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Che’Nelle and Namie Amuro’s new singles

31 May

Titled “Destiny”, it’s the theme song for TBS drama “Reverse” and Che’Nelle’s comeback song after 2 years. I was quite surprised to find it topping the digital charts. Che’Nelle is known more for her ballads and this song just didn’t ring for me, but netizens are saying it matches the suspense drama very well.

I prefer Namie Amuro’s new song so much more. Her song is a medium ballad with strings and piano in the background. It’s often played towards the ending of drama “Haha ni Naru” (“Becoming a Mother”) and i can’t wait to hear the full version of it.

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Namie Amuro sings “Hero” for Rio 2016 Olympics

2 Jul

Namie Amura has released the lyrics video for Rio De Janiero Olympics/Paralympic Games, titled “Hero”.

The song starts off with a slow tempo but progresses to an Amuro style dance beat. She sings about how there’s a hero for everyone but someday we can all become a hero for someone.

Her single will be released on 27th July 2016.

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Namie Amuro sings theme song for Fuji TV “First Class 2” drama

19 Oct

Namie Amuro will be singing the theme song for the Fuji TV drama sequel, “First Class 2” starring Erika Sawajiri. It has been announced last month that the drama will be having its second run soon after its first season ended in June.

Adding details to its second season, it has been revealed that the “Queen of Japanese Pop Music” is going to sing its theme song, which is titled “Brighter Day“. It will be released as a single on 12th November and the song’s lyrics relate to Sawajiri’s character who goes through the very competitive industry of fashion and who perseveres to succeed in the career she has chosen.

Listen to a preview below.


If you guys find the First Class 2 poster familiar, that’s because the photographer behind it is the same as AKB48’s 32nd single Koisuru Fortune Cookie – Leslie Kee. The grey backdrop, the closeup on their faces, and the square crops. It’s almost exactly like AKB48’s jacket cover! Except this one is more expressive thanks to the actresses. Okay….so Sawajiri Erika is the center and the rest of the actresses are the senbatsu. Lol…

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Namie Amuro is releasing a best-of ballad album

22 Apr

Namie Amuro will be releasing a best-of ballad album called “Ballada” on June 4.

The album will include 15 of her popular ballads such as “Sweet 19 Blues”, “Can you Celebrate?” and “Love Story”. It will also contain a  ballad version of  “Contrail” as the bonus track.

To commemorate this release, Amuro will make new videos for “Can you Celebrate?”, “Sweet 19 Blues”, “HimAWArl” and “Four Seasons”. A total of 17 music videos will be included in the Blu-ray and DVD.

Amuro will also set out on a nationwide tour in late May.


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Namie Amuro’s world tour coming to Singapore!(Breaking:Concert cancelled)

14 Apr

This may be old news already but i just want to remind Singapore fans(and maybe the Indonesian friends who read my site) that Namie Amuro san is coming soon!

Dates: 26th April 2013
Time: Friday, 7.30pm
Place: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Price: Standard – S$288, S$248, S$218
Restricted View – S$168, S$128

Ticket sales have already started and i wanted to check out the sales status but SISTIC really sucks because they now require you to login first, which means i gotta sign up for an account. And there’s a stupid glitch on their sign up form which means i can’t register despite filling in all the necessaries. WTH, i have to give up. I don’t think i can afford the tickets anyway. =(

Update as of 14th April: It is now 2 weeks before the concert but shocking news came from Amuro’s official site, saying the concert is cancelled due to “technical reasons”. Angry fans are now pointing fingers at the local promoter Midas Promotion for doing a poor job with the marketing efforts, resulting in lots of unsold tickets. Amidst all these chaos, Midas Promotion have issued an official statement to explain that they were not informed of the cancellation and are trying to piece things together. Ticket sales on sistic were suspended temporarily but has since resumed.

Update as of 20th April: Negotiations with Avex has fallen through, and Midas Promotion finally issued official notice to inform fans of the cancellation.  Fans who have purchased tickets from SISTIC will get a full refund.

Really disappointed at Amuro’s management. I am of the view that artistes should always go through with their concerts despite the state of ticket sales. If they cancel a show, isn’t it a slap in the face for those who are attending? It’s like saying the attendees aren’t good enough for the artiste.  Avex could have given out free tickets to fill up the seats, but they chose to turn back on fans who have waited years to see her. I wonder if Amuro herself  supported this decision too?

Namie Amuro shows up at Tokyo Girls Collection 2013 & “Big Boys Cry” PV

6 Mar

I was recently awed by this clip of Namie Amuro performing at the Tokyo Girls’ Collection 2013. She is supposed to be a mystery guest for the fashion event but when she appeared, the cheers from the audience was overwhelming! In Japan, many idols and females look up to her not only because of she’s cool, fashionable and successful, but also because she has stayed strong  despite several setbacks in her life. How i wish i could be strong like her too….anyways, if anyone has a link to her full performance in TGC, pls send it to me!

Also, check out the full PV to the song she sang in TGC, “Big Boys Cry”!