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SNH48 MV for “Princess’s Cloak”is full of stunning glamour

15 Oct

After posting the preview previously, SNH48 has now unveiled their incredibly beautiful and luxurious MV, filmed in Madrid Spain.

I am too blindsided by the visual elements of this MV to understand the scenes. The cinematography is simply amazing thanks to a Korean team who is probably used to filming kpop videos. Their red gowns, accessories and makeup are also full of detail. This is truly a gift for both the members and the fans who voted them into Top 16.

Quoting this article ,the investment and quality of SNH48 “Princess’s Cloak” seems to have surpassed works from China’s No.1 boyband TFBoys, Chris Lee and William Chan.

Adding a few screencaps:

Despite her petite frame, Kiku puts in alot of effort in her expressions and dancing to give herself a commanding presence.

Here’s a Yukirin lookalike. Tassel earrings seem to be the in thing nowadays.

This member has very good expressions!

Kiku has many beautiful shots.

Girls break into Flamenco since they’re in Spain.It’s nice they’re putting effort in this especially since Flamenco is not part of the choreography.

The lyrics seem to be talking about not giving up despite losing the crown in Sousenkyo. If one perseveres, the Princess’s Cloak will be waiting for them. I have no idea what these roses and petals represent though.

Kiku, being the winner of Sousenkyo, dons her Princess’s Cloak with a very cool flip.

This is the jacket cover for Kiku’s solo single.I suppose that’s the winner’s bonus but given her popularity, acting work and vocal skills it’s about time for a solo debut!

Preview of her solo song:

SNH48 16th EP “Princess’s Cloak”

6 Oct


The post sousenkyo single for SNH48 this year is piled with glamour as usual. This time the Top16 fly to Spain to film their new single “Princess’s Cloak”.

The song is a Spanish style EDM, composed by singer JJ Lin and produced by a U.S team who has worked with the likes of Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber.

The full MV will be released Mid October.

Preview of MV:

Live Performance:

My thoughts: The skirt swirling is nice but it does not look that Spanish-like. I wonder if it’s a problem with their dancing. I love JJ Lin’s songs but EDM just doesn’t work for me. Either way,the concept itself is already 100 times better than what 48Group delivers nowadays!

I cannot resist adding these beautiful stills of Kiku. She looks stunning in blonde!


Image result for SNH48《公主披風

View photos of the other senbatsu here.


SNH48 3rd Senbatsu Sousenkyo: Live Streaming Tonight!

30 Jul

Not jpop, but this so watch-able! 48 fans will probably be see why 48Group and China broke up.

胡彦斌加盟SNH48总决选 携鸟叔、陶喆共襄盛举

SNH48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo will be happening tonight. This event will be a star-studded show with appearances from singers PSY, David Tao, Hu Yan Bin and Hunan TV host Shen Meng Chen. It will be broadcasted on Guangdong TV at 9.10pm. There will also be a live streaming on their official YouTube channel starting ~7pm.


The 3 singers will have different roles in the Sousenkyo, with PSY continuing to mentor the girls and them collaborating with him in a performance. David Tao will be writing a song for the top senbatsu while Hu Yan Bin will presenting awards to the winners.


Will top member Ju Jing Yi break Sashihara Rino’s record?

Currently placed 1st in the preliminary rankings with 120,000 votes, Ju Jing Yi aka Kiku chan will likely break Sashihara Rino’s record of 240,000 votes tonight.

She will also don a 100,000 RMB dress and transform into a “night goddess”.




1st Place: Ju Jing Yi  ~230,750 votes
2nd Place: Li Yi Tong ~170,000 votes
3rd Place: Huang Tingting ~130,000 votes

In essence, the key members of SNH48 have managed to double,triple and even quadruple their votes to reach the level AKB48 are at now, all within a year’s time. The growth of SNH48 is terrifying.

And AKS is dumb for letting them go..

SNH48 senbatsu getting golden opportunities in China

7 Jul



SNH48 started its project to release original music this year and are spending big bucks apparently, as they have roped in JJ Lin and David Tao to produce songs for the Top Senbatsu of this year’s Sousenkyo, which will take place on 30th July 2016.

JJ Lin just bagged Best Male Singer and Best Composer in this year’s 27th Golden Melody Awards, which is the Chinese equivalent of the Grammy Awards.



Psy rumored to guest for SNH48 Sousenkyo 2016

A netizen released papers revealing PSY’s participation in the upcoming Sousenkyo.

PSY has been mentoring SNH48 in the Chinese survival show “Heroes of Remix”, where they create EDM music.  An insider also revealed that YG Entertainment(PSY’s agency) is also gathering their best songwriters to take part in SNH48’s original music project.


Hallyu Star Song Joong Ki films Tencent Ying Yong Bao App advert with SNH48

*faints at all these collaborations with top names in Asia* 

I don’t follow SNH48 but everytime i hear news about them, it makes me go OMG. The AKB management needs to learn from their chinese counterparts instead of kicking them out when there’s differences in direction. A song by JJ Lin is simply uncomparable to that crappy Love Trip!!!


Miyazawa Sae announces graduation from 48Group during FNS Kayousai 2015

17 Dec

Before i move on to the highlights from FNS Kayousai 2015 (Part 2), lets take a look at yet another graduation announcement from 48Group.

SKE48/SNH48 Miyazawa considered graduating 1 year ago, and as usual, consulted producer Akimoto Yasushi beforehand. She decided to make a public announcement during the live broadcast of FNS Kayousai on 16th December 2015. 2 days before, she had discussed it with fellow generation members Oshima Yuko and Akimoto Sayaka, who expressed their support.

She said “It feels refreshing. Yuko sent me a message ‘you’ve done well’. ”

She also talked about the trigger in her decision – being casted as the heroine for musical “Crest of the Royal Family”. “I couldn’t sleep for some time with all the pressure. I want to shock everyone in the musical industry.” When asked if she has anymore endeavors left in 48Group, she mentioned that she wants to become a legendary presence in the hearts of fans and members.

Miyazawa is nominating Team S Yagata Miki to become the next leader of SKE48, with Takeuchi Mai(22) in the vice position.


In another article, she mentioned wanting to stay on for exactly 10 years, which means her graduation date is somewhere around April 2016.

Member shuffle announced on last day of AKB48’s Budoukan concert

28 Apr


Promoted KKS:

Hirata Rina – AKB Team K

Sasaki Yukari –AKB Team A

Omori Miyu –AKB Team B

Members withdrawn from sister groups:

Kitahara Rie – will return to AKB Team K (she shouted “No!No!No!” when this was announced)

Yokoyama Yui – will return to AKB Team A

Kotani Riho- will return to NMB Team N

Ishida Anna – will return to SKE Team S

Members joining sister groups(whilst keeping their position in current teams):

Oba Mina(AKB) – SKE Team K2

Ichikawa Miori(AKB) – NMB Team N

Furuhata Nao(SKE) – AKB Team K

Yagura Fuko(NMB) – AKB Team A

Kodama Haruka(SKE) – AKB Team A

Miyazawa Sae(SNH) –AKB Team K

Suzuki Mariya(SNH) – AKB Team A

Takajo Aki(JKT) – AKB Team B

Members continuing with sister groups:

Matsui Jurina (AKB Team K, SKE Team S)

Watanabe Miyuki (AKB Team B, NMB Team N)

Nakagawa Haruka (JKT Team J)

New HKT48 Theater Manager :

Sashihara Rino

Some of these girls have just been shuffled into their current positions 6 months ago and are probably just getting chummy with their new teams…i’m sure it must have been quite a shock judging from their expressions. But if i have to guess, i think the management must have pulled them out because they aren’t pulling in extra fans for the group they’ve joined. Jurina and Milky on the other hand, must have done quite well…..what are your thoughts on the shuffle?