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Kisumai Tamamori Yuta was also interested in Miori Takimoto?

5 Jun

From left: Fujigaya Taisuke, Miori Takimoto, Tamamori Yuta, Hikaru Yaotome

The relationship news between Kis-My-Ft2 Fujigaya Taisuke and his costar Miori Takimoto from 2011 drama “Ikemen Desu Ne” has rocked the entertainment circle, sparking a huge discussion everywhere.

The 2 started dating 3.5 years ago, and Miori Takimoto has been spotted frequenting Fujigaya’s mansion, with the latest pictures published in Bunshun Shukan. However, it seems like Fujigaya’s fellow Kis-My-Ft2 member Tamamori Yuta was also smitten with Miori, having worked on the same drama years ago.

According to the drama, Tamamori was the one who ended as Miori’s lover. It reality, he actually liked her.

“Miori does not have the airs of an actress and is known for her civil manners. Tamamori fell for this side of her. People would think that they would date according to the drama script, but because Fujigaya wooed her aggressively, Miori chose him over Tamamori,” said insider.

Even though this might make things awkward for the 2 Kis-my-ft2 members, it did not turn out that way. Tamamori was sad for sometime, but it seems like there are no grudges between them.


Very lucky girl indeed. If Tamamori is the one dating then the internet will probably explode, judging by the viewership of my previous article. My stats have never seen such heights, not even Sousenkyo….

Fangirls react to Oshima Yuko getting a kiss from Kis-My-Ft2 Tamamori Yuta on SMAP 27Hr TV

28 Jul

During SMAP’s 27Hr TV yesterday, SMAP and Kis-My-Ft2 competed in a segment where they are supposed to act as boyfriends to Oshima Yuko. Each member would be given a situation and they are supposed to charm Yuko with their actions/words. The audience will then assess them and give points accordingly.

In the case of Kis-My-Ft2 Tamamori Yuta(starts at 16:06), he had to play out a situation where he had to appease his girlfriend as he returned home late and missed her birthday.

Yuko: My birthday is over..
Tamamori: I’m really sorry. I wanted to come home early, but i had to work overtime and missed your birthday. But i’ve already planned our date for the next time when i’m on leave.
Yuko: Where are we going?
Tamomori: I can’t tell you! It’s a surprise for your birthday.
Yuko: Then i won’t be getting anything today?
Tamomori: Not really, can you turn towards me?
Yuko: Yes..
Tamomori: I’m sorry for missing your birthday. Please bear with me, i hope to erase your sadness. Happy Birthday, Mariko(Yuko’s stage name). *fake kiss*

After the scene was aired on TV, angry fan girls took to Twitter to bash Yuko.

むり大島優子殺す(#`皿´) まじでにくむ。笑 にしても玉ちゃん可愛いぃぃい
“I have to kill Oshima Yuko. Really hate her.Tama-chan is cute.”
-Twitter mikuchi_711 (美空)

Oshima Yuko, if you look at him at way i will kill you, put you in concrete and bury you at the bottom of the sea!
-Twitter angel__yuuh ( かなみつ ) 

まじ最悪(・・;) 大島優子があんなこと言わんとけば、玉森はキスしなかったよ(・・;)
If Oshima Yuko had not said those words, he wouldn’t have kissed her! This sucks..
-Twitter tmr3yt17 (よねたま)

大島優子やだ やだやだやだやだやだ ありえん 最悪 まじやだ 玉ちゃんかわいそう
I hate Oshima Yuko. I can’t believe it, it’s the worst and i seriously hate it. Tama chan is so pitiful
-Twitter ayachi91013 (俺足族 あやたま)

大島優子はまじで終わってるわ!? ほんと玉ちゃん可哀想だった(>_<)
Oshima Yuko is over! Tama-chan is so pitiful!
-Twitter tama0317y1215 (ゆき)

Oshima Yuko is in the wrong, There is no reason to blame Tama-chan.
-Twitter michuuuxx (みぃぽぽ)

While it was really clear that the kiss scene was fake, Johnny’s fangirls have proven themselves to be really scary when it comes to the code-of-conduct with their idols. I feel really sorry for Yuko, who was probably trying to help out Tamamori. But honestly, being that NEAR to Tamamori? How many countries did she save in her past life!! >_<

Graduation is a blessing in so many ways…