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Matsui Rena to release her 2nd photobook!

22 Mar

Matsui Rena’s 2nd photobook Hemeretto (へメレット) will be released on April 1.

On Ustream last night, Matsui Rena unveiled the title for her upcoming photobook.

Matsui Rena showed off some pictures from the book during the live event. However the fans of the member of SKE48 were confused by the title Hemeretto. Even the Japanese community didn’t know what it meant.

There were reactions such as : “Not Hamlet?”, “Helmet?”…

Hemeretto is Matsui Rena’s 2nd photobook following Kingyo (きんぎょ) released in March 2012.

Purchase her photobook  **HERE**

Sashihara Rino talks about taking over Oshima Yuko’s position in AKB48

9 Jan

HKT48 Sashihara Rino appeared at an event on 7th Jan 2014 to promote her new photobook “Neko ni Maketa” and talked about Oshima Yuko’s shock announcement during the Kouhaku this year.

“If i consider her future, i accept it with a forward thinking mindset,” she said.

In response to a magazine article published recently, where AKB48 producer Akimoto Yasushi’s talked about how Sashihara Rino is likely to be the only one confident of taking over Oshima Yuko’s position after she graduates, Sashihara refuted “I’m not thinking that, Yuko chan’s presence in the group is too big..”

Apparently, Akimoto sensei also mentioned that Watanabe Mayu and Sashihara Rino are the contenders for AKB48’s next ace, to which Sashihara replied “I’m just an underdog. He really wanted to mention Matsui Jurina, but because people around will chide him for saying Jurina again, he used my name instead. It’s all false information you got there!”

However, despite all the digs on herself, she mentioned that ranking No.1 continues to be her aim in the General Elections this year.


The photobook was released in the same week as Kojiharu. Unfortunately, it debuted at No. 14…

Kojima Haruna talks about her graduation date

9 Jan

Kojima Haruna appeared at an event on 24th December 2013 to promote her first photobook “Kojiharu”. The book also contains interviews, some of which talking about her graduation. She commented “After Acchan graduated, i’ve always thought about my own timing. As i was doing this photobook i thought about giving back to the fans more, so i’ll wait for awhile..”

In addition, first week sales figures for her photobook has just been released on Oricon. Congratulations to Nyan Nyan for ranking No.1!

If you’re interested in Kojima Haruna’s first photobook, you may purchase it below.

Kojima Haruna 1st Photo Book: Kojiharu (Kodansha Mook) (Title subject to change) / Kodansha

AKB48 Kojima Haruna releases new photobook

22 Dec

Kojima Haruna will be releasing a new photobook on Christmas Eve!
The photobook will contain new pictures as well as long interviews.

Purchase the book here!

Kojima Haruna 1st Photo Book: Kojiharu (Kodansha Mook) (Title subject to change) / Kodansha

Itano Tomomi’s last photobooks as an idol

10 Sep

Itano Tomomi will be releasing 2 photobooks on September 30. These will be her last photobooks as an idol, so get ready to splurge!

Book 1, titled “Itano tte, Osharenano?” is a collection of her in her everyday clothes.
Book 2, titled “Tomochin” will showcase pictures of her in school uniforms and bikinis for a last time.


Links to purchase here:

Shimazaki Haruka’s first photobook sells 28,000 copies, rank 1st on Oricon

1 Aug

Shimazaki Haruka’s photobook, “Paruru Komaru”, has sold 28 thousand copies in its first week, capturing first place in the Oricon photobook ranking. It is also #2 in the overall book ranking for Oricon.

The photobook which features Shimazaki Haruka travelling around the 5 cities where AKB48 will be performing their dome tours, has done quite well considering sales tend to suffer after the general elections.

Here’s a look at the estimated first week sales for other members’ photobooks and where Paruru stands:

Sashihara Rino 『さしこ』 初週 5.7万部
Kashiwagi Yuki 『ゆ、ゆ、ゆきりん・・・』 初週 4.7万部
Watanabe Mayu 『まゆゆ』 初週 4.5万部
Oshima Yuko 『優子』初週 4.1万部
Maeda Atsuko 『不器用』 初週3.8万部
Watanabe Miyuki 『みる神』 初週 2.9万部
Shimazaki Haruka 『ぱるる、困る。』 初週 2.8万部
Yamamoto Sayaka 『さや神』 初週 2.7万部
Matsui Rena 『きんぎょ』 初週 2.6万部

More previews to her photobook below:

Credits to PJ48Channel@Facebook


Link to purchase Paruru’s first photobook!

Watanabe Mayu releases 2nd photobook, plans for 4th single

22 Apr

On the 19th April, Watanabe Mayu released her 2nd photobook. The photobook features Mayuyu in the school uniforms of 94 different schools throughout Japan. There are even uniforms from various clubs included as well as gym clothes and swimsuits. This seems like the last time she’ll be wearing school uniforms (i’m guessing based on the title of her photobook) since she’s turning 20 soon, so purchase it here if you’re interested!

In addition, she will also be releasing her 4th solo single (currently untitled) in July. For this single, fans can take part in a contest to design her jacket cover. The winner will have his/her illustration featured on one of her CD covers. The contest will take place from April 26th~ May 16th, and the illustration should be uploaded to: http://www.pixiv.net/

I would like to design her CD cover but i’m not artistically inclined. Do share your illustrations with me if you decide to take part!