really appreciate it.

AKB48 perform Oshima Yuko’s graduation single on Music Station

10 Feb

In this week’s Music Station, there was a poll among foreigners in Akihabara to find out their favourite Japanese artistes. AKB48 came out on top in the female group category. Comments from some foreigners below:

Girl from Indonesia: “I saw AKB48’s song being played in a Pocari Sweat CM in Indonesia..”
Guy from New Zealand: “I like AKB48. We will be watching their theater stage tonight.”
Guy from England: “The girls are really cute…and they wear beautiful costumes on stage.Above all i like their smiles!”
Guy from Venezuela: “Koisuru Fortune Cookie is my favourite song. The lyrics are good …and what’s the name of that center? She’s really beautiful and cute!”

In the talk segment, Oshima Yuko talked about having a meal recently with Takamina, Paruru and Yokoyama Yui. They then performed Oshima Yuko’s last single with the group “Mae Shika Mukanee”.

The song was born after Oshima Yuko conveyed her thoughts to Akimoto Yasushi and features a strong rocker beat and high energy dancing.

In my opinion, even though the song doesn’t have much of an impact visually nor lyrically, one can’t help but notice the Oshima Yuko-style AKB48 that only the girl herself can bring out. Can anyone takeover her place and yet perform something so wild and crazy…? I really can’t think of anyone else.


Purchase Oshima Yuko’s last single with AKB48 below: