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Compilation of NEWS Nagisa no Onee Summer perfs

14 Jul

Music Station

Ongaku no Chikara


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First perf of NEWS summer song “Nagisa no Onee Summer”!

7 Jul

Dressed in Japanese matsuri fashion, NEWS showed up at Ongaku no Chikara yesterday to perform the title track off their upcoming album, “Nagisa no Onee Summer”. The track is a flirty, playful song that talks about a guy’s desire to start a relationship with an older woman after meeting her at the beach. Even if you don’t understand the lyrics, just looking at the guys prancing around is enough to put a smile on your face. This is why i love NEWS!

Translated Lyrics:

Oh baby
The summer heart is sparkling
The love is starting aimlessly
Without saying anything
I can’t stop loving you
Please agree? Onee sama(*Affectionate term for older woman)

Summer summer… on the beach
Summer summer… let`s walk
Summer summer… let`s embrace
Summer summer … I want to kiss you

A woman is descending from the hot asphalt road
Her dry hair fluttering behind her, she looks slightly older!
Playing with fire doesn’t make me a kid.
Lets have an adult conversation, so please look at me.

“Where are you from?”, we’re finally all alone by the sea.
Lets take off our shoes and start running
Can i start liking you?

Oh baby
The summer heart is sparkling
The love is starting aimlessly
Isn’t it okay to start right now?

Oh baby
The wind is hugging me
I want to love you
I can’t do anything, but i can’t stop my feelings
Please agree already? Onee sama!


I’m really sorry if the video streams slowly.

If you visit the source directly, it should stream faster.
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NEWS title track for new album “Nagisa no Onee Summer”

25 Jun

Loving this song because it reminds of the old NEWS.
The lyrics talk about starting a summer love with an older woman.
The song will be included in their 5th album, to be released on July 17th.

Will post the lyric translation later!

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