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Shimazaki Haruka’s salty response to “Who wants to be center?”

7 May


Translated an article from Tokyo Sports:

On May 5th, members of AKB48 participated in a live event held at Chiba by bayfm, named “Flea-ma Paradise“.

Watanabe Mayu(19), the super idol, and Shimazaki Haruka(19), who is enjoying rising popularity despite her “salty” personality, contrasted each other as one waved cheerfully to the audience while the other looked far into the distance from the event’s start till end.

MC Noro Kayo, talked about the upcoming elections and asked which of them wanted to be the center. All the members raised their hands, except for Shimazaki Haruka.

“I’m not aiming for it at all,” she said.

Noro Kayo, an OG who was Mayuyu’s senior in AKB48 before she graduated, commented that Mayuyu has grown up well. Noro has also submitted her candidacy for this year’s elections and hopes to rank in the future girls (49-64).

I really like this girl for being so straightforward.