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Music Station Halloween Special: Idols, Golden Bomber, TOKIO and more

31 Oct

I have no idea why everyday cosplay=Halloween but apparently Japanese celebrate it this way.

AKB48 –  Halloween night
They are cosplaying different professions and the concept for each member was decided by Akimoto Yasushi.

Jurina- Takarazuka
Takamina – Gyaru
Sasshi – Politician
Paruru – Nurse
Yukirin – Hostess
Tomu – Priestess
Sakura – Maiko
Sayanee – Sexy Secretary
Mayuyu – Waitress
KitaRie – Kindergarten Teacher
Yui – Cabin Attendant
Milky – Ballerina
Matsumura – Pro Wrestler
Akane – Music Station AD Intern
Shibata – Retro Idol
Yuria – Police

Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku – Super Hero

Denpagumi.Inc – Eikyu Zombina

Golden Bomber – The v kei ppoi kyoku
I think Golden Bomber are the only ones who got it right. They were the creepiest of the night.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Pumpkin no Gyakushu

Nakashima Mika – Hanabata
I loved the CD version but this live is a major flop! Is this person really Nakashima Mika?!

TOKIO – Tokyo Drive
They are cosplaying as Tamori san.

Nakashima Mika sings theme song for drama “Otona Joshi”

30 Oct

Nakashima Mika returns to the music scene with a new single “Hanabata” on 28th October.

This song is theme song for Fuji TV drama “Otona Joshi”, which talks about single women in their 40s and their struggles with love.

This song is so compatible with the drama and reminds me so much of jpop in the late 90s. The MV and CD covers are such a piece of artwork.

Purchase her single below:

Limited Edition

Regular Edition