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Watanabe Mayu promotes new photobook “Shiranai Uchi Ni”

15 Oct

ModelPress Interview


After 5 years, Watanabe Mayu is back with her new photobook “Shiranai Uchi ni”(“Without Realizing It”) which will be released on 25th October 2016. This will be her first time showing herself in lingerie and her transformation from an idol to a woman. In the book she will also reveal secrets to her beauty regime.

Q: Please talk about your feelings after seeing your photobook.
It’s full of photos i like and a very confident piece of work! There were ones which were cut, but they are all photos which i wish can be included.

Q: It’s different from your previous work “Mayuyu” released in 2011?
I was 17 then, so this time i wanted to show off something entirely different and talked to the staff. I was able to show off an adult side now that i’m 22. I challenged lingerie for the first time. Up till now i’ve only worn swimwear so i was really embarrassed and nervous. It’s supposed to end up sexy, and since we’re going all the way to LA, i was very worried if i can deliver the effect.But when i reached LA, the open atmosphere made me relaxed. I’ve been to LA on a private trip and i like it alot. It’s a place where i can be open so it was great i went there for the shooting.

Q: Why lift the ban on lingerie at this timing?
22 is an age of a woman, and i wanted to show off something different and surprising from my usual idol image.Also, scenes of me drinking sake while at the Yakiniku, there are lots of scenes which i haven’t shown in the past! I don’t drink publicly, so i’m showing my drunk self for the first time. Swimming is also new…..actually, i can’t swim! I can’t move in the water and kick my feet. This time i dived underwater and opened my eyes! It took some time to do that but once i mustered the courage it was quite fun (laugh). I really put in my best effort for this book.

Q: Your fashion shoot is also very charming in my opinion.Did you style yourself?
While i was doing the fitting, i discussed with staff and chose the best style for myself. I chose the most suitable clothes and lingerie. They are all cute and things i like.

Q: When we talk about Watanabe san, you have the “best hips” that anyone would envy. Pls tell us the secret to it.
Not only my hips. Usually i like to keep myself moisturized, so i apply body cream everyday after a bath. There’s no day that passes without the body cream. I even apply it on my bottom. It makes me happy.

Q: What diet efforts in order to maintain your style?
I can’t eat alot, and i haven’t experienced turning fat suddenly, and i’m picky about food…..I don’t eat vegetables and fruits so there’s lots i don’t eat. On the contrary, i love meat so i eat it as a main dish together with fish and rice. With dance and exercise i think it’s fine to eat that much? Rather than eating what i dislike, doing what i like and being happy reflects on my style.

I don’t do special things like going to the gym when it comes to exercise. The choreographies for AKB concerts and rehearsals are good enough as exercise. I do reference hip exercises on YouTube when it comes to maintaining my hips.

Q: How did you prepare for your photobook this time?
I lost too much weight thanks to the summer heat and my tough schedule. This time it’s important to show off a fuller feminine body line, so i ate more ice-cream and meals to increase my weight.

Q:Did you do anything to show off a more sexy side?
Since i’m 22, i wanted to show off a natural side, so i didn’t put in energy and the usual 100% smile infront of the camera, and just posed as myself.

Q: What’s your aim from now on?
My senior in AKB and agency Kojima san suddenly messaged me on LINE and said “Mayu chan, the agency showed me your photobook. It was great!” I was really happy to receive praises from Kojima san who has lots of female fans. As this book is aimed at the females, i got alot of confidence.

I hope that i’ve shown off a different kind of sexy different from the ones in gravure. My aim is to be well-liked by the females.

[From Oricon Interview]Kojima san previewed my photobook and sent me a LINE message. We don’t message each other that frequently, so i was shocked and thought i did something to anger her. She typed “Mayu chan i saw your photobook.It’s great!” with lots of emoticons. She’s usually not direct with compliments. I felt this was coming from her heart so i was really happy.

Q: Pls tell us the secret to realizing your dreams.
You can’t lose the spirit of challenging -that’s Dreams. I’ve faced walls after entering AKB, but i’m not giving up and not letting it crush me.Continuing is important.


Love Kojiharu’s message of support. 

Oricon Interview (Excerpts)

Q: Were you ever against showing skin up till now?
I don’t like swimwear gravure, but since this is for my photobook, i want to show off a good piece of work so i wasn’t against it. Even if you say it’s a sexy cut, i don’t think of it simply as skin showing. I want to show off “sexy with taste” so i discussed with the cameraman and stylists, tried some shoots and improved from there. It’s something i can accept, like high class sexy.

Q: This time the theme for your photobook is also “Mayuyu’s human side”.
Many think of me as The Idol. I want to update their image of me so i wanted to show off something that says i’m no longer the Mayu of the past.

Q: What is your trigger for it?
After turning 20, my mindset changed. In my teenage years, i had to be perfect idol. But i can’t continue to be like that forever. I started thinking about bringing out the real me. Originally i planned to show off my real side in solo activities, but recently it’s also showing when i’m with AKB.

Q: Regarding your graduation…
I said it in my Sousenkyo speech. AKB is in a pinch. It’s difficult to lead the group and change the situation, but i’m like us to grow more conscious and improve. As someone who knows the group from the past, i’d like to teach the juniors so that the group will be loved by more fans.

Q: Previously, Kashiwagi Yuki mentioned that she’d like to graduate with you.
I have the same thoughts. Various members are leaving and if Yukirin leaves too, i’m worried if we can carry on…She’s more important than just a same generation member and irreplaceable. We’ve supported each other for 10 years. I can’t imagine her missing, and i’d hate it if either of us were to send the other off. If possible, i want to graduate with her.

Source, Source


Some previews to her photobook.

Image result for 渡辺麻友 知らないうちに

Image result for 渡辺麻友 知らないうちに

Purchase her photobook below:

Image result for 渡辺麻友 知らないうちに

Sato Takeru to release 10th anniversary Photobook + DVD

7 Jul
Sato Takeru will be releasing a Photobook & DVD in commemoration of his 10th year anniversary as an actor. Titled “X(ten)”, It is set to release on 12th September 2016.
The photobook was filmed in South America – Bolivia, Salar de Uyuni. It follows his travels and a documentary movie is recorded in DVD format.
In a long interview, he reflects on his debut of 10 years, and shows a matured self after filming hits such as “Rurouni Kenshin”, “Tenno no Ryoriban” etc.
Preorder his 2016 photobook here:


Shimazaki Haruka will release 1st photo book “ParU”

27 Oct

AKB48’s Shimazaki Haruka will release her fashion photo book “Paruru no Subete” on 20th November.

The 20-pager will include snaps of her private fashion, advice about makeup and beauty tips. It will also include scenes of her in a bathtub and bareback shots.

A females-only event will be organised for fans who buy the photo book.

島崎遥香 ファッションフォトブック「ぱるるのすべて(仮)」より (C)主婦と生活社



Purchase her photobook below:

Shimazaki Haruka Photobook


50 lucky ladies learn about Kojima Haruna’s fashion tips at photobook event

22 May

Following the “Kojima Haruna and 50 Bridegrooms” event previously, another event “Kojima Haruna and 50 ‘What to do?’ Ladies” was held specially for the ladies to celebrate 150,000 copies of Kojima’s photobook being sold.

On this day, 50 lucky female fans wore a black one piece dress (like that worn by Kojima on the cover of her photobook) and learnt hair and makeup tricks to look like Kojima. They were also able to ask Kojima personal questions like what she does in her private time.

“When i get home i switch on the TV and just lie there without doing anything. I don’t do glamorous stuff,” she laughed.

She also gifted some lucky fans with personal items like earrings, wallets and clothes, moving some to tears.


In the same event she was asked about fellow members’ preliminary sousenkyo rankings.

Q: Did you talk to fellow No Sleeves members Takahashi Minami and Minegishi Minami?
Takamina had work to do so i didn’t talk to her about it. As for Minegishi, i sent her a LINE message.

Q: Do you want to participate ?
No. If Takamina were to rank first and center the next single, i’d be sad not being able to participate. That’s why even though i want her to win, i also don’t want her to become No.1. It’s complicated.

Q:What other members are you looking out for?
Shiichan who is in 80th place. The event is taking place in her hometown of Fukuoka and she said her parents are coming. Even though 80th place is on the edge, i wish that she can rank in the finals. Also, Shinozaki Ayana. I was so happy she ranked at 43rd that i sent her a LINE message. This girl really likes me and feels like the fan closes to me.


50 fans experience getting married with Kojima Haruna

20 May

AKB48 Kojima Haruna(27) marked sales of 150,000 for her photobook “Dousuru?” with a special event for fans on the 18th May 2015. This event is titled “Kojima Haruna and 50 Bridegrooms”.

As suggested, 50 lucky fans who bought Kojima’s photobook were chosen to attend a reception where they would experience getting married to Kojima Haruna. Kojima turned up in complete wedding dress and took a photo with all 50 bridegrooms. Pictures of her growing up were played on a screen and she even cut the wedding cake to make the whole experience more realistic. “I’m happy to be surrounded by men dressed in such a beautiful dress,” she said.

Having just turned 27 on the 19th April, Kojima confessed to feeling worried since it is said that wearing a wedding dress before getting married would jinx her chances in future. “I feel the crisis. Once i graduate, when i think about meeting people, there’s not much time.”

Kojima also expressed excitement when talking about blind meetings. “I want to do them! My ideal type is someone kind, funny, and calm.Someone who doesn’t expect anything of me.”

When Tokyo Sports offered to help her source for the ideal partner, she said “Your choices can’t be reliable. No way!” When asked if she found the ideal partner in any of the 50 fans who attended her event today, she also denied.

On this day figure skater Asada Mao announced her return to competitive skating. When asked if she had decided to graduate yet, Kojima said “Hmm….For me, it’s also half half!” (She’s actually mimicking Asada Mao who once said her chances of continuing skating is 50-50.

On the upcoming Sousenkyo which will take place on 6th June at Fukuoka’s Yafuoku Dome, Kojima said that she’d probably not be able to see anything from outside. “I will go to the event location but I’m not sure,” she laughed.

Kojima also said that she hopes fellow first generation member Takahashi Minami(24) would place first, and also showed her support for Minegishi Minami.

Sato Takeru releases new photobook “ALTERNATIVE”

26 Jul

Takeru Sato has released a photo book for the first time in three years. Titled “ALTERNATIVE”, it consists of Takeru’s trip to South Africa and behind the scenes stills from his movie “Rurouni Kenshin”. The rest documents Takeru’s life from age 24 to 25 as he grows as an actor.

Here are some previews from his photobook:



Purchase his photobook here!



Shimazaki Haruka cuddles up with dogs for new AKB48 photobook

1 Jul

The new photobook which features AKB48 members with their dogs will go on sale 30 June 2014.

The photobook uses Shimazaki Haruka(Paruru) and her dog as the front cover, and also showcases Paruru’s cosplay of a dog. The rest of the photobook features the rest of the “Labrador Retriever” senbatsu members playing around naturally with dogs. A special corner is also dedicated to next generation aces Kojima Mako, Owada Nana and Nishino Miki, where they talk about dogs in a pajama party setting.

While the No.1 winner of this year’s general elections Watanabe Mayu was scheduled to appear on the frontpage, the cameramen were only able to capture her “stiff smiles” due to Mayuyu’s phobia of dogs. Therefore, they decided to use Paruru’s image instead, since she was able to offer her dog a “kami tai”(god treatment) smile.


This is the cutest photo i’ve seen! And poor Mayuyu, i have a phobia of dogs too so i understand..



Matsui Rena to release her 2nd photobook!

22 Mar

Matsui Rena’s 2nd photobook Hemeretto (へメレット) will be released on April 1.

On Ustream last night, Matsui Rena unveiled the title for her upcoming photobook.

Matsui Rena showed off some pictures from the book during the live event. However the fans of the member of SKE48 were confused by the title Hemeretto. Even the Japanese community didn’t know what it meant.

There were reactions such as : “Not Hamlet?”, “Helmet?”…

Hemeretto is Matsui Rena’s 2nd photobook following Kingyo (きんぎょ) released in March 2012.

Purchase her photobook  **HERE**

Sashihara Rino talks about taking over Oshima Yuko’s position in AKB48

9 Jan

HKT48 Sashihara Rino appeared at an event on 7th Jan 2014 to promote her new photobook “Neko ni Maketa” and talked about Oshima Yuko’s shock announcement during the Kouhaku this year.

“If i consider her future, i accept it with a forward thinking mindset,” she said.

In response to a magazine article published recently, where AKB48 producer Akimoto Yasushi’s talked about how Sashihara Rino is likely to be the only one confident of taking over Oshima Yuko’s position after she graduates, Sashihara refuted “I’m not thinking that, Yuko chan’s presence in the group is too big..”

Apparently, Akimoto sensei also mentioned that Watanabe Mayu and Sashihara Rino are the contenders for AKB48’s next ace, to which Sashihara replied “I’m just an underdog. He really wanted to mention Matsui Jurina, but because people around will chide him for saying Jurina again, he used my name instead. It’s all false information you got there!”

However, despite all the digs on herself, she mentioned that ranking No.1 continues to be her aim in the General Elections this year.


The photobook was released in the same week as Kojiharu. Unfortunately, it debuted at No. 14…

Kojima Haruna talks about her graduation date

9 Jan

Kojima Haruna appeared at an event on 24th December 2013 to promote her first photobook “Kojiharu”. The book also contains interviews, some of which talking about her graduation. She commented “After Acchan graduated, i’ve always thought about my own timing. As i was doing this photobook i thought about giving back to the fans more, so i’ll wait for awhile..”

In addition, first week sales figures for her photobook has just been released on Oricon. Congratulations to Nyan Nyan for ranking No.1!

If you’re interested in Kojima Haruna’s first photobook, you may purchase it below.

Kojima Haruna 1st Photo Book: Kojiharu (Kodansha Mook) (Title subject to change) / Kodansha