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Bunshun reveals more about Matsumura Sayuri’s scandal, claims her explanations are lies

18 Oct

Matsumura Sayuri’s expression on Music Station yesterday makes headline news

Nogizaka46 frontline member Matsumura Sayuri just can’t seem to get away from the claws of Bunshun.

In last week’s issue, Matsumura Sayuri’s photos of her and ex-Young Jump editor “S” kissing were published. The guy was revealed to be married with kids. Speculations of her offering “pillow services” were arife and Matsumura Sayuri apologised on radio, explaining that the photos were merely captured while she was drunk. She had denied being in a relationship with “S” and explained that she had met him in the streets and decided to have a meal with him since she was feeling troubled. She also confessed to using a fake name in her interactions with “S” and claims that she did not know he was married. In fact, she did not know much about “S” at all, vice versa.

In her confessions, she also mentioned that most of the report was wrong, which seemed to have triggered the wrath of Bunshun. As a result, Bunshun came back with more evidence of their “affair” in this week’s issue.

A transcript of their conversion in a cafe was published. “S” had told Matsumura that “he had made many female colleagues cry when he resigned from Young Jump”, which means that Matsumura should have known that he was the editor of Young Jump. In another part of the conversation, “S” also told Matsumura to treat him when she becomes a top star. Matsumura also told him that she had an audition to attend, which means they should know the truth about each other’s jobs. In addition, Nogizaka46 appears in Young Jump’s gravure shoots countless times, so it is impossible for “S” not to know Matsumura.

Later, “S” asked Matsumura “Where do you keep your comics in your house? You’ve bought so many but they aren’t in your room.”

This suggests that “S” had on past occasions visited her house. Their intimate conversations suggests that they were more than friends. However, “S” called Matsumura Sayuri “Chii chan”, which means that her explanation of using a fake name is not a lie.

If these information is the truth, then what Matsumura explained on radio would be lies.

In addition, Bunshun also revealed that 2 other members of Nogizaka46 have been “misbehaving”. One underage member was photographed going into a celebrity bar in Roppongi in late May, which lead to suspicions of underage drinking. Another member was mentioned to have sleptover at a male model’s house.

A video of Matsumura’s late night date with “S” was also made available to paid subscribers, which has been leaked below.

Drunk? Not?



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