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Compilation of Nogizaka46 “Nandome no Aozara ka” performances

30 Oct

Music Fair

Music Station

Music Dragon

Music Japan



Nogizaka46 PV and CD Covers for “Nandome no Aozora ka”

18 Sep

The music video for Nogizaka46 10th single “Nandome no Aozora ka” was unveiled awhile back. This song is dubbed as a legendary song by producer Akimoto Yasushi and talks about treasuring the moment and not letting youth pass by. A translation of the lyrics here. The MV takes on an interesting plot as a guy finds himself enrolled in an all-girls school. He experiences awkward moments like not being able to find a male toilet, not being able to change into sports attire in his classroom, being teased by his classmates etc, but eventually becomes friends with everyone. He develops a crush on center Ikuta Erika, and is advised to confess to her by the end of the video.

Rather entertaining music video, I must say. And Ikuta Erika is very pretty!

Ikuta Erika’s official comeback was at Nogizaka’s recent concert, where they also performed “Nandome no Aozora ka” for the first time.


Purchase their single here:

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**Type D CD**

Nogizaka46 reveals new song at HTC Conference Tokyo 2014

22 Aug

On the 19th Aug, Nogizaka46 appeared at the HTC Conference Tokyo 2014 as ambassadors for the new smartphones HTC J Butterfly (HTL23).

They performed 10th single “Nandome no Aozora Ka?” for the first time. The song,dubbed a “legendary song” by producer Akimoto Yasushi,is also the CM song for HTC’s upcoming advertisments.

Member Ikuta Erika, who was chosen as the center for this single as soon as she returned from a hiatus, described the song as “liberating” and “rejuvenating”. “I think there are many times when we become tired from working hard. You can receive power by listening to this song.”

When asked if their new song lives up to it’s reputation as the legendary hit, the members replied, “Yes, we think it is. We think it’s okay to raise the bar a little? (laughs)”

A teaser of the CMs filmed in Czech Republic

Fancam of the performance