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SKE48 Mukaida Manatsu and Sato Seira announce their graduations

18 Jan

SKE48’s Mukaida Manatsu(17) and Sato Seira(21) announced their graduations from the SKE theater on 17th Jan 2014.

As the group’s next generation ace and regular senbatsu member, Mukaida Manatsu has shocked everyone with her decision. She explained “Last year around this time i started to think about my future. I’m in 3rd year of high school and college entrance exams are coming. I hope to concentrate on my studies and take a step closer towards my dream, so i have decided to graduate.”

On the other hand, Sato Seira has never been in the senbatsu but stands out for her sexy bodyline, which she showcased in bikini during the 2012 Janken Competition. “I’ve been in SKE for 5 years, and i have not learnt everything there is to be learnt. Unfortunately, i did not manage to gather alot of fans, but someday i hope to become famous and have people think ‘i should have followed this girl back then'”

Both of them had pulled out of the AKB4 General Elections last year, and fans had speculated about their graduations before things gradually quietened down.Now that the speculations have been proven to be true, fans are quite shocked.


Awww…i really liked Manatsu…and yes i’m one of those who guessed she was going to graduate when she pulled out of the elections last year. What is Team S going to do without Manatsu?!!!!