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Kojima Haruna talks about graduation at Peach John event

30 Oct

This is a Peach John Selfie Party which Kojima Haruna attended yesterday. She was interviewed on her graduation, and the recently released Kibouteki Refrain music video which features graduated aces like Maeda Atsuko and Oshima Yuko.

When do you take selfies?
I don’t do it on special occasions, but like randomly everyday.

What is the trick to taking a good selfie?
I have been doing it since middle school, so i’ve learnt the good angles. If i take a cute picture, my tension would go up.

What are the most impressionable selfies you’ve taken?
I actually passed the auditions for AKB thanks to a selfie. I took a selfie in high school and thought it was cute so i sent it for auditions. As expected i passed.

What are your impressions of the latest “Kibouteki Refrain” MV?
It was like…”Wow Acchan!”

What are the members’ thoughts about the graduated members?
Like legendary..*laughs*

Your graduation announcement has not happened?
It’s not like i didn’t think about it. I wanted to do it if i won the Janken Tournament. But i didn’t. However, i’ve already decided on the dress I’d wear and the songs for my graduation stage. What’s left is the date. The timing is important. (On the method of announcement) I’ll not do what everyone else has done.


Kojima Haruna stuns in lingerie CM for Peach John

23 Feb

I really like the solo CMs that Kojiharu gets because they are so classic.
Although this Peach John CM is quite daring for an idol, I think it was done in a sophisticated manner to show how high-end the brand could be. I hope Kojiharu gets more endorsement offers for brand names after this!

Below is a hair CM she did with Shisheido previously. I am quite a fan of Shiseido as well, so i was quite happy to see Kojiharu clinching a spot with them.