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EXILE Takahiro in a relationship with Takei Emi?

28 Apr


Actress Takei Emi(21) and EXILE Takahiro(30) are reported to be in a relationship, according to 27th April issue of FLASH magazine. The 2 previously worked together in “Senryokugai Sousakan”(2014 drama) but seemed to have gotten close after an overseas shoot for the drama special in Macau this March. They were spotted dining together with a bunch of friends in various Tokyo restaurants. Takahiro was also photographed entering Takei’s mansion.

Takahiro was previously rumored to be in a long term relationship with AKB48 graduate Itano Tomomi(23), but reports of them breaking up surfaced at the start of this year.

Netizens were quick to comment on his new love, most of whom were approving of the couple. “They looked close from a long time back and are compatible.”  Some were also curious about Tomochin’s reaction to this piece of news.

Both Takei and Takahiro’s agencies were quick to deny the report. Oscar, the agency representing Takei admitted that Takahiro did visit Takei’s apartment, but Takei’s mother and staff were present as well. “They will not meet from now on,even if a 3rd party is present,” the agency emphasized. Takahiro’s agency LDH also explained that they were friends.