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Arashi, HKT48 perform new songs on Music Station

18 Feb

HKT48 – Sakura Minna de Tabeta

This song features 3rd generation HKT48 members Tanaka Miku and Yabuki Nako, both only 12 years old and probably still in elementary school. The centers are again Tashima Mero and Tomonaga Mio. You can really see the age gap between Sashihara Rino and the rest once they add in the 12 year old girls….

Anyway, there are rumors of management bringing Sashihara Rino back to AKB48 in the upcoming 48-group grand shuffle. I hope that’s not true!!!!

Arashi – Bittersweet

The choreography for this theme song of Matsujun’s new drama “Shitsuren Chocolatier” was done entirely by Ohno Satoshi. He also said that he’s been crafting it since the start of the year. I really like his choreography as it’s not just standing around and dancing…there are parts where they sit outside a cafe and dance. Overall its fun and i can really appreciate it.