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AKB48 Shimazaki Haruka flares up during theater performance

22 Dec

AKB48 member Shimazaki Haruka (19) flared up for real during one of their theater performances in Akihabara theater on 19th December.

It was the birthday of Nakamura Mariko(20), and the letter which Shimazaki Haruka wrote to Nakamura was read out. However, the contents of the letter seems to have been switched without her knowledge, causing her to flare up, 180-degree change from her usual warm demeanor.

The edited contents were about how Shimazaki finds Nakamura great as she always uses opportunities to move forward, and how she shines at doing MC-ing etc.

When Shimazaki heard it, her expression changed and said “That’s not right! Who did this? I’m so pissed! This is somewhat unbelievable!”

Kashiwagi Yuki(22) who was standing behind her calmed her down somewhat, but later when everyone’s letters to Nakamura had been read, Shimazaki explained herself.

“I had written content that was more proper, but this is stupid and it feels like i’m being bullied. I’m angry now, which is rare.”

On the internet, this incident is being discussed fervently amongst the fans.

“What’s wrong with the staff? Why are they editing the member’s letters?”
“Paruru had wanted to express her well wishes in her own way…it would be weird if she doesn’t get angry”

Did this incident really happen in the theater that day? In case it was true, we asked the staff at AKB theater why Paruru’s letter was edited and this reply came back.

“We have no reason to answer this question.”


Shimazaki Haruka’s first photobook sells 28,000 copies, rank 1st on Oricon

1 Aug

Shimazaki Haruka’s photobook, “Paruru Komaru”, has sold 28 thousand copies in its first week, capturing first place in the Oricon photobook ranking. It is also #2 in the overall book ranking for Oricon.

The photobook which features Shimazaki Haruka travelling around the 5 cities where AKB48 will be performing their dome tours, has done quite well considering sales tend to suffer after the general elections.

Here’s a look at the estimated first week sales for other members’ photobooks and where Paruru stands:

Sashihara Rino 『さしこ』 初週 5.7万部
Kashiwagi Yuki 『ゆ、ゆ、ゆきりん・・・』 初週 4.7万部
Watanabe Mayu 『まゆゆ』 初週 4.5万部
Oshima Yuko 『優子』初週 4.1万部
Maeda Atsuko 『不器用』 初週3.8万部
Watanabe Miyuki 『みる神』 初週 2.9万部
Shimazaki Haruka 『ぱるる、困る。』 初週 2.8万部
Yamamoto Sayaka 『さや神』 初週 2.7万部
Matsui Rena 『きんぎょ』 初週 2.6万部

More previews to her photobook below:

Credits to PJ48Channel@Facebook


Link to purchase Paruru’s first photobook!

Itano Tomomi, Shimazaki Haruka show off their sisterly bond

29 Jun

AKB48’s Itano Tomomi and Shimazaki Haruka attended an event for Samantha Thavasa group’s fashion talk show, held at the Tokyo Sky Tree on 28th June 2013. Itano was there as the model for Samantha Vega, while Paruru was there as the model for Will Selection.

The two who are close in private started off by talking about Itano’s latest CM for Samantha Vega, which was filmed in New York. When Paruru was asked about Itano’s CM, she said “I watched it on TV at home. As my family are all fans of her, we were in awe.”

Itano also talked about the first time when she met Paruru. “I thought she looked cute. I’m not someone who starts a conversation, but later she sat next to me on a music show, so i talked to her again, and the conversation was interesting so i warmed up to her. Later, i got a dog who looks like her so there’s a sort of familiarity when i see her.” Upon hearing this, Paruru responded “So we’re not sisters, i’m like her pet.”

When asked if they borrow clothes from each other, Itano said Paruru would never borrow since their tastes are different. “When i give her advice during our shopping trips, she’ll say ‘I’ll think about it..’ and end it there,” said Itano. Paruru explained “That’s because her sense is so good that i can’t keep up.”

They also recalled an episode when they went out together while filming the 32nd single music video in Fukuoka. Even though there was only a break of 45 mins, they risked an oncoming storm and went out to a park to play.

At the end of the event, Itano said “I don’t go out to eat with other juniors, only Paruru seems to click with me.” For Paruru, she was happy to have Tomochin who takes care of her like an elder sister and brings her out to eat.

Moving on to Itano’s upcoming graduation, Paruru said she’s already feeling lonely. Tomochin promised to look after her even after her graduation but she’s worried if Paruru will be OK alone, to which Paruru replied “I’m worried!”


Shimazaki Haruka’s salty response to “Who wants to be center?”

7 May


Translated an article from Tokyo Sports:

On May 5th, members of AKB48 participated in a live event held at Chiba by bayfm, named “Flea-ma Paradise“.

Watanabe Mayu(19), the super idol, and Shimazaki Haruka(19), who is enjoying rising popularity despite her “salty” personality, contrasted each other as one waved cheerfully to the audience while the other looked far into the distance from the event’s start till end.

MC Noro Kayo, talked about the upcoming elections and asked which of them wanted to be the center. All the members raised their hands, except for Shimazaki Haruka.

“I’m not aiming for it at all,” she said.

Noro Kayo, an OG who was Mayuyu’s senior in AKB48 before she graduated, commented that Mayuyu has grown up well. Noro has also submitted her candidacy for this year’s elections and hopes to rank in the future girls (49-64).

I really like this girl for being so straightforward. 

Shimazaki Haruka on a roll with 2 new CMs

20 Mar

Paruru is moving up the charts to be the next CM Queen!

This is an advertisement for Gree’s mobile game – AKB4­8の野望, which features all the members role-playing as witches, fighting to save a country. The game is available on Android and iPhone, but probably only available in the Japanese market. Anyway, i love how Japanese game companies spend loads of $$ just to shoot an ad to promote a mobile game.

Paruru and Kikuchi Ayaka have been chosen as image models for Disney’s Marie Collection, a new fashion line under Disney. For one, i’m puzzled as to why they chose Kikuchi Ayaka. Wouldn’t Mayuyu be a better choice if they want kawaii girls? But the CM seems focused on Paruru so maybe Kikuchi is there to complement her. Anyway, if you’re interested in their clothes, official website for Disney’s Marie Collection is here. I’m quite shocked at the prices of the dresses they are wearing, it’s almost $300!

Shimazaki Haruka threatens to stop using the Internet

20 Mar

(Credits to miroku48@tumblr for the screenshots)

On the 19th March 2013, Shimazaki Haruka aka Paruru complained on her Google+ about the lack of privacy she gets as an idol. The posts were quickly deleted but media outlets like Yahoo Japan have already picked up on it.

Translation of her posts:

My status as a celebrity doesn’t mean that i’m different from any other human being. I’m the same as others right? Don’t you feel irritated when pictures of you are taken outside without your permission?

Being part of AKB doesn’t mean that people can take pictures of me in public and upload them to the internet. I really dislike it. What is this?

I’m thinking of distancing myself from the Internet. I’m using my handphone too much these days. I’ll try to refrain from checking the internet. Tomorrow, i’m meeting up with those coming to Osaka. Thanks for always coming to see me. Well, good night!

Another epic example of her salty personality. I find nothing wrong with her standing up for herself so why delete the posts?



“So Long” drama votes are in, and Queen of Drama goes to..

14 Feb

Shimazaki Haruka beat out the senior members of AKB48 by winning the best actress award for her role as a student in episode 3 of the “So Long” special drama series. Yesterday, after the 3rd episode ended, viewers had 15mins to vote for their favourite drama and actress from the series. In the end, Paruru came out on top, winning over Oshima Yuko who is all-rounded when it comes to popularity and acting.

Top Ten Best Actress:
1. Shimazaki Haruka – 22,080 votes
2. Oshima Yuko – 19,030 votes
3. Watanabe Mayu – 17,000 votes
4. Matsui Jurina – 13,240 votes
5. Mariko Shinoda – 10,060 votes
6. Kojima Haruna – 6,930 votes
7. Watanabe Miyuki – 4,540 votes
8. Minegishi Minami – 4,050 votes
9. Yokoyama Yui – 1,540 votes
10. Kashiwagi Yuki – 1,410 votes

Best drama was also awarded to Team B’s 3rd episode which was basically a story about a dying teacher and her students. It garnered 47980 points to win over Team A’s 1st episode, which took second place with 39120 points. Despite Yuko and Jurina’s strong acting in the 2nd episode, Team K came in last with 36240 points.

As the winners of this drama sousenkyo, Team B gets their own regular show on NTV from April onwards and this program is expected to run for 4 months! Congrats to Team B but i’m just happy that Paruru won…=). She definitely needs more love because she’s not as useless like what most people think!