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Morning Musume ’15 releases Triple-A side, Sayashi Riho’s last single

27 Dec

“Tsumetai Kaze to Kataomoi” was written by Tsunku.It was originally meant to be Sayashi Riho’s solo song but it became an A-side for all the members to sing. He imagines Sayashi’s feelings of departing from a crush as he wrote this song.The MV features Sayashi’s solo dance.

“Endless Sky” is a song talking about moving towards the future. Tsunku wanted this to be embraced by all graduating students in the coming spring.

“One and Only”is the opening theme song for NHK World’s “J-Melo” show. It is entirely in English and Tsunku imagined it to be Morning Musume’s next tour opening song.

I chanced upon these MVs yesterday and liked “Tsumetai Kaze” immediately. Endless Sky is not bad too…more idol-like.

Purchase their single below:

Limited Edition A

Limited Edition B

Limited Edition C

Regular Edition


Why did Sayashi Riho quit? The lonely ace of Morning Musume ’15

31 Oct

Previously: Morning Musume ’15 center Sayashi Riho announces graduation

Tokyo Sports analyzed the reason for Sayashi Riho’s departure from Morning Musume ’15..

Ex SKE48 member Matsui Rena has said before, centers for idol groups are actually lonely. Sayashi Riho herself is also often alone backstage.

In MBS radio “Young Town”, Sayashi mentioned herself “I don’t have any friends..”However, her fellow members from 9th to 12th generation are close despite the generation gaps.

She has also said “It’s better that i’m alone since i don’t have to be wary of others.”

Related personnel says “She’s belongs to the type who can’t communicate well with others. She doesn’t consult others when she’s worried, so this is the result of bearing it herself. If she had members or staff whom she can speak to then we might have a different result.”

For example, someone like ex-leader Takahashi Ai whom Sayashi looked up to.

For a girl shouldering the responsibilities of a national girl group, her pressure must have been really high.


Morning Musume ’15 center Sayashi Riho announces graduation

30 Oct

On her blog:

I looked up to Morning Musume when i was in kindergarten, and joined the group in elementary school.
I’ve continued thus far with the support of Tsunku san, staff and fans.
However, i started to think about my future starting this year.
I thought that i had to experience things in order to grow stronger.

I consulted the management several times. The 12th generation juniors have grown, so it’s at this timing that i decided to graduate.
My graduation date is my 5th anniversary with Morning Musume.
It’s also the last day for Morning Musume ’15. 
Please allow me to do my graduation during 31st December’s countdown live.
As for tours,the 7th, 8th December Nippon Budoukan concerts will be my last.

Sorry for the sudden announcement.
You may be shocked, but i’ve been worried all along.
This is the solution i’ve decided on.

From now, i’m thinking of going abroad to learn English and Dance.
I’ll work hard so i can come back quickly.


 I remember she was very ambitious when she first joined Morning Musume. Maybe her passion just frizzled out alongside the changes to Morning Musume.

Who is the next leader of Morning Musume?

30 Apr

Michishige Sayumi from Morning Musume ’14 has just announced her graduation. The future of the remaining 9 members, including the appointment of a leader, is now a concern for group producer Tsunku. Which member will come out tops in the fight for the leader position?

One candidate for such a position is 9th generation member/sub-leader Fukumura Mizuki(17).  With a “healing” character and a nice bodyline, her first photobook was sold out. Her grandfather is rumored to be a super rich celebrity.

Her rival is 10th generation member/sub-leader Iikubo Haruna(19).   She hosts a daily radio show “Young Town” with Michishige and famous MC Sanma, and it is said that even Sanma is wrapped around her fingers now. She is close friends with Nakagawa Shoko and even boasts talents like manga drawing. She has announced her ambitions of being the group’s leader on the same radio show.

However, production staff are speculating the next leader to be Fukumura, due to the group’s traditions of appointing the leader according to seniority and age.

The member coined as the dark horse is 9th generation member Sayashi Riho(15). As the class president type, she possesses solid vocal and dance abilities, making her the center of the group.

“She may become the youngest leader of Morning Musume,” says a related music personnel.