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More Kashiwagi Yuki promoting solo single “Shortcake”

11 Feb

Seems like management has shoved Yukirin’s alleged scandal under the carpet as she continues to promote actively for her single “Shortcake” on TV!

I’ve only been away a few days and she’s getting on more music programs than i can follow!

Version  with off-shoulder glittery dress on Happy Music

Most recent version from Music Japan

By the looks of it, “Shortcake”  is set to be the 2nd top selling single on Oricon Weekly Charts. Not bad for a solo debut!

Kashiwagi Yuki performs her solo single “Shortcake” on Music Station!

2 Feb

Kashiwagi Yuki, aka Yukirin, performed a live version of her first solo single “Shortcake” on Music Station today!

I always liked her light and soothing voice, but i wish Akimoto Yasushi had given her a more upbeat song cos this is too boring for a solo debut.