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Sato Takeru and Kasumi Arimura talk about love and confessions during movie PR

7 Oct

Image result for 佐藤健 ビックリ「男からするものでしょう、本来は」

Actor Sato Takeru(27) and actress Kasumi Arimura(23) are in the midst of promoting for their new movie “Nanimono” which airs 15th October 2016.

Sato Takeru was all smiles in an event where only females attended. “I can’t stand it. Everyone is cute!” Kasumi Arimura said “It’s my first time attending a female-only event, it’s fresh and calming. If only we can do more girls talk.”

Considering the theme of the movie, which is about love, the audience were asked if they valued love over friendship. Sato Takeru shared his views “It can’t be compared, but a person who places importance on love would be good. Her friends would understand it.”

On the topic of confessions, Sato Takeru said “This should be something the guys initiate originally. But i’d be happy if the girls try to confess to me.”

Kasumi Arimura said “I’d be happy if the guys confess to me. But i’d probably say it myself if i want my feelings to be known.”


Teaser for movie which also stars Suda Masaki, Nikaido Fumi, Masaki Okada. It is about college students going through the phase of job placements.

Sato Takeru to release 10th anniversary Photobook + DVD

7 Jul
Sato Takeru will be releasing a Photobook & DVD in commemoration of his 10th year anniversary as an actor. Titled “X(ten)”, It is set to release on 12th September 2016.
The photobook was filmed in South America – Bolivia, Salar de Uyuni. It follows his travels and a documentary movie is recorded in DVD format.
In a long interview, he reflects on his debut of 10 years, and shows a matured self after filming hits such as “Rurouni Kenshin”, “Tenno no Ryoriban” etc.
Preorder his 2016 photobook here:


Sato Takeru will visit Singapore for the first time!

6 Oct

According to Amuse Inc. Facebook, Sato Takeru will be making an appearance in a matsuri event in Singapore, organised by Waku Waku Japan(tv channel). The event happens on 14 November, Saturday, from 1pm to 10pm at Wavehouse Sentosa.

No details on what he’ll do or what time he’ll appear. Admission fees apply(unless you’re under 15).

For more information and ticketing, please visit www.suupaajapan.com


Sato Takeru talks about snubbing by Kamiki Ryunosuke fans during promotions for “Bakuman”

4 Oct

At first, the interviewer asked them about impressions of each other.
Kamiki: He has a mysterious atmosphere around him. When he looks at you in the eyes, it feels like he can see through you. But i realised through Bakuman that he’s just staring into space.

The 2 of you are close. What are some of the things you’d like each other to change?
Sato Takeru:Both of us love manga and went to the Shonen Jump editorial office for filming. It was a sacred place for us so our tension was high. But he was abnormally excited. When someone beside me is like that i become very quiet.

I heard that Kamiki loves photography?
Kamiki: Yes, i’d always talked about doing a photobook for Sato Takeru.
Sato Takeru: Correction! I’d want him to stop doing THIS.
Kamiki: Different corners of his eyes tell different stories. I’d like to see through it.
Sato Takeru: Who are you?!

Tell us something that you feel bitter about.
Sato Takeru: We had a “high school students” only event just now. During the finale I shook hands with fans before leaving but there were 2 who balled up their hands. It means that they wanted to shake hands with Kamiki instead.
Kamiki: That can’t be true!
Sato Takeru: Didn’t you experience it?
Kamiki: I didn’t see it.
Sato Takeru: It’s been bothering me ever since!

Yamapi has distanced himself from Akanishi Troop?

20 Aug

Last year, the “Akanishi Troop” consisting Akanishi Jin, Nishikido Ryo and Yamashita Tomohisa amongst others caused controversy after stealing/destroying a cellphone from someone during a night out in Roppongi. The case was settled after a large amount of settlement money was paid to the victim. However, Yamashita, who seems to have taken most responsibility for it by apologising through the media, is said to have distanced himself from the group.

According to a entertainment writer, it seems like Johnny’s jimusho has served Yamapi with the ultimatum to break off relations with Akanishi. This statement was published in the 18th Aug version of Shukan Jousei.

The Akanishi Troop takes an annual trip overseas to strengthen their unity. Last year, they went to Singapore but Yamashita did not tag along.

In June this year, the members held a birthday party but Yamapi did not show up as well.

“If it were the Yamapi before this incident, this would not happen. This is how strong his feelings for Akanishi is like,” says the entertainment writer.


In another article, Yamapi is said to be hanging out with actors Ayano Go, Sato Takeru, Miura Shohei lately.

Ayano Go and Yamapi were introduced to each other by Yamada Takayuki 4 years ago. Both hit it off and go drinking till daybreak. Miura and Yamapi were introduced by Ito Hideaki. Both have co-starred with Ito Hideaki and see him as a big brother.

“He also frequents a gay bar and goes there once a week. There was a fireworks festival along Sumida River at the end of July and he rented a boat with the regulars of that bar to see it,” says acquaintance of Yamapi.


Sato Takeru talks about his preference for soft and fluffy girls

28 Apr

Sato Takeru appeared on “Shin Chubo Desu Yo!” to promote his new drama “Tenno no Ryoriban” on the 25th April and showed off his cooking skills. During the show, he was asked about his ideal type of girl.

“I don’t really talk much, so someone who’s good at talking to me,” said Sato. With regards to fashion,he prefers girls who dress “soft and fluffy” as opposed to skintight clothes.

Meanwhile, “Tennou no Ryori Ban” got off to a good start clocking 15.1% in ratings. The storyline is about a young guy who sets off for Tokyo to learn about western culinary. He eventually becomes the cook for the Emperor of Japan.


Inserting the youtube video so i can learn to cook omurice. Omurice is one of my favourite Japanese food!

Sato Takeru releases new photobook “ALTERNATIVE”

26 Jul

Takeru Sato has released a photo book for the first time in three years. Titled “ALTERNATIVE”, it consists of Takeru’s trip to South Africa and behind the scenes stills from his movie “Rurouni Kenshin”. The rest documents Takeru’s life from age 24 to 25 as he grows as an actor.

Here are some previews from his photobook:



Purchase his photobook here!