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Shimazaki Haruka cuddles up with dogs for new AKB48 photobook

1 Jul

The new photobook which features AKB48 members with their dogs will go on sale 30 June 2014.

The photobook uses Shimazaki Haruka(Paruru) and her dog as the front cover, and also showcases Paruru’s cosplay of a dog. The rest of the photobook features the rest of the “Labrador Retriever” senbatsu members playing around naturally with dogs. A special corner is also dedicated to next generation aces Kojima Mako, Owada Nana and Nishino Miki, where they talk about dogs in a pajama party setting.

While the No.1 winner of this year’s general elections Watanabe Mayu was scheduled to appear on the frontpage, the cameramen were only able to capture her “stiff smiles” due to Mayuyu’s phobia of dogs. Therefore, they decided to use Paruru’s image instead, since she was able to offer her dog a “kami tai”(god treatment) smile.


This is the cutest photo i’ve seen! And poor Mayuyu, i have a phobia of dogs too so i understand..



Shimazaki Haruka’s first photobook sells 28,000 copies, rank 1st on Oricon

1 Aug

Shimazaki Haruka’s photobook, “Paruru Komaru”, has sold 28 thousand copies in its first week, capturing first place in the Oricon photobook ranking. It is also #2 in the overall book ranking for Oricon.

The photobook which features Shimazaki Haruka travelling around the 5 cities where AKB48 will be performing their dome tours, has done quite well considering sales tend to suffer after the general elections.

Here’s a look at the estimated first week sales for other members’ photobooks and where Paruru stands:

Sashihara Rino 『さしこ』 初週 5.7万部
Kashiwagi Yuki 『ゆ、ゆ、ゆきりん・・・』 初週 4.7万部
Watanabe Mayu 『まゆゆ』 初週 4.5万部
Oshima Yuko 『優子』初週 4.1万部
Maeda Atsuko 『不器用』 初週3.8万部
Watanabe Miyuki 『みる神』 初週 2.9万部
Shimazaki Haruka 『ぱるる、困る。』 初週 2.8万部
Yamamoto Sayaka 『さや神』 初週 2.7万部
Matsui Rena 『きんぎょ』 初週 2.6万部

More previews to her photobook below:

Credits to PJ48Channel@Facebook


Link to purchase Paruru’s first photobook!