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MVs of AKB48 38th Single “Kibouteki Refrain”

13 Nov

This is kinda old as i was busy for some time, but must still make a point to post this!

Love this MV! The return of Acchan, Yuko, Mariko and Tomochin is like a big bonus to old fans. In this MV, they take on the role of guardians to the 48-group, preventing the masked men from stealing the golden microphones, which has to be kept in the hands of centers Mayu and Sakura. I especially love Yuko’s cool action scenes, and the way she turned her back on the masked men when they stole the bag from her. You can add 100 fresh girls to this senbatsu but i’d still prefer scenes of the golden girls!


And this is the performance version of the PV.


Type D Kojizaka46 – Kaze No Razen
This seems like another drama PV, focusing on Kojima Haruna’s influence in the unit “Kojizaka46”. In the PV, the Nogizaka girls walk into an office requesting to do a live, but staff aren’t interested until they mentioned that Kojiharu will be joining them for the live. However, they won’t be getting any logistical support since this is an unofficial unit. When they mentioned these difficulties to Kojiharu, she seemed not the least concerned and asked them what they were worrying about. What will the ending be like?


Type B Yuri Gumi – Ambulance
I have no idea how this group came about, but this is a bizarre PV where the girls dress up as nurses, alas in sexy outfits. The group is made up of largely sister group members, and front girls are Sato Sumire, Fujie Reina, who were originally from AKB48 but transferred out in the grand shuffle this year.


Type A Bara Gumi – Ima, Happy
This is very obviously the young, fresh group, with representatives from the various sister groups. A quick glance and you can make out the NakoMiku twins from HKT48, Kitagawa Ryoha from SKE48, and the really popular girls from Team 4 this year. As for the song, it is just a typical bubble pop song not even worth listening to.


Type C Katorea Gumi – Utaitai
This is also a very interesting PV, as the concept is like a musical. The key members seem to be made up of the older girls like Kitahara Rie, Umeda Ayaka, Kuramochi Asuka, Takajo Aki, while center is Shibata Aya. The song is a nice ballad so overall the girls will get to show off their acting/vocal skills. Seems like an attempt to help these girls graduate and move on with their future careers!

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SKE48 travels to Pattaya for PV of Sanseii Kawaii!

25 Nov

The full PV of SKE48’s newest single Sanseii Kawaii was revealed a few days ago. Filmed in Pattaya, Thailand, the girls seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed themselves riding elephants, trying local street food, as well as getting splashed by water from the elephants. The girls also taught Thai locals their “kawaii” dance, which was warmly received despite language barriers.

Looks very much like a PR clip for Thailand Tourism Board which i find difficult to link with SKE48, but nevertheless a rare sight since 48 groups seldom travel outside of the country unless it’s for their summer PVs.

Purchase links below:

PV and live performance of Kame’s new single “Sayonara Arigatou”

12 Nov

I am starting to think Kame is better of doing solo/units … his drama “Tokyo Bandwagon” may not be doing well but its theme song is definitely better than average KAT-TUN singles. Titled “Sayonara Arigatou”, the song features a catchphrase from the drama “Love, da ne”, which he calls out together with bandmate Tamaki Koji(his father in the drama). Overall the mood of the song is light-hearted and fun. Fans might find the livelier Kame more endearing after watching his performance below!


Live performance from Ichiban Song Show.


Song has been released on Nov 6. Purchase Kame’s new single here!

Sayonara Arigato [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] / Hottake Band

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Drama version of Heart Eleki + MVs for coupling songs

4 Nov

I didn’t want to post this drama MV because the “band” concept has been used in AKB48 songs previously, don’t think there’s anything “new” to see.But in this drama, we get to see Matsui Rena play the villain character, an ambitious member of G Fingers, jealous of Kojima Haruna who was chosen as the new vocal. As boring as the concept may be, i’ll always make time to watch Rena’s acting. I believe she’s a even better actress than Yuko/Acchan.

Of course, for the Haruna fans, you also get to see lots of her solo shots as she takes center stage for the band. Like what Yuasa Junji said, she’s a natural center and you can kinda see that she’s truly enjoying herself!

Finally, below are the coupling MVs from each team…

Team A: Kiss Made Countdown

Team K: Sasame Yuki Regret

Team B: Tiny T-shirt

Team Research Students: Kimi Dake ni Chu!Chu!Chu!

Team Undergirls: 快速と動体視力

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AKB48 reveals PV for Heart Electric!

16 Oct


Maeda Atsuko is shining in new PV “Time Machine nan te Iranai”

5 Sep

Here’s the full PV for Acchan’s new single “Time Machine nan te Iranai”.

Scenes were filmed in New York and many have commented on how beautiful she’s gotten recently!


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Akanishi Jin shows what Tokyo is all about in “Hey What’s Up” PV

9 Aug

After the preview to Akanishi Jin’s comeback song was unveiled, the full PV was released recently. The theme of this song is “Party in Tokyo”, an idea proposed by Akanishi himself. PV was directed by Maruyama Kenji, who has worked on PVs for AKB48, SKE48 and Nogizaka46.

Akanishi explained, “Since the theme is ‘summer party’, I absolutely wanted to put in a party scene. Also, I wanted to present the amusement of JAPAN.

His single was released on 7th August and debuted at 3rd on the Oricon charts selling 73,856 copies. First was Southern All Stars followed by Korean group Choshinsei.

Surprise surprise….at this rate, he’ll probably surpass Yamapi’s first week sales for Summer Nude ’13. However, i hate the PV. Party, booze and girls just make Tokyo seem cheap.

If you’re interested in getting Akanishi Jin’s comeback single, click on the links below!

Staff version of “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” MV becomes popular, “Sashiko is unnecessary” theory arises

7 Aug

AKB48 is releasing their 32nd single “Koisuru Fortune Cookie” on the 21st Aug. Meanwhile, various staff across the 48 groups have come together to film their own MV for the song. Their MV was published on the official AKB48 YouTube account 2 weeks ago, and has since received almost 2.5 million views. What’s interesting is, the MV received raving reviews even when new Queen Sashihara Rino(HKT48) wasn’t there. Fans have started discussing her seemingly irrelevant role in this single.

In the official MV,  Sashihara Rino is featured as the center for having won this year’s AKB48 General Elections. For the staff version of the MV, group general manager Togasaki(39) takes over as the center.

On the internet, netizens are  raising doubts like:
“I think it’s ok if Sashiko is not the center?”
“Can the Sashihara’s MV surpass the staff version?”

It seems also that fans who voted for Sashihara in this year’s general elections are regretting their actions.
“I voted for her, but indeed she’s not suited for center position.”

As the fans’ voices continue to spread through various AKB sites, internal staff are also starting to lose their trust in new Queen Sashiko.

A spokesperson in the entertainment circle says “Even if you have no dance skills, this song can easily be followed by adults or children. That is why a staff version of the MV was made. But, this kind of overwhelming reception was unexpected. If i were to say it frankly, center Sashihara is not needed?”

After hearing various comments about the popularity of the staff version MV, Sashihara responded shortly “eh…..I’m not needed?If my MV loses to the staff version in views, then the netizens are going to write things like i lost to staff right? It’s all going to be my fault either way..”


Check out the official version of Sashiko’s PV here and let me know what you think!

Akanishi Jin produces MV for comeback song, proves that he is working hard

20 Jul

So Johnny’s infamous Akanishi Jin aka American wannabe is making a comeback on August 7 with his new song “Hey What’s Up”. He’s going all out to show Warner that he’s still valuable after a lightning marriage to actress Kuroki Meisa last year, what with all the self-composed lyrics, music and even a self-produced MV.

Although this is only a preview, a few looks through and you can tell he’s putting in efforts to keep himself relevant.

His Body
Jawline – check.  Belly fats – Nope. What happened to the fat Jin of yesteryear? He must have gone through some serious dieting to achieve the current look.

credits to omoxiplz@tumblr

He’s dancing!
Those who know him from KAT-TUN days will probably understand how rare it is to see him move his legs. As if to emphasize the fact that he’s returning to some KAT-TUN style dancing, he’s even gotten himself some bright red shoes to complement the nifty footwork!

He loves Tokyo!
Fans will be relieved to know that his current focus is Japan, not U.S. He used to write lyrics in English, it’s as if his first language is English, but look how how his lyrics have evolved. It’s a mix of Japanese and English now! We’re sure he won’t be abandoning promotions to jet off to L.A  this time, because his shirt(s) says it all.


This glaring shirt follows him all the way to recording studio.

This glaring shirt follows him all the way to recording studio.

We get it now Akanishi..

He’s been studying Kpop!
What are all those clubbing scenes, auto-tuning and spiky shades? Has he been hanging out with G-Dragon the past year? If his intentions were to copy kpop, well at least he’s following the trend.

Efforts aside, Akanishi is still Akanishi and some things just never change. That mop of messy hair, the shades that make him seem rude instead of cool….I wonder how many fans are still rooting for him and how well his single will do this time?


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MVs of coupling songs for SKE48 12th single “Uzukushii Inazuma”

19 Jul

SKE48’s 12th single started selling on July 17th, and this single marks the first release since the group went through a team shuffle back in April. With the change in group dynamics, each team gets to show their new color through a coupling song included in the single. Lets take a look at the new teams below!

Team S – Jyuri Jyuri Baby!
With Rena’s departure to Team E and Yagami Kumi’s graduation, Team S may seem to have lost alot of star power, but this may very well be the management’s strategy to make Jurina a bigger star than she already is. The MV starts off with Jurina appealing to the Devil to continue helping Team S to scale greater heights (cheesy storyline i know). The Devil refuses at first, but agrees later on the condition that Team S win his bodyguards in a battle. Team S then show off their new look with a cool performance of Jyuri Jyuri Baby(no doubt somewhat titled after Jurina), which impressed the Devil. The rest is just cringe-worthy scenes of the girls celebrating the Devil’s recognition in them.

Storyline aside, i really like this song for its catchy tune and lyrics. Actually the MV would have been enough with just Jurina, but several girls were able to show their cool side as well. My thumbs-up goes to Ishida Anna whose expressions and grooves show that she’s enjoying this the most!

Team KII – Futari Dake no Parade
Hmm this MV is the typical bright and cheerful kind that gives us alot of closeup shots of the members. With Akari/Oba Mina’s transfer into KII and the rise of the younger generation, i was worried that Akane will get pushed behind in favour of these fresh members, but thankfully she’s still the center and got the screen time she deserves. This MV may be bland, but Akane/Akari/Minarun’s pretty profiles are worth a look.

Team E – Shalala na Calendar
This is a light-hearted songs that showcases the innocent charms of the youngest team in SKE48. Donning glasses and changing into pompom dresses….. this MV is obviously aimed at lolicons/otakus. Rena is said to be a lolicon herself so she should be happy in this team, but i do find it a waste for her to be here, when she could have been doing cool/sexy stuff in Team S. Sure she’s still the center and everything, but i hope the management recognizes her individual talent as well.

Looking to purchase SKE48’s new single? Check out the different versions below.