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Compilation of French Kiss new single “Omoidasenai Hana” performances

17 Oct

I would really like to embed videos from the chinese sources here but wordpress is really such a pain when it comes to that. If anyone knows how to embed videos from acfun.tv or vlog.xuite.net, please teach me!!

AKB48 Show [Link here]
This is a very nice FULL performance which starts off with Yukirin singing solo.

Full MV [Link here]
Very simple mv but the scenes of the girls are breathtakingly beautiful.

Music Dragon(starts 3:50)

Ongaku no Hi


French Kiss covers and MV for “Omoidasenai Hana”

31 Aug

Avex Channel on YouTube has posted the MV  preview for French Kiss’ new single “Omoidasenai Hana”.

This is the first folk song for the AKB48 subunit and the opening features Kashiwagi Yuki’s calming vocals. Kuramochi Asuka and Takajo Aki then join in with their harmonies.

The MV was filmed in a simple grassland but certainly it is enough just to have these girls and the beautiful song.

The single comes in 4 types and will be released on 1st October.

Check out the covers below!

**Type A**


**Type B*


**Type C*

**Type D*

French Kiss comes back with new single after 2 years

15 Jul

AKB48 subunit French Kiss(Kashiwagi Yuki, Takajo Aki, Kuramochi Asuka) will be returning with a folk song after 2 years. Titled “Omoidasenai Hana”, it will be released on 1st October.

The song is the theme song for drama “SAVEPOINT” which stars Takajo Aki as the female lead. It is also played in Kashiwagi Yuki’s CM and the new variety show for French Kiss, “French Kiss no Kiss Tabi”. Fans have asked for it to be released on CD after listening to it.

Takajo Aki, who was transferred back to AKB48 from JKT48 after the group shuffle in February, said “Because this is a release after 2 years, I am excited about being able to show our image again. Also, i’m happy that French Kiss can do alot of activities again!” Kuramochi Asuka said “I was worried about our harmony in the song, but it turned out fine. Please listen to it!”

The single comes in 4 types. Amongst the fans, 1000 who bought the CD will be chosen and treated to a special live in Zepp Tokyo on 22nd October.

You can listen to a preview of the song here:


I like this song! Yukirin has a very healing voice.