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[Poll Corner]Best idol cover of “Blue Coral” by Matsuda Seiko

18 Oct

So a few weeks back, i started a new section on AllThingsJpop called “Poll Corner” so we can get to hear our favourite idols sing classic songs and see how they fare against each other. The response was overwhelming, considering the lack of comments i get usually. Thank you for voting and i’m really glad to announce that Kojima Haruna won the first poll singing Matsuda Seiko’s “Akai Sweet Pea”! Can’t imagine a more deserving winner although the rest are fine singers. (Check out the results from first poll here.)

This week, i am bringing back a new song based on a reader’s request. Titled “Blue Coral”, it is also a classic from Matsuda Seiko. Check out the covers and vote!

HKT48 – Murashige Anna

HKT48 – Tomonaga Mio (from 2:00 onwards)

Ex AKB48 – Maeda Atsuko

-For below videos, if you can’t view it on your browser, i’d recommend using Google Chrome and Unblock Youku plugin-


AKB48 – Miyazaki Miho

Have a request for a next song? Let me know and i’ll see if there’s enough covers to make a poll for next time!