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EXILE Takahiro in a relationship with Takei Emi?

28 Apr


Actress Takei Emi(21) and EXILE Takahiro(30) are reported to be in a relationship, according to 27th April issue of FLASH magazine. The 2 previously worked together in “Senryokugai Sousakan”(2014 drama) but seemed to have gotten close after an overseas shoot for the drama special in Macau this March. They were spotted dining together with a bunch of friends in various Tokyo restaurants. Takahiro was also photographed entering Takei’s mansion.

Takahiro was previously rumored to be in a long term relationship with AKB48 graduate Itano Tomomi(23), but reports of them breaking up surfaced at the start of this year.

Netizens were quick to comment on his new love, most of whom were approving of the couple. “They looked close from a long time back and are compatible.”  Some were also curious about Tomochin’s reaction to this piece of news.

Both Takei and Takahiro’s agencies were quick to deny the report. Oscar, the agency representing Takei admitted that Takahiro did visit Takei’s apartment, but Takei’s mother and staff were present as well. “They will not meet from now on,even if a 3rd party is present,” the agency emphasized. Takahiro’s agency LDH also explained that they were friends.


Performances from Ongaku no Hi 2014

3 Aug

This is an annual music program from TBS that brings together the greatest idols/bands/artistes. Hosted by SMAP’s Nakai Masahiro, this year’s “Ongaku no Hi” will last for as long as 13 hours, making it the longest running music program ever.

Check out the list of performing artistes here.

Highlights of the show:

  • French Kiss perform new folk song”Omoidasenai Hana”, showing off their harmony
  • Yamapi dances to “Summer Nude ’13”, ends with some fanservice
  • Special collaborations between AKB48-E-girls-Solo female artistes

Selected performances below:

Yamamoto Sayaka – Jungle Gym

Watanabe Mayu – Synchro Tokimeki

NMB48 – Nagiichi/Ibiza Girl

SKE48 – Pareo wa Emerald/Bukiyou Taiyou

AKB48 – Tenohira ga Kataru Koto

AKB48 (Shimazaki Haruka center) – Candy Candy
Paruru with twintails is the epitome of kawaii! So..this is the AKB48 without Mayuyu/Takamina/Kojiharu!

AKB48 – Kokoro no Placard/Manatsu no Sounds Good/Koisuru Fortune Cookie
In the performance of KNP, Mayuyu holds up a signboard asking Nakai(MC) if he’d sing a duet with her, which he replied with a no. The MCs then join in the fun with Nakai showing a signboard asking Oshima Yuko if she’s watching the show. These signboard gimmicks are so fun!

Nogizaka46 – Oide Shampoo/Natsu no Free & Easy

French Kiss – Omoidasenai Hana

E-girls – Gomenasai no Kissing You/E.G. Anthem ~we are venus~

EXILE Takahiro – I Love You

SID – Monochrome no Kiss/ Enamel

DAIGO – Change!!

Golden Bomber – Rola no Kizudarake

Kinki Kids – Flower / Hey Minna Genki Kai?

Yamashita Tomohisa – Summer Nude ’13

Kis-My-Ft2 – Another Future/Perfect World

Sexy Zone – Otoko never give up/Bad boys
I decided to get to know these guys after hearing so much about them but…there’s a Jin inside?! I like their songs but i’m not sure the boys are too cool for their age?!

Sekai no Owari – RPG/Honoo to Mori no Carnival

Special Collaborations

Kojima Haruna/Ami/May J – Ashita ga aru sa

Kahala Tomomi/Ami/Aya/Takamina/Mayuyu – Makenaide


Takahiro and Itano Tomomi goes on a Yakiniku date

25 Apr

On the night of 20th April, EXILE’s vocalist Takahiro(29) and ex AKB48 member Itano Tomomi(22) were seen in a Yakikinu shop frequented by many celebrities. The 2 were reported to be living in the same building in the Jan issue of “Friday”. Entering a private room in the shop, the 2 enjoyed a yakiniku date.

On the same night, a party was taking place elsewhere in a Chinese restaurant which even the imperial family visits. EXILE’s brother group “Sandaime J Soul Brothers” had just completed their national tour and was holding a celebratory party. Guests included CEO Hiro(43), Makidai(38), Akira(32) and members of E-girls, as well as Avex Group CEO.

The party continued till 2am, but Takahiro was nowhere to be seen.

“Hiro san and even the Avex CEO was there. If there is no important work schedules, the party should be of priority. However, Takahirowasn’t working and didn’t even bother to show his face. This suggests that he had other important stuff to do,” music industry personnel.

As mentioned earlier, as this party was going on, Takahiro was on a date with Itano. Itano’s agency said that both are friends, but after the meal, the 2 were seen taking a taxi together, heading back to the mansion that both live in.


Takahiro gives Miranda Kerr a backhug for Samantha Kingz CM

25 Mar

EXILE’s vocalist Takahiro is now the face for what seems to be a new line of bags from Samantha Thavasa, “Samantha Kingz”. The CMs started airing 17 February 2014, whilst the background song by Takahiro “Love Story” was released on 5th March 2014.

For the CM filmed in Los Angeles, Takahiro drops his bag carelessly and as corny as it may sound, finds a love interest in Miranda who happens to pick up his bag. In another scene, Takahiro comes up from behind Miranda and gives her a backhug whilst she was waits for him to appear.

During a press event to promote the brand, Takahiro gushed about Miranda, describing her as “charismatic, charming and pure”.

On the backhug scene, Takahiro said he couldn’t believe he was given such a chance since he was a fan of Miranda, but she smelled really nice. He also revealed their private conversation, which was centered on Japanese culture and places of interest.

Towards the end of the event, a video message from Miranda was unveiled, where she invited Takahiro to a dinner-karaoke date.

FRIDAY reports on Itano Tomomi x Takahiro scandal again

18 Jan

Itano Tomomi(22), who graduated from AKB48 in August 2013, has been reported to be in a relationship with EXILE’s vocalist Takahiro(29), yet again.

The couple were first reported to be living in the same building in March 2013 by another tabloid, but this time it is FRIDAY which is exposing more details.

In the article, Tomochin and Takahiro were said to have enjoyed a dinner date. Even though there is no decisive photo, it is said both entered the same shop at different timings, and both entered the same mansion.

Rumors of their relationship were already circulating on the net 3 years ago. However, as there was no evidence, the media did not report it widely. Last year,reporters from Bunshun Shukan published an article claiming that both were living in the same mansion, and had several times spotted Itano getting on an elevator which stopped on the floor Takahiro lived on. The timing when both returned to the mansion also matched up.

In response to the allegations, Itano’s agency explained that she had a meal with Takahiro and his manager, but Takahiro’s agency denied having any meals with Itano at all.


EXILE fans infuriated with Itano Tomomi, demands she breakup with Takahiro

After news of Takahiro and Itano living in the same mansion and enjoying a date were reported in FRIDAY, Itano Tomomi remained silent and did not update her blog and twitter. However, since she has graduated from AKB48 and is now free to date, fans have congratulated her on Twitter…saying things like “I’m cheering you on!”.

On the other hand, a portion of EXILE fans have taken to Itano’s twitter to express their fury. “Break up” or “Move aside” were some of the uglier words sent to her.

However, as Takahiro’s drama is currently airing and Itano’s new single is set to be released, some are questioning if this is a ploy to create noise marketing for their individual projects.


If these 2 have really dated for 3 years, then i wholly support them…!