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AllThingsJpop Top 10 headlines of the year

23 Dec

Since 2015 is coming to an end, i might as well conclude with the Top 10 headlines of the year. These articles are ranked according to their viewership. Articles from 2014 and earlier have been left out.

1. Bunshun leaks pictures of AKB48 Kashiwagi Yuki and NEWS Tegoshi Yuya..a Hakone date?
This scandal was published in June 2015 and i guess the huge picture of Yukirin and Tegoshi, arms wrapped around each other, was a huge shock. No proper news sources would report it (for Yahoo it took a few days before article was posted) but the story was already all over the Internet. Though both parties remained largely silent, to this date, we’re still getting epilogues on the mysterious relationship between Yukirin and Tegoshi.

2. AKB48 2015 Senbatsu Sousenkyo ~Unpredictable Rankings, The Tumultuous Night~: Final Results

3. Back Number sings OST theme for drama “5-ji kara 9-ji made”
This comes in as a surprise because i had no idea “5-ji kara 9-ji made” would be so successful internationally. I’ve had readers asking me for titles of tracks which i had no idea of. But no worries, CDJapan now has the OST for sale!

4.  Kisumai Fujigaya Taisuke revealed to be dating Miori Takimoto for years
I seldom post about Kisumai let alone Fujigaya so the spike in numbers for this was quite surprising. I guess Kisumai is really huge, or there could be much more shippers of the couple from “Ikemen Desu Ne” that i’m aware of.

5. AKB48 General Elections 2015: Final look at China fans’ campaigns
This article ended up being published in a Japanese matome kinda site for 48 fans, and for some reason they’d misquoted the facts. So if you read the matome sites, please be aware that not all info passed around there is TRUE.

6. Horikita Maki gets married to Koji Yamamoto after 3 months of dating!
Title is enough to let everyone’s jaws drop in shock. Their love story is even juicier.

7. Tanaki Koki sends Taguchi message of support and talks about life after KAT-TUN
I would actually rank this way higher because it was just published. Surprised that people are still interested in Koki.

Thanks to everyone for supporting my site this year! There are busier days ahead and i won’t be posting regularly but i’ll be here when there’s important news! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!





Arashi Ohno responds to scandal, will never meet his “friend” again

20 Sep

Ohno Satoshi officially responds to his scandal with ex-actress ‘A’, during an interview before the Arashi Blast in Miyagi Stadium.

“She’s one of my friends.We are not in a relationship. I’m reflecting over my actions which has caused fans to be sad. I’m really sorry,” he said with a weird expression.

He added a final line “We will never meet again,sorry for causing such a disturbance” before heading off for the concert.

It is said that Ohno shed tears at the end of the concert. Miyagi Stadium was where he’d watched a World Cup match in 2002(with Aiba and Sho). Feeling overwhelmed at returning to the stadium, he said “I want to treasure this space more than anything. Please follow Arashi from now on.”


I feel sad for Ohno…he could just ignore it like Okada but he gave a proper reply and went as far as to say that he’d stop meeting the girl. Are Arashi fans that scary?

Anyway for those interested, SNS leaks showing the 2 of them on a fishing trip.


And very quickly Arashi’s Ohno decides to breakup with girlfriend?

20 Sep

In essence….

“After all Arashi is Johnny’s cash cow. Even if Ohno reaches a marriageable age, it’s not easy for him to get married,” says showbiz professional. Reports are floating about that this relationship is nearing its end.

“It’s true that the agency is making him breakup with his girlfriend. It is also said that Ohno himself has decided to breakup.”


On GirlsChannel:

[+1740] Ohno is 34, pls let him do what he wants
[+1605] He’s 34, it’s not cool to breakup just because he was pressed into it.Even the fans would be disgusted.
[+1267] He’s old enough..even if he dates it’s fine
[+1339] Be gracious like TOKIO fans! Well it could be because they’re of an older generation. Those who stop being a fan just because their idol gets married aren’t fans.
[+1040] A guy who can’t get married by 40 is odd in Japan. Foreigners will laugh at us again.

For initial story, pls check this article

Oh no! Arashi’s Ohno snapped living with ex-actress 10 years his junior

19 Sep

Thanks to a tipoff from Erika..

In latest issue of FRIDAY, there are photos of Arashi’s leader Ohno and someone who seems to be his lover “A” as they left a bedrock bath for his home.

‘A’ is 170cm tall, pretty, 24years old and used to be an actress.She appeared in drama “Live”(FujiTV) and movie “The Chasing World 5”, but couldn’t survive in the entertainment industry and went to work in a bar in Nishi Azabu, The 2 became friendly as Ohno visited the bar and started dating 1 year ago. ‘A’ likes art and spoke of their common interests to her friend.

The friend said “The 2 of them started living together as soon as they started the relationship. ‘A’ has stopped her showbiz activities. She takes care of the household chores while Ohno is busy. Awhile back, she mentioned waking early to bake bread for Ohno.”

A few days after being papp-ed by FRIDAY, the magazine caught up with them again as they visited a high class yakiniku in Shirokane.

FRIDAY: You seem to be dating well with A!
Ohno: Eh? What?
FRIDAY: What is A’s presence to you?
Ohno: I can’t say anything
FRIDAY: Will you get married like TOKIO’s Kokubun?
Ohno: I can’t say anything

Desipite FRIDAY’s persistent questioning, Ohno could only say “Sorry” in a small voice and hurry away.

Will leader be the next to get married?


Netizens are saying ‘A’ is Natsume Suzu and comments are largely supportive. 

Arashi Ohno Satoshi’s art collection “FREESTYLE II” breaks Oricon records

1 Aug

Arashi’s leader Ohno Satoshi recently released his 2nd art collection “FREESTYLE II” and the first week sales of 115,000 makes him the best seller in the history of Oricon in the male photobook category.

The book includes pictures of his artwork displayed in ongoing exhibition “FREESTYLE II” at Omotesando Hills(until 23rd August). It also includes videos, paintings, figurines and its creation process.


Earlier this month, he also brought his exhibition to Shanghai and it was said to be an overwhelming success, with tickets selling out, forcing the organisers to enforce crowd control for ticket holders.



For those of us who can’t visit Ohno’s exhibition, perhaps purchasing his book is the best alternative: