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Kashiwagi Yuki performs Birthday Wedding in Music Fair!

13 Oct

So pretty!

Kashiwagi Yuki becomes a bride for 2nd single “Birthday Wedding”

15 Sep

Kashiwagi Yuki will release a 2nd solo single called “Birthday Wedding” on 16th October 2013. The song talks about getting married on her birthday and a series of promotional tie-ups with wedding planning magazine “Zexy” is in the works. Fans will get to see Yukirin wearing a wedding dress in various photoshoots for Zexy, as well as for the different covers of her single.

I’m definitely liking all these covers..it’s hard to say which is my favorite, maybe the one where she’s lying on her side. Anyways, do check out the audio preview to her song below!


Maeda Atsuko is shining in new PV “Time Machine nan te Iranai”

5 Sep

Here’s the full PV for Acchan’s new single “Time Machine nan te Iranai”.

Scenes were filmed in New York and many have commented on how beautiful she’s gotten recently!


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Covers for Maeda Atsuko’s 3rd solo “Time Machine Nan Te Iranai”

30 Aug

Beautiful shots of Acchan in New York…i must say that these are the best covers i’ve ever seen. I can’t pinpoint which i like best, cause all these shots show her in her most natural self. AKB48 singles should really follow in this style and stop giving us mannequin/photoshop-ed pictures.

Type A

Type B

Type C

Type D



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Song preview for Maeda Atsuko’s long awaited single “Time Machine nan te Iranai”

11 Aug

Really liking this song! Upbeat tempo with a cute “beep beep” call in the middle.
Song is slated for release on 18th September and will serve as the theme song for Fuji TV drama “Yamada kun to 7 Nin no Majyo”, which aired its first episode on 10th August.


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Compilation of Watanabe Mayu’s “Rappa Renshuuchu” perfs

14 Jul

Below are the live performances of Mayuyu’s 4th solo single “Rappa Renshuuchu”.
Cheerful dancing and smooth vocals…Mayuyu is constantly the epitome of perfection.
Thank goodness she insisted on changing the lyrics this time, as her previous single (which i can’t recall) was a total disaster.
Some fans are actually calling for her to graduate soon, so we can see more of her solo work.
Can’t deny that i’m wishing for it too, but AKB48 without Mayuyu…..can you imagine it?

Will be updating this post as more videos come in..

Music Japan

Music Dragon

Music Fair

Kayou Kyoku

From Music Station

From Ongaku no Hi

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Watanabe Mayu’s full PV for trumpet song “Rappa Renshuuchu”

27 Jun

Watanabe Mayu’s 4th solo single “Rappa Renshuuchu” or “Practising the Trumpet” is set to be released on July 10.

Akimoto Yasushi revealed that he had actually composed lyrics which wasn’t idol-style, hoping Mayuyu can try something new. While Mayuyu was recording, she didn’t feel like it was suitable, so she requested that Akimoto change the lyrics. Akimoto Yasushi said he was happy to see Mayuyu’s growth in working with him as an equal to deliver better music.

In related news, “Rappa Renshuuchu” will be used as the theme song for her edition of the variety show “Real Dasshutsu Game”. More info here.

Check out the PV preview and full song below!


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First look at Kuramochi Asuka’s solo debut!

19 May

Previously, i made a post about AKB48’s Kuramochi Asuka winning herself a solo debut, and now her debut song has been revealed!
Titled ” いつもそばに”/ “Always By Your Side”, the song is a love ballad penned by Kuramochi herself. Now i had doubts about this girls’ singing abilities but the tune turned out to be relatively safe…so i’d be really surprised if she can’t sing it properly. Nevertheless, i have to give her the credit of penning the lyrics herself. It’s not an easy task especially since it’s her title track, so i guess her song is worth a look!

And above is her PV(short version), shot in Guam. I like the summery feel of her PV, but its quite a waste since Guam is all about the beaches and all we see is her cruising along the highway in a car. Wells, maybe we can see more when the full PV is out!

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in purchasing her single, click on the pictures below to purchase.

6 different versions:

Itsumo Soba ni / Asuka Kuramochi  CD+DVD+(Cover 1, pic above)

Itsumo Soba ni / Asuka Kuramochi CD+(Cover 1) 

Itsumo Soba ni / Asuka Kuramochi CD+(Cover 3)

Itsumo Soba ni / Asuka Kuramochi CD+(Cover 4)

Itsumo Soba ni / Asuka Kuramochi CD+(Cover 5)

Itsumo Soba ni / Asuka Kuramochi CD+(Cover 6)

Itano Tomomi to release 4th solo single, 1%

22 Apr


AKB48’s  Itano Tomomi(21) is set to release her 4th solo single titled “1%” on June 12th. This is long awaited news for many fans since her previous solo release was 1 year and 2 months ago. The music video for this single was shot on the rooftop of a skyscraper in New York, with the night view of NYC as the backdrop. The song is a dance number which talks about the love you’ll go for even with only 1% of success.

“I’ve always wanted to shoot in New York. I had many meetings for the clothes and PV, so it should have turned out well. Pls look forward to it!” she said.

During her stay in New York, Tomochin also co-starred with Taylor Momsen in Samantha Vega’s new CM, attracting lots of paparazzi. The CM will air in end May.


Itano Tomomi’s Twitter

I’m glad she’s coming back with a dance song! Dear J really defined her so she should continue with that style. Her 2nd/3rd singles were practically career suicidal!

Watanabe Mayu releases 2nd photobook, plans for 4th single

22 Apr

On the 19th April, Watanabe Mayu released her 2nd photobook. The photobook features Mayuyu in the school uniforms of 94 different schools throughout Japan. There are even uniforms from various clubs included as well as gym clothes and swimsuits. This seems like the last time she’ll be wearing school uniforms (i’m guessing based on the title of her photobook) since she’s turning 20 soon, so purchase it here if you’re interested!

In addition, she will also be releasing her 4th solo single (currently untitled) in July. For this single, fans can take part in a contest to design her jacket cover. The winner will have his/her illustration featured on one of her CD covers. The contest will take place from April 26th~ May 16th, and the illustration should be uploaded to: http://www.pixiv.net/

I would like to design her CD cover but i’m not artistically inclined. Do share your illustrations with me if you decide to take part!